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55 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:


It's not always good to keep your army habits when you go back to civvy street. Do you tell visitors that it's modern art?

I wasn't insinuating that they were actually your knickers, I was insinuating that he was returning Grandma Bigfoot's knickers to you as he originally got them from you and they were already covered in "honest, I blew my nose on them" stains when he got them. :)


nah no me chief, grandma bigfoot's the leader off of the crazy northbank agaro ladies section, so I wouldn't even touch her with yours.


next one? 


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2 minutes ago, Slartibartfast said:


As I said, you're a strange chap.


And You're a fùckin strange Nob:lol:  So we'll leave it there eh sonny?


You always have the ignore button at your disposal, then if someone

is not going to agree with you or thinks you are a tadger then you

can put them on ignore, how's about it?

Edited by murray street
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