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  1. Anyone with half an ounce of self respect would not be listening to the lame stream media AND indeed would be able to think for themselves and do their own research and not just repeat like a parrot all their lame stream media conditioning. If ucker upsets you with the truth , don't f**ken listen to it , or are you really too stupid for something as simple as that? Genuine question. . Hu*ter Bid*n is as guilty as hell AND will go down , along with those who are corrupt in his family . Tick f**ken tock
  2. Of course ya not dawling , you are a loony left little commie who believes everything that comes out of MSM masturgates puppets who have been gaslighting you for f**king years ( it is not my fault if Tucker upsets you soooo much) And why wouldn't you like masturgates , it is not as if he has done anything bad is it ?
  3. You , unfortunately would not know the truth if it slapped you in the face like a wet kipper but hopefully , hopefully [f**ken hopefully] it will happen one day sooon............................................................................................................................... PS the emotocons make you look like an arse ( well l am still asuming you are not , are you?)
  4. Hunt*r Bid*n is not off the hook by a long shot . Once again the lame stream media have got you hook line and sinker . Never have they been pushing the narritive so hard as they are now . Hu*ter B*den is a nobody who would have remained so , if it hadn't been for his demented old dad , using his influence to get him the gig in Ukraine. You are being gas lighted by the MSM because you are either too lazy or just incapable of actually finding things out independently. Masturgates is basically a c**t with links to the CCP and shares with them a strong interest in eugenics. And just like the CCP has bought influence in this country e.g with that wee rag you love and other UK media and Dr Whitless , Ferguson etc. . As long as you are at the top of the tree Marxism is a 'good' totalitarian sysytem . Despite the suppression of free speech that is going on the truth will out.
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