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  1. The only answer is to move on....A new manager will get some time as fans make excuses for defeats due to the previous manager etc. Danny would be under too much pressure if the BOD keep him IMO and as such he should go. A wee thought about the gardening leave pish which goes on.....St Mirren will benefit from Celtic's CL success to the tune of £150,000 ..that's not in our budget ........use that to give our cup winning manager a pay off he deserves and save the dignity you lost from Tom Hendrie!
  2. Maybe Mair has a bit more influence than I thought?....very popular guy is Mairzo ....Div's best mate at St Mirren I think?......Club and manager made a cnut of handling his situation.......But no matter IMO we need to change and need to do it now.
  3. Reading through these posts I am surprised that Danny is still the manager of our club. My posts on Danny have been positive in the main. I try to listen to people who are connected to the club for info and as we all do read or listen between the lines. I think it would be a mistake now to keep him and I expect him to be gone tomorrow. There comes a time when a manager needs to leave and it is now. Pat Fenlon is clinging on and his board have opened up the cheque book to give him a chance.....Danny doesn't have that. The pressure of a must win game against Motherwell is not how it should be and whether you are in the Danny camp or not this circus has to end. I predict football of a survival nature will follow and we will never give up the amount of possession against teams like Thistle again this season.
  4. No matter who....I have a real problem with our squad......Too many ageing players in key positions and too many young players getting chucked in......Our squad is not the quality it was in the game Danny kicked off against Dunfermline on a Monday night. Take a look for yourself ?
  5. Can't imagine that Danny will take any time on here to witness his demise.....But if anyone is close to him please pass on my appreciation for what he achieved for our club. Change happens and like Tom Hendrie (god).Champions!...Danny will always be remembered as the guy who won the League cup for the only time in our history......A massive success!
  6. I thought Lex had all the answers?......Give us a name and assistant...go on buddie?
  7. Got your new guy Lex...whoever it is .....how will you judge him ?......All out support?
  8. Hey hoy....this is true.....New man coming in ....top six awaits?
  9. Maybe work better with real people at the Kings or Pavilion?....."Hawl... Phantom!....aye you ya cnut ..... opera!....Your were fcukin' pish and I want that Webber prick sacked!
  10. Main man in mid.....pulling the strings like his Rovers days....lol
  11. We have been reducing it since the start of the season.....Next season subbuteo
  12. Not sure I would like any of the dinosaurs around our club......But fair play with a name ....More of the same from the any who want change
  13. Good post bud.....I think it is fair though that anyone posting that Danny should go offers a name for replacement.....Just seems a bit silly to me that no one seems to give us the guru that we need to get it all on track.
  14. lol.....football takes all employment practices ...wraps them up in chip paper and chucks them right in your face!.....What you gonna do about it exiledfan?...Well ?.........I'm Jim Goodwin ...make your move punk
  15. It's real and I have no idea if Danny is in this position. Happened to Tom Hendrie in the SPL......Ex player told me why and how.......If it has happened then there is no way back. If you think about it then it's human nature.....don't like your boss?...fcuk him/her.....Think the boss is ok or better you work harder.
  16. I wasn't being flippant .....I think our club needs a new direction but I'm struggling to see how it can happen. Other clubs our size have stole a march on us and It's not just down to the manager. I think it's fair for anyone who demands change should offer a name and how he will turn things around. IMO we have major problems with the squad we have and I can think of no new manager who can turn this around at this time
  17. Probably already posted but hey ho worth another mention.....Partick Thistle fans 1600 ...magic!
  18. Ok lets sack Danny....who is coming in?.......Must be a great manager out there who can put everything right......Gees a name?
  19. I think you are being a bit harsh there but you make a valid point. If I am honest and I look through our squad right now player by player I see lots of problems....The magic manager change will not make them go away!
  20. Any idea if SG has the Wonga to pay off Lennon or were you looking to chip in?
  21. Not sure a change in manager will cure our ills.....I do agree it's fair now to consider sacking him. As ICT go from strength to strength It's important to remember that that club and BOD have been nothing short of fantastic on a small budget for many years. We fail in so many ways in comparison ....Transfer window closes tonight ...no idea if we have any money....New manager same team looks like a battle to avoid drop anyway and I have no idea if we have the money to pay Danny off.....Never felt so without hope so early in the season but things can change....all I ask is for a fight from all concerned to the end and if we end up down then so be it ....we've been there before!....coys!
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