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  1. Behave yourself. We have a thread that was specifically designed for talking about squad additions. It is call the speculation thread. Try reading it and you will enjoy the long and often detailed conversation where people "speculate" over possible squad additions. Having dual threads is untidy and wasteful of time. If that is how you treat your forum then I shudder to think what state of untidiness your house is in. I find the "lets return to slagging threads" uncouth, I find it uncouth indeed
  2. If only someone created a speculation thread where we could discuss thing just like this eh?
  3. I consider myself a superfan. I am as super as a Tennants special brew and I am a fan. I shall explain what in my reasonable opinion makes a mere mortal a superfan and what does not Super fan's Being a season ticket holder - Yes Not holding a season ticket but nonetheless you go to as many games as you can - yes Being a season ticket holder/go to as many games as you can and a member of a travel club - yes Why - because these are the people who financially support the club. Although by the very definition of fan (as fanatic) then we really do not need the super part. Fan's People who go now and again. Although this group should never be underestimated. You guys may become superfans and your presence at our hallowed ground is always appreciated. It must also be recognised that many of us will flirt between the two. Many a hard working man will give up the season ticket/regular Saturday attendance at the fitba in order to support a family. You are a credit to humanity and we must hope that in time you can return to our cathedral of football in a more regular fashion. Things that do nothing to improve your status as a fan Using BAWA to berate fans/superfans Attending away games only for daft reasons other than geography (for example a Buddie who lives and works in Aberdeen attending only at Aberdeen away, that is entirely understandable). Having your name inscribed on the wall of wank Being a member of Smisa Being a premium member of Smisa Being a member of the 1877 club. Shopping at Asda on deadline day. Driving a taxi and slagging our pies. So it's all about match attendance and financial support of the club Some of us cannot make it through commitments, medical reasons and so on and so forth. It is okay, life has a habit of getting in the way. At this time we must be allowed to appreciate our season ticket holders. These fabulous people are pouring hard earned money into the club at the very time they need it the most. It is okay to celebrate our season ticket holders, both old and new. Season ticket holders are wonderful people and I am proud to be amongst them. To steal a quote from "Sunderland til I die" some of these people hardly have a pot to piss in, but that money finds its way to our great club anyway. Great people season ticket holders, really great people indeed.
  4. What perverted comment? Christ almighty you are an easily offended wee soul arent you. I mean had he said something like "away you and stick two fingers up your shiity sphincter and tickle your prostate until you can ejaculate on a tramps face" then I may have had some sympathy with your apparent offence, but he didn't so calm down, calm down indeed.
  5. If I get the Covid I'll phone you
  6. Well this has got me thinking. Perhaps we as fans of the Saint Mirren professional football club pte ltd company should show our thanks to the Lord above for sparing some of us from this evil pandemic (that by reason of belief he himelf or she herself, or it itself - God may identify as pansexual) created to strike us down with. Thank you old man/woman/pan in the sky for striking not me down. Anyway this could be an epiphany and I suggest in the name of a the father/mother/pansexual overlord that we immediately arm the army of singing section sinners with the weapon of choice. Smisa shall forthwith purchase tambourines (from amazon, the shops are shut) and issue these to W7. The Saints really will be marching in. I have undertaken in his/her/pans name to pen a song for our re-born identity as warriors of God. At the re-opening of the stadium (we should rename it immediately as the faith bowl) we should burn a sinner at half time. In fact burning the sinner could replace bung a baw. I was bored with bung a baw anyway. So in front of the family stand we shall ignite a sinner and let him burn before us to cleanse of us of sin until our next home game. I nominate Shull, as a long serving protganist of this forum I can think of no other who deserves this holiest of honours more than oor Shull. He lived a sinner but died screaming in agony as a weapon of God. Just imagine Gods glory as the screams are prevented from piercing the ears as the rythmic wonder of 2000 tambourines beat in unison as the men, women, pans people and children recoice as the flesh burns in front of our eyes. The smell of burnt flesh will make people hungry so we can also expect increased takings at the pie stall. Shull died for our pie stall we shall say! So to the song, I have dedicated many seconds neigh a minute or two dedicated to him/her/pan. My lockdown is in your name Lord. Sing Hossannah, Sing Hosannah, Sing Hosannah for the Saint of Saints Big Obika, big Obika