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My mum just gave me a call an asked if she should buy the about for me... It was about £700 on one of those sky bidding channels..... But she got it for £399.. Thing is when I went to tune in to see what she had bought the show was finished.... Cant seem to find much on the net about it .... Which maybe backs the guy up on the TV when he stated that its not availible to buy in the shops kinda thing :unsure:

She said it has mega memory, didgi cam records movies, prints everything off... Has a screen like a laptop & you can save 410 albums worth of music on it...

I did drop hints for a laptop recently at my birthday BUT obviously failed and so I dropped hints again for my xmas... So I think thats why the daft bint has went and purchased it thinking it works like a laptop.... So can anyone help here to see if they can use their superior web skills to find something on the Vivitar DVR-390H ????

Another thing that worries me is that on the Vivitar Website they only appear to have vision stuff for sale and nothing related to music / audio :(

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Found an Acrobat Reader Document about it and it states that it has a built in speaker , headphone & microphone section.... But what I really want to know is could I connect the audio side of it up to my hi-fi :unsure:

It states that it has a video output .... I know with some products you can use the video output for audio aswell... So Im just wondering if I could do that in this instance.... Either that my Mum has been totally stupid again :angry: and bought a useless product :(

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Last time of asking did anyone see this thing at all or find anything out about it.... Its due through tomorrow and Im still abit unsure about it

Found a file on it but its a wee bit to technical for me PLUS it only tells me so much about it I think...I'll try to attch see if it works...If it does its on the 2nd page

Your help would be grateful :wink:

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Dont tell Toon's dug :lol:

Unless it likes its types deaf... I wont... Because Im having problems with the sound on playback.....

I'll be fecking raging if this product has to go back because of sound playback .... Because it seriously is everything rolled into one :angry:

Hopefully it shouldnt because when they advertised it on TV... It played the sound back when they recorded a DVD & thats what I done.... But unfortunately I cant understand sign language :(

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Do you understand this one??


This kinda of signing

23_28_113.gif without the words obviously :lol:

So my new toy has currently went from 2 words to 1 word

"Bollox" :angry:

But I have contacted the manufacturer at 9am this morning who assure me it should do what I want it to do.... So there may be hope yet before returning it :rolleyes: ... Its recording video but the sound is very very faint :(

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What kind of video do you want to record <_<:lol:

Hopefully it will work out for you m8

I could have been able to record anything with it... TV/VIDEO & DVDs etc... (I could have taped Scotsport 1st etc & had it as PC files :huh: ) But on playback mode its not giving good audio quality

I could have used it for may things including my after match interviews... Which would have meant me having a copy of interviews in both Audio & Visual but it appears to use it like that Ive gotta attach another microphone :angry:

The main use I really wanted it for was MP3/Audio files (for a DJing purpose) but even at that it doesnt appear to be user friendly enough. If I was to program say 50 tracks for example, it plays them back in the order they were loaded onto the unit as rather than your desired playlist order....

Fecking raging..... They are still telling me it should be able to do everything I want it to do, Well apart from having to plug an extra mic in for audio/visual interviews :( .... So Im losing the rag as I really dont have patience for this crap... If you pay decent cash for something you get decent quality equipment... So feck this Im sending it back...

Time to email Bongo... :wink:

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