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  1. eight team elite development league + old firm colt teams. 32 disadvantaged clubs, would be turkeys voting for Christmas. If St Mirren backed this fan ownership direct debit members would nose dive.
  2. I have to say it’s good to see a topic that unites St Mirren fans and we can all (well mostly) agree that it is a terrible idea that will only benefit Celtic and Rangers. My thoughts on the matter are that I don’t see it going through at all. If even half of the teams in the lower three divisions have the same thoughts of us the clubs would very much struggle to vote it through. Surely they would be going with their fans? Would also say SPFL clubs fans outside the Glasgow Derby teams probably share our opinion and with Hearts and Motherwell being fan owned, more or less surely they would have to vote on how the team should cast their single votes? If it doesn’t get 11 yes votes in the first round it’s a non-starter. The second part of the vote with the lower league clubs I think you’d be hard pushed to get any Championship or higher league 1 club voting for this. No benefit to them with exception of maybe a stadium deal for Morton and maybe ourselves with Rangers. (Still would vote no if it went out to the fans which I’m pretty sure it would have to) My question is why are the SFA pushing this? It seems terribly unpopular and doomed to fail. It’s the 12-12-18 and Rangers parachute debate all over again. These morons should not have jobs in the SFA. Why have they not been voted out, surely clubs have the power to remove them? They have no idea how to improve Scottish football and that’s clearly been shown over their tenure in charge. My last point (after saying all of the above) just to play devil’s advocate is there any circumstance where you’d be happy for St Mirren to vote yes for this? Personally the only situation which would change my mind is if there was an agreement to expand the top league. A 16 or 18/ 20 team top flight is the only thing that would potentially change my mind on this subject.
  3. Is Baird back available? Is it not a three game suspension for violent conduct?
  4. Shull do you think this guys idea is a good one? Surely not. All those benefits for a 15 year loan? If it was 100 people, 100 used car park spaces...
  5. Why on earth would the club want this though? It sounds like you want to hold your club to ransom because they desperately need funds. So two problems with that. 1. They don't desperately need funds 2. Who the fook would do that to their team??? More to the point if you or anyone else are season ticket holders which anyone interested in doing it would likely be the club will make much more money off 15 years of a season book + whatever you spend at games. Also your earlier point about if 100 people did it it's £250k that would have to be paid back after 15 years and do we have 100 free parking spaces? This guy can't be for real.
  6. I agree, I think it's time to ignore this complete tool of a man. No idea what he's on about now. The disabled platform does not benefit the community at all? Is he actually being serious? SMISA funded project to enhance the experience of some of our most vulnerable supporters. Is it not community work because SMISA don't fund them to come in for free? Maybe if we all ignore his bile he'll go away.
  7. You make it out like they do nothing for the community! Couldn't be further from the truth. SMISA is just the go between the club have asked for this excess money to go to the player budget and SMISA let the member decide, again they can say no. What's the problem? Nowhere does it say every single penny has to go to community projects and none to enhancing the team. Clown!
  8. If there's an air of desperation is it merited? We're bottom of the league and only now staring to see potentially good things from the squad. If we can help in any way as fans I think we should. Not like they're asking for a million quid loan. If this money plus anything extra they have contribute to one or two of his own signings then fine. Let's see what happens. Risk and reward culture with any new player.
  9. No bother, you sleep alright? All that peace of mind over your fan ownership views must of been like a Valium to you
  10. Of course they can and post attention seeking posts about it as well. how they're cancelling a 10 year membership after what sounds like three months because they don't like all paying fans having a vote on how the excess money is getting used. [emoji106] think about poor Stewart did you know he paid £25 a month?
  11. My heart bleeds for you. Maybe everyone else will cancel and you'll get your wish for the club to be handed to Scott.
  12. What a surprise, I know you were so into keeping it going for the full 10 years as well. [emoji106][emoji849]
  13. Yeah we're so similar to Sunderland we should model ourselves on them. What a walloper!
  14. It is all ring fenced mate. The other money is separate funds SMISA have raised nothing to do with buyout. SMISA still fund raise in different ways and have money in the bank where the loan will come from.
  15. Think the article will talk you back into signing up...
  16. This just proves what an utter fool you truly are. Clueless and just wanting to cause trouble. Few points where you've just spewed rubbish. USH system is a little bit more complex than a boiler I'm sure, maybe he didn't do due diligence on it and that was a mistake but does he deserve to be ripped apart? He's a man he's learning in a new role with the club he loves. More or less Calling him stupid? how disgraceful. You do seem like such a caring community orientated guy. he's selling the shares into fan ownership at no extra cost to the purchase price, he's a fan of this club and even if he makes mistakes I don't believe for a second he'll do anything to the detriment of the club. He took over after the majority of the team and management structure was in place you complete fool! So how's the teams performance and league position his fault? He had the passion and the bottle to get rid of Rae early on and has brought in a highly rated, talented young manager that has got players playing and brought through some outstanding young players that are putting in MOTM performances almost every game. He's hardly putting out the begging bowl, the club have under performed his season and he's looking at ways to boost the squad. Again the budget was pretty much all used when he came in and he's asked to put it to a vote by the members (something a lot of members agree with). Again having ago at his intelligence just shows what a troll of an individual you are on here. He has taken us to the bottom of the league really? It's all his fault, not the players not the managers him. What behind the scene issues are so easy to fix has he not put right? I'd bet he's under a lot of pressure and again he's new into the position, he deserves time and will make mistakes and learn along the way. As for the race thing, no idea what your on about but I wouldn't be jumping to believe a word you type. This club does a lot for the local community, I'm sure there's a lot more we would like to do but it can't be our number one priority when we're rock bottom of the league and fans are screaming out for building on the improvements. He could of asked for the last lot of money to go to player budget but no we prioritised an area of our support that is potentially one of the most vulnerable and uncomfortable during the winter. Food bank collections, street stuff, inviting veterans to home games for free, football camps, school visits. Okay not all that stuff is SMISA but we're all one club. We do so many amazing things! All you can do is moan because you don't agree with a vote on should money go into a player budget. One good thing about you cancelling your membership. Hopefully we don't have to listen to your unfounded rubbish about fan ownership going forward.