he hath scored against Hearts for the Saint of Saints Sinner Shull, sinner Shull, burned in agony to save us all We shall rejoice and watch the football Sing Hossannah, Sing Hossannnah, Sing Hossannah for the Saint of Saints Vaclaz Hladky, Vaclav Hladky he has the Lords presence in his gloves Jens Paeslack, Jens Paeslack, keep him away from the collection bowl Jimmy Goodwin, Jimmy Goodwin, he leads us on Gods behalf Will Jack Baird be returned to centre half Sing Hossannah, Sing Hossannah, Sing Hossannah for the Saint of Saints This could really catch on. Perhaps as a special, say at cup games Tony Fitzpatrick could faith heal people at half time instead of burning sinners (keep them for league games). In return for Tony's healing hands the once smited fan can show his/her/there appreciation be giving all worldy poseesions to the club. The fact that we never choose poor ill people is just by chance. Those premium Smisa members are suddenly good for something! Let us pray Let us pray Shull was the first to be burned this day Let us pray Let us pray May Saint Mirren win the day Amen
  7. I recently blocked Shull. Anyway, when reading your post I wondered for a short time what you were on about! Not very interesting I know but it did make me laugh on realisation.
  8. I did say that one cannot argue with an idiot, this conversation will not continue.
  9. People are dying........f**king ridiculous. Anyone who thinks we should finish this season is an absolute halfwit. The mortuaries are full, the death rates in hospices are obscene, families are losing loved ones and some bastarding people still want the fitba to continue. Stupidity beyond comprehension. I shall temper my anger as one knows it is impossible to argue with an idiot but f**k me with the stupid stick! Idiocy, idiocy indeed
  10. Bloody good post Antrin, not often we get such quality
  11. Ah so you were being a bellend. Forgive me for giving you the benefit of the doubt. I hereby withdraw the benefit given over the doubt, withdraw the benefit given over the doubt indeed.
  12. It is NOT a sin to wish people dead. I have at certain times of my life wished certain people dead and in many cases the death to be both slow and painful Here is a non exhaustive list My primary school teacher after first receiving the belt (but only for a day or two, until he did it again the bastard) Adolf Hitler for turning my and every one else's lives upside down not to mention the friends and family lost. Mussolini and Hirahito for the reason given above All Japanese soldiers who served as prison guards during WWII Margaret Thatcher I wish death had visited Thomas Hamilton prior to the bastard carrying out his cowardly atrocity at Dunblane. My fat bastard nosey moaning f**k faced neighbour two doors up, the c**t. So to be clear I do NOT share your view that such "wishes" are sinful, in fact its a bit of a bellend statement. The bellendness of your statement, for me at least is compounded by you then stating that you wish our fellow forum user to "burn in hell for eternity". That was quite uncalled for, uncalled for indeed. Least not the fact that hell does not exist. Now by calling your fellow forum user a sinner then wishing that he "burn in hell for eternity" I have concluded that you were likely at the wind up and actually mocking religion by pointing out the ridiculous irony in scalding someone for such a wish yet wishing yourself a fate rather worse than the fate your were mocking. So all in all it was a laugh, a bit of banter, a jovial walloper swinging and not bellendy at all. Or was it? Only you know the true answer to that my forum friend and in a completely non religious (and as such real) way I grant you the benefit of the doubt and I heartily congratulate you on your modest wit.
  13. I doubt that two of those clubs would be able to prise our asset's from us. Hearts are facing meltdown in a sea of recrimination and child like tears, St Johnstone are no bigger than us and are unlikely to pose an attractive proposition to any player currently donning the black and white. Motherwell are the only club that are worthy of mention as they are riding the cusp of a wave at this time and may for once be able to throw an extra few quid into the pot. Our time to finally outperform these clubs is long overdue and surely on the horizon. Hladky - it would be great to keep him. A legend in his own contract due in no small measure to the best performance I have ever seen from a goal keep during penalty kicks. I fear he may well be tempted by the lure of excessive coin. Although differing in position this reminds me of Tottie Beck leaving us, although many other examples exist my mind is somehow drawn toward Tottie. I suppose Billy Thompson would be more appropriate but I shall stick with Tottie. Wallace - You know the lad did very well. His perfectly picked pass for big Jon Obika's season saving goal was exquisite to the indeed. At his age though I doubt that a bigger club than us would come a calling. Ross Wallace is set to finish his career at a big club, I would venture that he is very happy and will be going nowhere unless it is either retirement or at our behest. Does Ross have another season in him? I feel good about next season, if I dodge this virus and I am able to see it I hope at last for some progress.
