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  1. F'g lol, the only thing wee Ms Pilchard prioritises is her own career. The Scottish Nasty Party use Orwellian Newspeak , independence in Europe? More like independence is union. If for one moment, you manage to take off those rose tinted wee pilchard specs , you will see Scotland has got worse under the Pilchard regime . They are nationalists in name only , to me it looks like Ms Pilchard hates Sconnie Botland. You know they sold the shirt and you continually try to justify it. Pilchard along with a few others should seek urgent medical attention for the huge chip they have on their shoulders . Anyway , after the court case that is due to kick off in January. . . . . . . .
  2. Sounds like the same buckled , fake nationalist logic purveyed by the so called SNP , a party of fake independence and a pretence that they care about Scotland wee Nickola Pilchard is just a small fish in a equally small tank , she should stop looking at the European Superstate with her rose coloured glesses
  3. No you dont , that sounds like another lie
  4. Your mind is too twisted to let you realise you just described yourself as a rather low toned individual
  5. What Wendy said sounded pretty accuarte to me
  6. Nah , what is hilarious here is your continued attempts to justify legislation that was found to be illegal🤣🤣
  7. Well, who knows may be one day your little tinfoil hat will just fall off
  8. Did someone upset you . . . .your problem is , you simply do not know when to stop flogging a dead horse. .
  9. This has become very circuitous. You can't even quote me properly which means it is beyond your abilty to comprehend more like you simply ,canny duplicate the words appearing on your screen. You expected me to agree with a horrible law after the supreme court threw it out for being a contarvention of the childs human rights ,even that creep Comrade Swiney had the dignity to give up on it , l suggest you do the same 😉
  10. That , yeah that dusnae surprise me in the least You can read in the article below that what you said , isnae quite right https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13189587.named-person-law-clashes-with-human-rights/
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