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  1. Morgan now has Gonzalo Higuain as a teammate. What a move that's turning out to be for the lad.
  2. There's a young centre half at Ayr with top flight experience. I've heard we might be in for him.
  3. Fair play. He's actually been playing for Killie so I thought it would have been an odd one.
  4. Just tagging @djchapsticks so I can see the reaction if this transpires 🤣
  5. Fair play to him. Probably making an absolute killing there. He's 29 so probably his last chance for a big-money move.
  6. He's got 92 pace on FIFA '17 - just ignore his other stats.
  7. Is that true? Jesus. I know times are tough, but that's League Two stuff. Even more laughable is the fact they've priced their PPV games at £20 (presumably) to protect the perceived value of season tickets. It makes you even more proud to see the ST numbers we've posted this summer.
  8. Mor-I-as. Morr-ee-ass. Three syllables. Say it to yourselves as you type it. Apologies to those who've spelt it correctly, @Sonny
  9. League Cup winner Sam Parkin?
  10. 23 years! I'm old enough as it is without folk slipping an extra decade in there!
  11. This. They're not trying to develop him: they want rid altogether.
  12. Celtic about to bring a West Ham striker in on loan. Wonder if that could prompt some movement our way. Probs not, to be fair 😂
  13. I remember thinking last season that they appeared to be splashing the cash, obviously in a bid to go head to head with United. That got them nowhere. They'll never learn.
  14. Agreed, that';s an issue, but my point was more that we really can't splash the cash on someone who doesn't necessarily fit our system.
  15. While it's odd to see him rocking up at Dundee, the sequence of events that @djchapsticks has outlined seems pretty clear. There's no way we should be pushing the boat out that far for this guy. Or, put it another way: if we were going to cough up well in excess of £3k a week for a striker, we could do much better than Jakubiak. I'm happy to see what the loan system throws up because the fact remains that we only usually play with one striker anyway.
  16. His club made a successful appeal to increase the ban to nine months.
  17. I'm 99% sure that's a spammy Twitter account. I don't believe this for a second. It's a weeks-old rumour.
  18. Fair enough. The other issue being that McLean was very much only 'ok' at that level. While you could imagine a bottom-half team moving for him, it wouldn't be for megabucks, so the money really would be negligible. That said, it might still cover a player's wage for a season, so not to be sniffed at.
  19. Shit, I'm disappointed about that. Our recruitment has been broddly excellent over the past couple of years.
  20. Good point: you'd have to assume so, based on that.
  21. He was very, very unfit when he arrived, sadly - and was arguably surplus to requirements, as you've said. However, the boy chucked £500 in for the St Mirren Charitable Foundation earlier in the year. I know that means nothing when considering his footballing ability, but it shows a lot about his character. Would be welcome back for another shot.
  22. Unrealistic, I'd say. It's not a pressing need and the window is open for ages. I think we'll wait for the right guy. I hope he becomes available.
  23. Shame Villa stayed up today. I reckon either McGinn or Grealish will be away this window, and it's more likely to be the latter. The Grealish fee will enable them to hold onto McGinn. Had they gone down, both would have left.
  24. I've got it in my head that they gave him another year, but I don't know why I think that.
  25. This place is a f**king joke. You guys have got real issues. I popped back in for rumours and - believe it or not - some football chat. Not to worry.
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