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  1. Must be a day of slack news , BBC news has got Oran oan it
  2. So you are still going down the paradox route , follow a party of "nationalists" toward the abyss of another union I also think it is hilarious that to favour one union is left-wing but to favour the other is right-wing , whereas , in the past nationalism was neither
  3. As a sausage fingered phone user myself I appreciate the issues of typos and autocorrect. However, I've now read this 3 times and I'm none the wiser. Look for the truth and you will find the error. Doesn't work the other way
  4. Sounds like it rotted half your brain sometime ago and it is certainly not my place to enquire as to how you got it
  5. I really couldn't give a f**k that flies about what the fat Jimmy Crankie says but she does mention a 40% collapse in the last GE of the Scottish National Paradox vote , if your intention is to get into quotes
  6. Your chances of what exactly , meatballs , warts , a rash perhaps............................................................................................................
  7. The Europe project went beyond a trading block decades ago, the hint is in the name Europe+n Union , a political and finacial Union that drains the wealth from countries along with their sovereignty , to think that you can have self-deternimism, independence or autonomy in such a set up is ludicrous As far as leavers wanting WTO rules goes , you have missed the point on that one Buddie The bit about numbers of English MP's etc sounds like the old chip on the shouldder or look what they did to us , in reality it is democracy in a union, a union that you want to substitute with another union in the name of independance which again is a simple paradox
  8. . .and then , as if by accident , you could flip over to the Scottish News and watch wee Jimmy Crankie tell us all how the turkeys should vote for Christmas😆
  9. I don't know of a"form of independence" that involves being in a Union. It sounds like you are another anti-England poster rather than a supporter of independence. Nice.
  10. Being in the EU isnae independent. But I think you know that and you were being jocular 😁
  11. Sounds like a bit of a rant your are having. Scotland gets 6 seats in Europe out of a total 751 , land locked Luxembourg for instance has more power over our fishing rights - Europe has an unelected , self selected commission , I could go on but l can still see the viens sticking out on your heed so best leave that the noo. THe SNP have maybe turned against independence by wanting to be in another union but they haven't become republican yet so you would be stuck with your constitutional monarchy. Fo a guy who lives in England , ironnically you sound a bit anti-English . Does sound like a bit of a rant you are having.
  12. It does speak volumes about Jim Sillars -it says that he still supports Scottish independence and is still a Nationalist , unlike the current leadership you speak of who want to drag us out of one union they have been rightly telling us for generations is undemocratic if you live in Scotland , with the then intention of flipping us into another union which is even more undemocratic than the one they want us out of . Is the current leadership trying to redefine the English language or have they just forsaken nationalism to try and get some lverage to get out of the UK. As Cochise would have said-white woman speaks with forked tongue . Worth remembering that these Eurocrats rejected Scotland in 2004 and again in 2014 by saying that Scotland could go to the back of the queue. They were not interested in our fishing rights then . The challenge for Sturge=n now , with nationalism now sweeping across Europe -is to get a vote, have the vote and get the result she wants then apply for EU, then get in the EU all before the whole crumbling edifice that is Europ+ finally disintegraetes
  13. Daily mail website comments page where certain words are misspelled to get by the t'internet polis. In recent years Jim Sillars has recognised what Europ= now is and has spoke out against it despite the fact that he supported the referendum in 2014 alongside Alex Salmond. “I could not vote Yes if on the ballot paper it said we wish the Scottish state to be a member of the European Union” Jim Sillars Jim Sillars is not the only SNP supporter to speak out about European membership in Scotland . You will probably remember that Alex Neil the former cabinet secretary also revealed he voted to leave Europe . In fact according to Jim Sillars agin they are not alone “And I’m not alone in that; there’s something like 350,000 to 400,000 of people like me who voted to come out of the EU and under no circumstances would vote to go back in.” Jim Sillars Sturgeon has made a big miscalculation according to Jim Sillars too ; “That means Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Tory party, and all the Tories who voted to Remain, would in fact vote to leave the United Kingdom and take a Scottish state into the European Union. I think that’s fantasy.” These are the facts , some SNP supports have noticed the paradox I don't read the Daily Ma+l Buddie but it does sound like you do
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