  17. Okay so the SMISA members what benefit is there to them in not doing what's best for the club? Do you think they are on purpose trying to sabotage our team? I firmly believe (like most others) they have the best interests of the club at heart. Yet again they haven't forced anything on us. They've presented a vote based on the request of the board. I know a lot of people don't share this but I'd probably wager the majority do. I would be delighted if we vote to give the money to the club. We're bottom of the league with no budget left and need to be very smart with who we bring in January. Almost £10k extra will be handy for this. I know you don't agree with that but do you think if there was three options with the other being put the money to XYZ community fund that would win? I genuinely don't think it would have a chance with us in the current situation. If we were sitting mid table or by April if we are clear of relegation surely that's a better situation to be in to talk about community and other ways to better the community/ club ties? £10k is pennies compared to what will be raised over 10 years if it's difference between an extra player or not surely that's a small gamble worth taking?
  18. I genuinely don't know anyway to have a proper discussion with you. It's a democratic vote for paying members. The 1300 plus can say no. All the board and SMISA can do is make a request then it goes out to the paying members. In regards to a gamble, yes spending that money on a player will be a gamble but so is spending any penny they have on a player. At least this way it's a discretionary fund voted on by members. It's money that wouldn't be there in the first place. I'm looking at the big picture in 6-7 years when we are fan owned and we can vote on who is on our board and who our chairman is. Right now SMISA have a very very tough job to do. I'm all for community work but right now I think we're better focusing on improving what's happening on the park. Long term we're better for the community pushing on from the championship not league 1. Yet again it's only a proposition if the paying members don't like it they can vote to carry the money over. I don't understand what your concern is, that people might not vote the way you want them to?
  19. It's not us versus them Stewart. Everyone needs to do what's best for the club. If you aren't a SMISA fan then fine but fan ownership in some form will be best going forward I'm sure. Community projects is important but I don't see what the big deal is at letting paying members vote to say yes or no to giving this quarters funds to Ross? If it helps in anyway protect our championship status then it's a good thing. Don't see us being a bottom of the league team for long then we can look at what community projects are on the go in the next quarter and so on.
  20. Did they aye? Bottom line is club will be here a long time after you me, Gilmour, Scott and anyone else has long since left. 1300+ fans willing to pay £12 (£25 if you're Stewart, did he mention that?) a month, that will be Gilmour paid off in 6 years. Club will then get to vote on who forms our board and our chairman. If we run the payments for the full 10 years we're talking £100s of thousands of pounds put into making our club better, on top of all other earnings. This is all so short term to give us best possible chance at avoiding relegation (I think we'll do it regardless tonne honest but happy to go with the boards request) Surely this is worth pulling together on and toughing it out? The more paying members the stronger we are. The more we can do with our future. Hard times now yes but I would hate to see this fall away because fans throw a strop over how £8,000 is going to get spent.
  21. And calling everyone dafties isn't putting down supporters? Still waiting to hear where you think we should go from here. From my understanding you want us to all cancel our monthly payments and let Scott run with it.
  22. I think relegation would stunt us in a big way, okay maybe disaster is the wrong word but I think it would have a big impact on our long term goals. People are entitled to their opinion and if they don't want to support this fine. I think it's very logical to support it but each to their own. What does bug me is people (not you) holding the club hostage over their monthly direct debits. It's a poor short sighted view.
  23. He's also got the right to call out how predictable it is that you would not complete the 10 year subscription. Surprised you made it this far to be honest. Others have cancelled I'm sure but you clearly need to announce it to everyone and make a big song and dance about it.
  24. I am not! Not even slightly. I'm saying it's in the best interest of the club to take all the steps we can to prevent relegation which would be a major set back. Both for St Mirren and the community programs we want to support. We'd come back but it would dent us for a good while. If there's a no vote so be it, it's a democracy and I'll be fine with it. I have confidence in Jack Ross but if he's wanting to strengthen then I think we should support the board with their request. Who's to say it'll only be a short term strengthening? Who knows will the funds go towards securing a new contract for Mccalister, will we unearth a gem of a player that gets a contract for next season. Any player brought in is a gamble but it could pay off. I'd say using this is less of a gamble, £6 per member is nothing and it's money that wouldn't even be there if it was not for the buyout.
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