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faraway saint

The Sin Bin TV Thread

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4 hours ago, faraway saint said:

The excitement building for the big wedding today.

Astounding the amount of people who are attending from far and wide.

Must be bringing in a whole lot of money. 

I see another forum member has started a specific thread about the wedding, awaiting the deluge of anti royal posts and claims he's an alias. :lol:

Seems the Royal Wedding thread is very busy...............who'd have thunk it? :lol:

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5 minutes ago, shull said:

I gave you the answer in my last sentence, ye spangle 


2 hours ago, faraway saint said:

The Chase Celebratory Special..............

Question.........Which snooker commentator was known as Whispering Ted

Answer, from some "celebratory" I don't know..................John Virgo.  :lol:


You're a daft auld goat. :lol:

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On 5/26/2018 at 7:30 AM, faraway saint said:

Cracking weekend for music with a series of concerts planned all over the UK by the BBC.

All the better that the weather is looking pretty decent. 


Just seen a short clip of Noel Gallagher playing at Perth where a member of his band were playing, wait for it, scissors! :wacko:

Aye, some lady was snapping scissors in time with the music.

What the feck is that all about? :lol:

Worlds gone mad. 

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Tracey Ullman on BBC,  chronic isn't close.
Don't know where she's been but wish she'd go back. 

Didn’t see it, but with her net worth £80m+ , she’s obviously done something right over the years.

Didn’t even know she was still doing the rounds so to speak.

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2 minutes ago, whydowebother said:


Of course will be available on iplayer.

Oi, Leeds is a great city emoji14.png

I live on outskirts near Golden Acre Park towards Otley , cracking city

I'm the Holiday Inn, Garforth, shit so far, 45 minutes to get someone to come fix the wifi.

Dinner better be better or I'll go in a real huff. 

Edited by faraway saint

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