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  1. So, Tony says he's staying all season. Hladky says he's staying all season. And this leads people to conclude he's off in January? ๐Ÿคจ
  2. I can see the sense in it if he's ok at LB and if the club happens to know that Waters is heading back to Killie. It would also give us a left back for Killie games. Presumably he's a free agent so could be signed any time, as opposed to waiting for the window?
  3. I'd never deliberately agree with LPM, but I'm with him on this one. If he puts in some stunning performances in training and bounce games, then happy to be corrected, but I really can't see this one panning out. We'll just be helping him out while he looks for a deal elsewhere.
  4. I'll be honest, I'm looking forward to a transfer window where we aren't trying to assemble an entire squad. This is just the sort of mad shit I enjoy. He's never getting a deal with us in a million years - he'll end up at the Falkirk Retirement Home FC - but it's entertaining.
  5. It'll be tough seeing him at Hibs, especially as he will inevitably turn them right round and finish 5th this season, and also get Morgan on loan in January, despite the media reporting that we are also interested.
  6. Jacko might be worth a shout come January? Hibs will surely be monitoring that situation.
  7. It's been raised on here before but when was the last time we had an attack-minded manager or coach (ie one who used to be an attacker)? Mixu? Obviously it doesn't always follow that a former defender can't teach attack - Chequebook Guardiola manages ok; Klopp was a striker to begin with but became a defender. But at our level, who is coaching the strikers to make the right runs, to find space in the box. Who is working with the wingers to make them more productive?
  8. Sneaky, Shifty, Shady, Coy, Furtive, Enigmatic and Doc.
  9. You could cut and paste those quotes from every appointment they've made over the past 10 years. I'm starting to think it might not be the manager...
  10. That's a shame. Feel for the guy. I think we can safely abscond St Mirren of any blame relating to the handling of his departure, though. Talented footballer let down by his body.
  11. I'll say this much for gstring... he's f**king prolific sometimes. Four consecutive posts ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Rangers have signed Kent from Liverpool. Wonder if they'll be loaning out one of their other wide players now.
  13. Released into the wild, I hope.
  14. Is that a financial decision, then? They must be f**ked. I'd probably take him as back up to what we have, tbh.
  15. Not sure he's got the legs to play Jim's game, but he definitely offers something different. I'd peg him as an alternative to Andreu rather than trying to play him out wide.
  16. I reckon I could make a case for another winger. We have Durmus and McAllister as actual natural wingers, and Magennis who is playing there at the minute. Djorkaeff can probably fill in there, but he's probably more a number 10 and is yet to impress. So I reckon there's room for one more.
  17. I'm the same; I think even Popescu would be a luxury at this stage. The running concern is that we don't have a 15-goal striker, and that instead we have three five-goal strikers, but that's not me saying I think we should get a striker in. No way are we going to have five strikers (incl Cooke when fit) fighting over one position. (Edit: just saw @St.Ricky's post - opinions are like arseholes, I guess ) But honestly, given the strength in depth we now have, especially compared to last year, I'm not sure where it would be worth strengthening. Maybe if a loan player of supreme quality became available, we should consider it.
  18. Shit, was he?! Well that's everything f**ked, then. Edit: yeah, 3-0 win, playing alongside Corbu, who was LB.
  19. I'm running with the theory that it's spares for Jim Goodwin, we've ordered some spare Is for Morias and Obika, and that we're 100% signing Popescu...
  20. My mate finishes his job at the shirt printers this month, but he's going out with a bang. Apparently we've just ordered a load of: GIJOPS Bear in mind the last prediction matched Andreu almost perfectly - two weeks before he was announced. Speculate away.
  21. FFS Pityme is about to get all confused about what a quote is again.
  22. Black and White Army: where no thread goes un-f**ked.
  23. Signed for SC Heerenveen. Good club. We didn't need him anyway; glad he's got fixed up because I think he's wasted in Brighton's reserves.
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