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  1. theknickerwetter

    I'm Listening To....

  2. theknickerwetter

    I'm Listening To....

  3. theknickerwetter

    Irritating Words and Phrases

    You are having a nightmare. Now run along .
  4. theknickerwetter

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    You look a bit supersillious
  5. theknickerwetter

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    Should we just release him noo
  6. theknickerwetter

    The Fecking Naany State

    You are having a nightmare now run along
  7. theknickerwetter

    Welcome Simeon Jackson

    aye it hus
  8. theknickerwetter

    Stevie Mallan

    exactly , that is the least he cud dae aw hings considered etc.jist need tae keep him well mart
  9. theknickerwetter

    Welcome Simeon Jackson

    Ah think this guy needs tae go straight intae the first team and start scoring more goals for us than we need especially against the muppet outfits like Hamilton and hips what happens tae broken-madddisson noo
  10. theknickerwetter

    A disaster in the making?

    seems a bit daft right enough.
  11. theknickerwetter

    A New Striker At Last!

    is this guy a prollific goal scorer
  12. theknickerwetter

    Rangers TV

    You're having a nightmare now run along
  13. theknickerwetter

    Rangers TV

    thats exactly the kinda comment that will upset the resident sevco apologist naw wait
  14. theknickerwetter


    the moderator wull merge em