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  1. The fans are being given the owners stake so they dont start with a 2m debt to repay. I would guess.
  2. It wouldnt be reducing its income, it would be expanding its income. If a normal hospitality costs £90 plus vat, reducing that to £45 plus vat isnt going to lose the club any money (for a three course meal and wine, its still pretty dear, most cic members will already be season ticket holders, so no lost £20 ticket sale either). Its obviously just an idea for value adding onto the CIC. I understand the CIC perfectly well but in my opinion its not the best way forward for the club, ill get behind it when it goes ahead as it needs to succeed. There are other ways for the CIC membership to offer benefits to people paying that dont need to cost any money, such as the one suggested above, you only have to look at Clyde's season ticket deal last season where local businesses passed on brilliant offers and benefits to see that the CIC membership could be exploited far more for the community as a whole (which is the whole ethos behind a community club).
  3. There obviously needs to be some cost involved in joining, thats just life, if you want to be included you pay, if you dont want to, you dont pay. The cost really is not that prohibitive, its a pint less a week. That said, it would be great if there was good incentives with membership, how about you get a 50% off a hospitality for one or two games a season, that would generate the club money even on the reduced rate and would give more people the chance to see what we can do in hospitality, anyone I know that tries it goes back. I have not yet joined, im still unconvinced its the right way forward for me, something like the above would make me far more likely to join than not to join though.
  4. And of course, they could get into a bar if they wanted, simply by joining the CIC. I think reborn saint has a vision of 60's london with "no irish, no blacks, no non cic members" sign hanging on the door of the members bar.
  5. Its like anything else really, anyone putting themselves forward should instantly be discounted Div has already ruled himself out Sid.
  6. No, I would hate to be involved and somehow change the way I see the club. Im happy to stick to being a supporter, I probably tick all the boxes to become involved as well owning a local business and not being a moronic boo boy. I know someone that was asked to be involved by RA and turned it down for the same reasons.
  7. That's fair enough, it wouldn't bother me at all if you were, I actually think you would be a good candidate but you have an obvious blotted copybook with the current board. If I had any problem with you then I wouldn't be friends on facebook, now would I
  8. Stuart, Can you clarify, as someone who has been extremely supportive and vocal about the cic, albeit someone who claims not to support the club, would you put yourself forward as a fans representative on the board if it was ever possible. Would you rule yourself out of this now so that your interest in the cic is as you say, only as a way of developing the Wishaw thing? I suspect that your renewed interest in St Mirren has came as a result of the cic and gilmour going, which is fair enough, but would appreciate transparency if Im wrong, by ruling yourself out of any further involvement other than as a £10 a month cic member.
  9. The MD of the club really doesnt have to be a football man, he has to be a business man who knows what he's doing. The problem with football clubs in the past has been having football guys first and foremost who have then put their clubs into precarious positions, we have been fortunate to have fans of the clubs who were financially switched on, but I would prefer a businessman there first and foremost. I guess the problem with Atkinson is his other interests and how much time they take out of his weekly schedule, its hard to tell from companies house what his involvements are in the companies that he is a director off as to his role and his time commitments would be at these places, but its not a job that can be done on a few hours a week.
  10. The cic could be attracting more local companies, I think the 10k price is putting people off. There are obvious benefits to joining and I have seriously considered whether 10k would be money well spent from a commercial point of view. I would suggest that a lower level of commerical interest be offered with the following benefits. I would imagine it wouldnt be too hard to get 50 to 100 local companies paying £1000-2000 a year to be part of a group of companies, each with a sole business interest (i.e - one plumbing company, one joinery, one internet company, one computer hardware company, one painter and decorator etc etc) it would allow like minded St Mirren fans to interact with others based on a possible barter/communal interest. As a local company, I prefer dealing with local companies, in addition, I prefer to deal with people who have the same interests as me, if this can benefit the club at the same time, then I think it would be money well spent. Effectively, I think the corporate idea is good, but it hasnt been totally thought out, I know this is all still a work in progress, and Richard has suggested that I could share a membership, but I would like to have my own corporate membership but not at the costs offered at the moment. I also think as a community interest, its a pretty major aspect that the CIC may have overlooked, or priced themselves out of.
  11. Whats wrong with the old one? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=132554916781399#!/group.php?gid=2217557490&ref=ts
  12. Added to that, Vista learns your behaviour over time, so the first couple of days you might find a new install of vista pretty slow, but once it learns your habits, it zips along at a decent rate.
  13. Of course your allowed to have an opinion, but i dont really think theres any need to call our manager a dickhead, show your bigotted side in calling catholics bead rattlers etc. Just shows what level of intelligence you have if you have to resort to that level of language to try and get your point across
  14. Its not an acceptable performance, but your own performance on these boards in the last 3 days, shows someone should be sacked, and its not mcpherson
  15. A lot of the trouble seems to stem from the fact that half the players, bizarrely, are left sided. We had 4 players who could play left wing back or left midfield in the team from the start today, and technically, a sweeper, a right midfielder and a left midfielder in the centre midfield. We need 2 good proper midfielders, a ball winner, and a creative midfielder, before we can even think about winning the league.
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