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Guest Ruggy Bairn
Bit of a minger today!

Are you saying you'd kick her out of bed for farting Sainty? :rolleyes:

Is this a throwback to yer 'famous' burd dumping you? :blink:

Do you hate all women now, that she dropped you at the first sign of Davie Sneddon sniffing around? :lol::ph34r:

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Today's (Oct 16) fabulous image reminds me of one of the first ever Pirelli calendars. It was on the wall of a CAB office at Rootes when I was an apprentice in the Sixties...

It had a memorable (obviously, after nearly 40 years!) Japanese Haiku with it

- which was a (failed) attempt to kid everyone on that this was ART.

Here's the Haiku:

"I wish I were

as close to you

as the wet shirt

of a salt sea girl to her body.

I think of you always."

I thought then, still do, that the Haiku was more erotic than the fotie.

Today's image hits both buttons! :)

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