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  1. What I think is getting missed here is, Scott hasn’t actually made any changes today or put any restrictions on the W7 group. He has basically stated that you were told not to display a banner and deliberately went against their wishes. He has called you out on it, told you not to do it again and has encourage you to continue supporting the team. What is the issue? The board have provided this group with their own section in the ground, allow them to stand the whole game with no hassle from the stewards, allowed banners and drums into the ground and even investigated the option of safe standing in the area. I don’t see the board/club putting any obstacles in the way of this group, they have been very supportive. The W7 group seem to be creating their own obstacles by deliberately disobeying rules put in place by the very club they purport to support. You can’t just go against them because you don’t like it. It is yourselfs that are creating problems against a board that have actively supported you. Suck it up. The group have made a mistake displaying the banner, the board have called you out on it, asked you not to do it again and that’s it. They haven’t banned you from any other displays and asked you to continue supporting the club. Get over your own self importance.
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    One of these young guys ran on to the pitch at Dumfries.