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  1. I can assure you young man...over the years we are very much "in negative rubs"
  2. Oh yes...it was a penalty anyway, clear foul, even though is was after the ball was played the wee fanny was late
  3. Not today, after my 4 nervous jobbies earlier my colon is cleaner than Mother Theresa's mouth!
  4. I canne hear them for the wind. They are not happy about the penalty!!!!
  5. Question Can I no get commentary on the old St Mirren TV via the ST. Cannae listen tae this Hamilton pish any longer!!!
  6. I agree but we are the most part the only team in it, The boy Anderson looks handy for them though
  7. Its a bit blurry.....not to mention the wind and poor commentary. All us though
  8. Found it mate, I was on Hamilton Tv not PPV!
  9. anyone got any links, Hesgoal buffering already. Would gladly have paid for the game but it doesn't let you if your in the UK Wank
  10. Just back from the toilet. That's four nervous logs I have laid since I rose this morning. Half an hour to go, I shall now fetch myself a can of tennent's lager from the fridge, calm myself down, sign into St Mirren TV using my season ticket holder account and hopefully enjoy a great achievement for our club. Mind where we have been since 1992......this is a HUGE afternoon. Let it be a great one. Come on ye Saints, come on ye Saints indeed.
  11. You do know this is just a wee fitba fans forum? However deep and important you feel your views are, expressing them on here is not going to bring you world wide exposure. So, the fact that a thread was deleted on this little forum of ours is anything but important. Some people don't know where their next meal is coming from, others struggle to pay bills for heating, many a pensioner is living on the pittance that is the state pension, Scotland is being held in an oppressive union against the will of its (clever) people, people are dying and they cannot even get a proper funeral during this bastarding lockdown, kids are missing their friends and so on. The world is full of real problems, your thread being deleted is NOT one of them!
  12. Is Shull from Dundee? I am going to start using that!!!!!! Great article, thanks for sharing!
  13. The first video won't open, However the second one does. Play it in reverse and you have both parts.
  14. This is a fairly easy question to answer. Keep doing what we have been doing (recently), that's it! This has been a great season thus far. It started badly and picked up fantastically. Some important indicators have been Good recruitment, Jim's signing have been really good. Statement of intent. Eamon Brophy was just that. You know it seems like yesterday we were losing out on players to the likes of Ayr Utd (Martin Cameron, mind him?) but here we are signing a player who other clubs were interested in and he chose us! Something has changed at the club and it is extremely positive. Manager retention/recruitment. This has been the back bone of the fake Saints success. From Owen Coyle to Derek McInnes to the new fellah with the odd coupon, they have, for the most part recruited and retained good managers. All the while we flopped about with failures such as Ian Murray, Alex Rae, Alan Stubbs and Tommy Craig or shysters who betrayed us as soon as they could like Jack Ross and Owen thingmie. This has been a big part of the fake Saints success and a big part of our failures. Lets hope we are finally on the path to righteousness!
  15. Hopefully it'll come. To be fair to Lee he has put in a good shift and his flick on's have good. He gets (and has deserved) a lot of criticism, but equally he deserves praise as well. Hopefully the man is getting over whatever confidence problems he has had!
  16. Anyone else getting an annoying clicking sound?
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