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  1. A magnificent goal and the most cuts I've ever had on my legs during a celebration. Saintsational
  2. Great post with plenty positives[emoji122][emoji106]
  3. You should maybe make the bids for each half ian
  4. I'd put the old firm in both the north and south stands. In the Sunday games they're are not many saints fans in the south stand and could be easily accommodated in the main stand where the language should be less course. Just need to lock the old firm in for 10mins after the game
  5. The only surface that can handle two teams playing on it throughout a full season are Astroturf pitches. Who could they share with?
  6. We had 9 shots to their 3 according to BBC stats. Not exactly even Stevens I'd say
  7. Put on hold to concentrate on promotion
  8. Think he's too similar to McGinn. We're too one paced in there at the moment. Also thought the middle 2 were tiring against the part timers which is worrying
  9. Sorry mate. I only have one. Both me and my dad went to the pub to get two(unbeknown to each other) which is why we had two extra. Someone has taken one
  10. Got two spare tickets for the bus to Morton on Saturday. Daft dad double ordered
  11. No predictor league this season?
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