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  1. Aw i was hopeful i might get at least one other person thinking it was a good idea, I'm pretty happy with a die hard St Mirren board and would be delighted if they stayed and very very happy to keep my £10 D/D set up... O well away back to my corner.
  2. As the current deal stands all our money would be going towards loan repayments, I would consider it a return in my investment if my £10 a month went towards bettering St Mirren football club. I like all others willing to pay the direct debit wouldn't be expecting a financial return. I feel if it went through this way the return would be in football terms and would stay away from being plunged back into debt. Do you not think?
  3. Hmm if I had a business with a client base that were willing to give me an extra £10500 a month to invest would i walk away for 1 and a half mil..... Probably not.
  4. A thought has been going round in my mind for sometime about the worry of putting the club back into debt with the takeover bid. So just looking for some comments on it, it may be a non issue if the current board can't be persuaded to stay under any circumstances. Why wouldn't Gilmour and Co want to stay on and keep the £10 a month pledge, 87 club and non exec deals available? All proceeds could then be invested directly back into our debt free club for continual growth and increased revenue? Fans have already commited to support with these funds so would mean :- Greater income for the current board, greater funds for the commercial side of the club and more money for Danny Lennon to spend. Just a thought....
  5. Brilliant news! No canceling now, thats an amazing amount of extra income to be coming in every month against a target of £7500. How's the 87 club and the 25k thing done though?
  6. Signed up and in, do we know where we're standing currently? the info on the website isn't all that clear?
  7. Haha I don't think I'll be able to influence anyone, my humble opinion to move the football club I love forward.
  8. A lot of good points and good discussions going on.... Ideal situation for me would be, the current board take St Mirren off the market we remain debt free and still persue the money making ideas of offering St Mirren fans shares in the club through the 10 quid a month and 1877 club deals. All profits could go directly to the club (instead of a debt) because we are still functioning as a profitable business without it, we could continue to grow as a business and a football club. Sounds like an great business plan Mr Gilmour if you change your mind about selling ;)
  9. All I would say is this option for St mirren football club is the best I think is available. I would rather pay my £10 a month and no the club is asset protected and in the hands of fans than it go down the same path as say Livingstone. A lot of resistance from fans which I appreciate but what I would rather see from these fans is other options. the current board want out so if this isn't the way forward what is?
  10. St Mirren still have an income outside of fans £10 a month and all the rest. Or are people forgetting about ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorship.... Sorry I just don't see why this fan buy out is such a bad idea?
  11. 100% right if some St Mirren fan is out there with mega bucks to buy us and make us into a powerhouse they'd have done it already. this is our safest option going forward. It might not be ideal but if you can't trust your fellow fans in regards to a football club how can you trust a seperated consortium or individual? I think all St Mirren fans should get right behind this invest as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, whether it be £10 a month. £3000 or £25000 lets safeguard and move St Mirren football club forward!
  12. Just do, if the new owners makes a mess of everything and leads us in the wrong direction people will start cancelling their direct debits think its in everyones interest having a fan based ownership plan. The money we are all asked to put in consistently i genuinely believe will be invested back into the club. What's our other options anyway?
  13. Just Completed My Direct Debit For 10000Hours Firmly Believe This Is The Best Way Forward For Our Club. Hope So Many Of You Do The Same!
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