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  1. wouldnt it be quite funny if he changed his mind again and signed for us ........ ( sorry )
  2. just read the bbc report on this and it states that willie mckay was asked on "Thursday" about the prospect of harte signing and he said that a "number" of clubs were concidering harte so it sounds to me that nothing was ever set in stone on the "so called" deal
  3. agree its a good signing and he is top drawer at free kicks...but one thing puzzles me..crosses into the box? who for? on the other hand,after his wee stunt here maybe he will like it and sign for another year......now if that were to happen that would be brilliant for us as im sure Mr Harte could persuade some of his gifted "pals" to come up and sign for us next season....its a possibility
  4. is it not also because the new ground is closer to the flight path for the airport and the glare was to be toned down...somewhat? i dunno i'm just asking
  5. gets released tomorrow but i got mine on saturday morning snakes and arrows look out for the "filming" outtakes...hilarious
  6. "watching" the new RUSH dvd....brilliant!!!!!!
  7. local was the lord lounsdale and probably horsed that borrheid team at pool too town haunt was "shuttles" when it first opened...great pub
  8. chairman.."the managers job is safe".......the manager is fcuked and will be sacked within the week
  9. 1. the umbro one (doug somner) 2. the all black one 3. my first one (early 70's) 4.the present one 5. the next one
  10. oxo have released a new cube dedicated to england...it has red and silver foiled covering and is called "the laughing stock"
  12. wonder who "wull" be first........
  13. SG stayed at the hotel i worked in and said of gillies..."the boy has a massive chip on his shoulder"
  14. is there an e-mail addy that you can forward on dodgy e-mials that are trying to get your bank details from you?
  15. that woman is stunningly beautiful
  16. never you mind ..are we booking it or what??????????????????????????????????????????
  17. watching the new rush tour on "you tube"
  18. the new RUSH cd "snakes and arrows" of course.......el nombre
  19. highlander........try west coaster
  20. grrrr i just posted on the polling/vote thread before i seen this thread...but to repeat myself(sharp in-take of breath) i would rather donate money to the blackandwhitearmy.com and then the site can donate the money from the b&w members to St.Mirren FC...thus giving our beloved forum members some noteriety...... thoughts??
  21. i would rather make a donation to blackandwhitearmy.com then the site in turn can donate it to St.Mirren FC would this work?
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