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  2. What about his saves that have helped gain points ? Overlooked ?
  3. Just watched it back again . Still think it's one of the worst bits of refereeing I've ever witnessed. The man is a kunt . On the plus side - Div's commentary made me laugh . Excellent .
  4. The simple fact is basic goalkeeping errors have cost us massively this season possibly around seven or eight points.You can look at Langfield's kick straight to the Dumbarton player from around four yards.Gallacher failing to catch the cross in injury time against Morton.O'Brien's kick straight to Hardie against Raith and yesterday picking up a back pass when he must have lost it momentarily.All basic errors of the highest order no matter how well you play you simply cannot continue with those very very basic errors without it costing you.
  5. Just proves the Bookies are wrong every week or they would have today's odds months ago and every week since.
  6. Anyone who hasn't seen the goal can check it out on periscope The ref was behind the incident and possibly un-sighted. McKenzie may have impaired the linesman's view but thats still a pretty poor exuse for the officials. It happens about 10:50 mins into the broadcast.
  7. They are an incredible 11/1 at P Power and 11/4 with a goal start. Ive just backed both.
  8. Still think this is where we will end up. Then its tin hats on and over the top on the whistle......
  9. Celtic 1-0 Rangers, good goal., 10 mins
  10. They can get their tin-foil hats out for that one. .
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  12. No arguments from me . We'll probably end up getting him for play off match .
  13. I don't see any paranoid "its an agenda" type posts here. I've watched it again on Divs periscope broadcast and it must go down as one of the worst refereeing decisions I have ever seen. Just cant understand how the ref or linesman could not have seen it.
  14. Fair point, I should have been clearer in specifically referencing Morton yesterday and last week against Raith and Ayr respectively which would have helped us big time!! Just can't believe that it's came to this!!
  15. I had Radio Scotland on the radio with earphones. They were slaughtering the referee. Absolutely laying into him for his decision - and a few others following the big one that cost us the opening goal. The guy was absolutely awful.
  16. Really? What about the week we 'only' drew 1-1 at home to Dumbarton recently? We exited the stadium to discover two other results went our way and our point actually saw us off the bottom for what felt like the first time in ages?
  17. The Utd fans on Pie and Bovril say they couldn't believe the goal stood . Good enough for me .
  18. I remember reading a few years ago that she was struggling with a number of issues. A real shame.
  19. Any money not receiving a yes vote does get rolled over. Indeed recent votes have added rolled over funds to the total. That's different to the save option, which has gone to the committee as a direct result of discussion on here. That only happened after the April spend vote, hence it's not made it on to a vote. Will it make it on is a different matter, but members do have email with which to make further contact/reasoning on that and there's the upcoming AGM also. You can't expect business to be done completely on here or via any other social media outlet. But, it does contribute to the overall picture.
  20. I doubt many in the St Mirren end, as it happened right in front of us, doubted it was a foul.
  21. Maybe I need to see it again . Possibly it wasn't as blatant as everyone in the stadium barring the ref first thought .
  22. Me as well but still waiting on my invite
  23. Lambert Lane. Buy a house here and in two years, it'll be worth 2 million.
  24. I thought they would.
  25. Incorrect. I was at yesterday's game and I can look at it another way. The way I look at it is the referee made a dreadful decision, it cost us a goal, but it happened early and a lot happened after his dreadful decision. There is some serious paranoia on display here, worthy of the bitterest Old Firm fans.
  26. Still an honest mistake surely? Bordering on cheating suggests a deliberate decision, think you're way off the mark there. Inept, poor, etc maybe.
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