  14. Now as the global pandemic bites should our club maybe use this time to contact players and get those pre-contract agreements signed for next seasons assault on mediocrity? Or should we sit tight waiting for this Covid 19 inspired hell to be over before even thinking about business? I speculate this Well will be doing the latter
  15. TediousTom


    This will take some time to have any real effect, but if given time, some of the Ayrshire Jnr teams make it the "the big leagues" then we may just see a shift in the demographic of the leagues. Beith Jnrs, Kilwinning Rangers, Auchenleck Talbot, KIlbirnie Ladeside, Glenafton and Hurlford are teams that would compete easily in the lower leagues and in time could well progress to Championship level. Imagine Renfrew Jnrs made it? Would be a new derby that would leave our impoverished Inverclyde neighbours with nothing to exist for! Mon eh Juniors, Mon eh Juniors indeed.
  16. Really enjoyed watching that again, thank you. I had forgotten that the boom and bust bigots had went down to nine men. I still recall my unbridled joy that a referee finally stood up to "elbows" McCulloch. Such is the power of football, I recall sporadically bursting into laughter throughout Christmas day and even during dinner. Laughter of joy. Not a good look at my age as relatives start to wonder if it's time I was carted off to Sunny Acres as they start falling out over inheritance! That game brought joy. The game/goal that is currently "tickling my testes" and allowing me an enormous feeling of smugness is of course the game that I am naming the "Cometh the hour cometh the OBIKA" Just imagine we had lost that game? Then remember we didn't. Then laugh at Hearts. The go have something to eat, then laugh at Hearts again, then laugh at Hearts again indeed.
  17. That Sir is one of the best posts I have ever read on this forum, ever. Shull's coupon will be all twisted and he will be hammering his keys in vile response but I cannot foresee a scenario where Shull could produce a response worthy of your post. Well done Sir, well done indeed.
  18. Arthurlie are not in Renfrewshire. They are an East Renfrewshire team. Behave yourself. Much more importantly are Johnstone Burgh and/or Renfrew part of this new league? That is what really matters, Arthurlie my unwiped arse. Gang forward, gang forward indeed.
  19. I agree completely my forum friend, agree completely indeed. Stay safe, stay safe every Buddie and beyond.
  20. I am annoyed at myself for not following this live. Would have been quite exciting.
  21. Thanks for replying. Yes a clusterf**k is the word, It is disgraceful that only one club from one division can carry the vote here when the 80% threshold has not only been met but surpassed. Football is important to people like us but even with our unhealthy obsession with it, it is not so important at this moment in time. I hope that they see sense and move with the body of the kirk here. A line needs drawn under this, the players and staff deserve to know where they stand in order that we can ALL concentrate on being safe. f**king idiots.
  22. Folks, Apologies I have actuually had a busy day. I bought a new table saw via the interweb and I have been all day trying to assemble the bugger. I was nearly done when it pished down like nobodies business so I had to quickly cover everything up until it stopped, dry everything off and then recommence, Anyway it has taken up my day. My understanding is that 85% of the votes are in favour, does that mean Hearts are relegated? I see we are wating one one bloody club to vote, either Falkirk or Dundee. I can't get my head around this as surely one club wont have a 5% swing so is it not done and dusted? Again, sorry, but can someone post an explanation for me. Oh and whats this lie "The Rangers" have been caught in? Thank you in advance, thank you in advance indeed.
  23. Back in the early 90's in the Jimmy Bone era I recall John Hewitt sticking the ball in the top corner after 18 passes, what a goal. I think it was against Kilmarnock. Big Jon Obika's vs Hearts is fair cheering me up during this Covid 19 crisis though!
  24. The Z should help Its not David Van Zanten or Victor Munoz though so im a bit befuddled
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