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  1. The Dons fans were very complimentary after Cup game saying we were the best away fans for years!
  2. The Arabs the gift that keeps giving!????[emoji106]
  3. If McInnes goes to Ibrox AFC are looking at JR as his replacement?
  4. Sorry plastic pitches and incomplete stadiums are embarrassing for our game !
  5. Well overdue a real gent and a great servant, during a fantastic era for the club!
  6. Hi Div fantastic work looks great!!
  7. Why would Strachan be responsible for not picking Clunie ? My point was a general comment on Scottish National managers over the years, however one Scottish manager was an exception , he did pick young Saints for full the squad ...namely Weir,Thompson & Munro.....the late Jock Stein, PS I don't have any real dislike of Strachan as such just the topic he raised!
  8. Ha ha !..,pre txt is great , yes provincial being the original intent ...but thanks for rest of the constructive feedback ,more in line with my post! Following on from the recent list an older injustice was Jim Clunie who was overlooked in favour of McKinnon who was average , but played in Govan!
  9. No one obviously this Season ! However my comment was based on past years with many good players for Saints who were capped months after leaving us (including McGinn and Kenny) that was all ! Would Tierney be capped if he was at a provisional club? Thanks for all the sarcastic crap, from the usual suspects bye!
  10. McGinn MOM... Great Thread FFS!
  11. He said today , re players age for full squad...."that if they are good enough they are old enough" what he omitted to add was , as long as they don't play for St.Mirren!
  12. Great result !...in what appears to have been a roller coaster ,but who cares getting safer by the week!
  13. Think it's unfair to say Murray an Rae Craig was the big culprit then Murray Rae has already steadied the ship and needs time and funds to create his own squad yes we all get angry but looking at the stars we were unlucky they humped long balls and we never coped at the back.And they had 5 shots on goal and scored 4 we had a better stat list but lost however the stat I liked was we never gave up!
  14. Actually Lambert also got a lot of stick near the end of his time with us....
  15. What a total crap National Stadium Hampden is!! As always we are miles behind just look at Irish and Welsh stadiums and of course the new Wembley !!...We are not at the races and as for the playing surface it has been dreadful ever since they opened the new stadium , It's. no wonder we are miles behind as a football nation when we can't even do the basics right and lag miles behind other home nations that are smaller than us time for root and branch change at the SFA !
  16. Yes accept it was Alloa but we got the points and that's all that matters at our stage of a bad season ! So we can hopefully build confidence and start moving out of lower region of the league!
  17. Would it not be better to get somebody on that knows something about football?
  18. Showed some bottle today after going one down early doors!
  19. I don't have a dictionary explanation of gubbed!... I only meant beat again however I did say , It was a tall ask and thought Rae will get us safe ,so apologies for term Gubbed . And to all who have taken umbridge for my use of the phrase sorry ! l don't post often....I now remember why!
  20. Ok I know we were up against it today but just annoying that we couldn't get a draw instead of conceding another last minute !...but I knew Stokes would score when I heard he had signed ,anyway it's more about results with the guys round about us in the next few months . I think Rae will keep us up!
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