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  2. Don Robertson for our game. Collum has the Dundee United v ICT game and Thomson has the Aberdeen v Green bigot game.
  3. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Aye prefurred ure risponse oan anurra Fred.
  4. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Couldn't have put it better myself.
  5. It must be about our turn to have Willie Collum or Craig Thomson again.
  6. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    If i lived in Thurso or Wick a tec would be sent out by the company on their cost. Now you and i know to drive up there it would cost more than to come to Bute plus a hotel would be needed. On a island you have to pay the tecs hourly rate from point A to point B and cover his travel costs. Thats what Lockart are saying. NUTS.
  7. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Hopefully you do, you might pack it and feck off.
  8. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Your write, ewe donut speech four mi. Aye wood nivur ewes sutch attroshus lang-gwidge, speelin ant punk'choo-ashun ass ewe.
  9. Injury Updates

    Me to going to Glasgow , great news Davis is in training.
  10. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Are you sure that's right ? I'm pretty sure EU consumer law states electrical consumer goods have a two year guarantee unless an extended warranty plan has been bought / sold / given as part of a deal ? As I believe it , Trading standards expectations have no place in law. if I'm right , for them to say " an expectation of " wouldn't hold water , especially in a Telly which is notorious for not being able to hold fluids. ETA : I bought a new telly in 2015 with the guarantee of a better picture. Well the picture I watched on Sunday night was absolute crap. Do I have a case ?
  11. Dinnae Shoot The Fecking Messenger

    I agree - not just because he is a fellow highlander - but it’s a pretty catchy tune. Seriously doubt the writer will make millions in royalties from St Mirren fans listening to this but someone has a hobby, took some serious time to write this and ‘gift it’ to the club. Not sure why merits the tone of some of these comments.
  12. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    The Sale of Goods Act covers everyone in a buying chain. If a UK based factory sells to a wholesaler, who in turn sells to a retailer, who in turn sells to a consumer then they all can have recourse to the sale of goods act. If a consumer wins a case against a retailer in court then the retailer would not have too much of a problem turning to his supplier and winning the same case. Almost all manufacturer's guarantees will state at the end, "This does not affect your statutory rights". Your "statutory rights" being the Sale of Goods Act and its many amendments over recent years. What a consumer is not entitled to is "betterment". For instance, if you buy a new telly trading standards would say you should have an expectation that it will last 7 years. If the telly breaks down say in 3 years you would be entitled to a free repair. As modern TVs are almost beyond repair and as the technology is improving all the time, you are not entitled to a new improved replacement telly for free as this would be interpreted by the court as "betterment". You would be asked to make a contribution to the cost of the replacement. With, say the now equivalent new telly retails at £700, you may be asked to contribute to £200 to receive this new telly. If your telly broke down in its first year a retailer should replace with a new one at no cost to you. Even if the supplier to the retailer has gone bust your contract is with the retailer. If you lived on an island and purchased the goods on the mainland and you arranged carriage of those goods to the island then the retailer is entitled to an expectation that you will return those goods to his premises in the event of a problem arising. Without even considering the "island" scenario. If you bought a three piece suite in Inverness and took it on your own transport to Ullapool, and felt you had a genuine complaint you would be expected to return it to the shop. A few island retailers have warehousing on the mainland to facilitate supply of goods for their businesses.
  13. Today
  14. Ophelia

    You've changed.
  15. Ophelia

    I find that hard to swallow.
  16. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Years ago I was quoted an outrageous delivery charge because I have a PA postcode. Nothing would change their mind so I ended up having it delivered to my in-laws in Penilee.
  17. Ophelia

    You've changed?
  18. Gary McKenzie

    Josh Todd is in the PDE today saying, "My head hasn't been in the greatest place since the (2nd) injury".
  19. Ophelia

    Stone cold sober Bud...... and I'm not blowing anyone or any town no matter how much you're offering !!
  20. Ophelia

    You starting something again! If us Brians want to cause trouble then we will either stop skimming the forum after a good swally... Or blow a few towns apart which can be slightly less destructive! [emoji12]
  21. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    DONT START !!!
  22. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    That's correct but not just for an Island. Our company occasionally gets irate punters shouting about consumer protection when they have bought our product via third parties but as we deal with trade customers the rules are indeed different . ( don't ask me how or why !) That said , surely if you have bought your appliance from a trade supplier to be used in the trade you must have some cover. The island thing sounds like a pile of crap, what about places like Campbeltown ? is that ok but a nearby Island like Bute isn't ?
  23. Injury Updates

    Puns like that ? It’ll be a taxi for you boy
  24. Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    Point 4 ; Dare you to say ‘For the BLACK and white stripes’ Falkirk 1-2 Saints
  25. Ferguslie Primary School UPDATED

    Enjoyed that wee clip. A time when immigration/ drugs / knife crime were not the norm. Britain was very much Britain Seems so recent, yet all too distant
  26. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    This is what you need. It's the law. Considering that Paisley is where consumer law started you would think we would be better informed. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1979/54 edited to add https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/contents
  27. Injury Updates

    I'm getting the Ferry tomorrow .
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