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  2. The singing section done us proud yesterday. Well done to all involved , would like to see the club support this at home games too . As for the Drum ? Brilliant [emoji106]certainly our commercial manager seemed to think so in the Bankhouse [emoji4]
  3. No, he played in the S/F against TNS.
  4. Just shows you, god got that wrang.........on the other hand if he had said you.
  5. Wasn't Storie cup tied also ? Also don't think having Gordon available would have made much difference. Bit surprised Stelios or Fjelde werent given a midfield run out 2nd half.
  6. In his role Flood's effectively playing the ref, it's a fine line and he got it correct yesterday - as I said above deserved MotM for a streetwise performance. Think of our two Div 1 winning seasons and TT & AM doing pretty much the same and being booed by opposing fans every week. JG did it well for a while until it went to his head and once he was noted for the "off the ball" stuff he was never quite as effective. Unlike Flood Malllan's booking was unnecessary and could have been a straight red.
  7. Exciting times we will win on Saturday in a hard fought battle where I expect Ayr will play every dirty trick in the book to try and stop us.
  8. I agree that Flood should have been red carded before half time and how he got away with that second half chop and a deliberate handball after that beats me! And Cammy Bell's playacting getting Loy booked was also sickening to watch... Loy had already had one bad foul on Flood where he could have been booked. Having rewatched the game on Alba I thought Mallan could have had a straight red for the elbow on Telfer and MacKenzie was perhaps fortunate to not concede a penalty with a combination of jersey pulling and pushing on Van Der Velden who precitably hit the floor and left the referee with a decision to avoid making!
  9. Stevie Mallan was a lucky boy to still be on the park when he elbowed the boy in the side of his face .
  10. Today
  11. I thought we ran out of steam and out of ideas in the second half after playing very well in the first half. Would agree on the comments on Flood being lucky to stay on the pitch, a different referee might have had him off before half time. I wouldn't be too surprised if McGinn fell out of the game after being on the end of 2 or 3 heavy / late challenges. Having said that he was given lots of space in the second half to run the show and used that time and space well... maybe if we had put him under more pressure he'd have committed a few more trademark cynical fouls. I was a bit surprised by our bench yesterday. What has happened to Craig Storie of late, he seems to be out the picture despite being the one to save our season (copyright Isle of Bute Saint), Ben Gordon should surely be back from his last injury picked up in December and then there is Rocco will he be out until next season as well? I'm guessing Todd was cup tied as well as Cammy Smith.
  12. That voice might not have been God .Have you had any more experiences of hearing voices in your head?
  13. That's not true , he told me he thought faraway was a bawbag .
  14. Not really the death knell at all , since yesterday Dungbarton got firmly pulled right into the mix . .
  15. That is unnecessary , a couple of years in the wank tank would suffice. .
  16. It's all about results. A 1-0 victory will save him for a few months.
  17. Will we see the crowd turn up for this game like they turned up for yesterday's final ? This is a must win for us like every other game let's just hope Dundee Utd turn up on Wednesday or that's our season
  18. This is a cracking thread.
  19. Just wait till next Saturday.
  20. This Thread is thriving today
  21. . .it is all about drumming up support. .
  22. Only in Scotland could you hear that. It was a full 14 degrees.
  23. That remains to be seen but hope you're right.
  24. Try fresh legs that would of been a start, the players were running out of steam specially in that heat.
  25. God loves everyone
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