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  1. Agree that was his best game for us so far assured and confident.
  2. Oh right we won because St Johnstone were bad here was me thinking over the 90min we were the better team. Thank you for pointing that out. On a more serious note. Why not enjoy the win after all they dont come along as often as we like.
  3. Until our first goal I watched two nervous teams. After our first goal St Mirren were the better team by quite some distance. EDIT Just checked the game stats on BBC. St Johnstone had 2 shoots on target whe whole game.
  4. Tell me any St Mirren fan who gets carried away.. Stand by what I said Mullen hit the inside post. Who was it that was through instead of scoring himself passed the ball.
  5. We could easily been 4 up. But hey that's being positive.
  6. Stephen McGinn got man of the match in the Sunday Mail. May I suggest you watch the game and not planes or gulls.
  7. Cant say I am feeling confident today going to be a nervy game.
  8. You misunderstand my post. I was agreeing with you regarding the criticism of the club by another poster.
  9. Just checked 1877 club e-mail for the St Johnstone game. The bar is open to all after the game.
  10. With that comment you can tell he has never been in there.
  11. You are away one one here. So your saying giving a bag of messages for the food bank is for self satisfaction or to have the high moral ground. Years ago I stopped the car on Gilmour street because it was pissing down and freezing. It was obvious a poor soul walking the streets in rags and not shaven in weeks was homeless. I got out the car and gave the guy money to go get something to eat and a hot drink. Did I do that for self satisfaction or to be on the high moral ground. I did it because my heart went to that man. I felt very sad for him. I did the same in Cape Town for a young couple who had a baby again because my heart went out to them. Probably I'm a big daft softie in these circumstances. Tell you what though thank f**k the world is not full of people with your mind set. You would have made a good SS officer.
  12. It's called sharing my happiness for a good day out which have been far and few between for too long. Apologies if it offended you. You trying to get all your aliases into the Sin Bin ?
  13. Saturday should be a good day out hopefully a win to set up Saturday night. My mates band is playing Elderslie golf club. Plus a wee night in the Premier Inn Phoenix 😎
  14. Creating and scoring goals. Massive game must win category.
  15. Con men are everywhere in sales, Ebay even beggars. But it cant take away the fact food bank use is up. Homeless is up , children in poverty is up all have been on the news recently and news paper articles. We cant even begin to imagine what it's like to be in such a position. The whole problem became a lot worse when austerity kicked in cuts everywhere. But hey hoo top bankers who were at fault for austerity walked away with lottery equivalent wins for collapsed banks Should never be forgotten that's why we are where we are today creating poverty on a whole new level. The same banks now closed many rural banks. No Royal bank in Bute now. Got a letter telling me if I wanted to bank business cash at night to use Largs . Now the same banks are closing more and more cash machines with more cash machines charging for taking money. Quite unbelievable this is aloud to happen given they brought the country to its knees. Today there are more millionaires and billionaires living in the UK than ever before. Worker rights are vastly disappearing also. The whole political system is in shocking need of a fix. Thank God I'm not coming out of school today to the work place. The poor pay the highest price dont let con men or woman beggars take away the fact there are people out there needing help. My job took me to some of the most poverty stricken places in the world. These places have the highest crime rates in the world. The link between poverty and crime is huge for obvious reasons.
  16. I hope we win I will be in attendance. But I dont think St Johnstone are as bad as their league position suggest which is worrying. We need to score it's that simple something we are having difficulty doing.
  17. Love Mahon have been a few holiday's in minorca by the beach , being in the capital by the water was brilliant.
  18. The things you can do when young. I took my wife on a driving Holiday VW Polo in 1987 to Europe we did Holland, Germany Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria. We did it in 10 days 3,000. Could not dream of doing that now.
  19. So important to win this game if not we could drift out the pack with tough games coming up.
  20. For me his tenure was exciting, full of drama in the early day's then it was click. As an old song goes Ain't No Stoppin us now. Goody is the manager has my 100% backing might take time but he will come good.
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