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  2. The last game of the season was at home to ICT.........we lost 0-1.
  3. Nathan Flanagan

    Strong looking and skillful. The time could be right for him, here's hoping he does well whenever he comes back.
  4. I know Inverness won 2-1 but did their result actually mean that much to us??? It's all a bit of a blur. There were two games to go and we were two points ahead of Dunfermline. Inverness winning meant the gap was four points so we were officially safe with the last weekend remaining.
  5. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Could have got like this
  6. Today
  7. Best Comeback Ever...................

    I thought the Motherwell game was last game of the season??? Are you sure Dunfermline still had to play Motherwell???
  8. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Too many sprouts at an early Christmas lunch?
  9. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    I thought the Referee had a more than decent game. 8/10
  10. Best Comeback Ever...................

    I know Inverness won 2-1 but did their result actually mean that much to us??? It's all a bit of a blur. It did. A Dunfermline win or draw would have left us still potentially bottom even with the win. Coupled with Motherwell beating us, it would've been impossible to catch either had we lost. Dunfermline losing meant that they had Motherwell on the last day and both were two points behind us, meaning that one could catch us but not both.
  11. Best Comeback Ever...................

    Coming back from 0-0 to win 4-0 against Celtic, very topical
  12. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Oh what a good point, Robbo would have been trying to arrange a Highland Uprising................. it wasn't a pen, however finally common sense and communication with the Refs
  13. Deep fried mince pies

    Dirty bastards
  14. Best Comeback Ever...................

    Did I forget to lift my socks from the bedroom floor again? Tell her "sorry".
  15. McShane assisted Reilly in assisting Smith.
  16. According to The Herald the reason for the change of mind by the ref and assistant was the admission by Ryan Williamson that Eck had not fouled him! Full marks to Williamson.
  17. Nathan Flanagan

    St Mirren look set to recall youngster Nathan Flanagan from his loan spell at East Fife once the transfer window opens in the new year. The 20-year-old winger has been a regular for the League One side this season, having featured 19 times and scoring once since making the temporary move to New Bayview in the summer. The loan is his second after previously starred for Annan Athletic in the second half of last season. Flanagan has continued to train with the Saints first team throughout his loan stint with Darren Young’s side, and has caught the eye of boss Jack Ross — who ruled that the 20-year-old couldn’t feature in the Scottish Cup for the Fifers. And the St Mirren manager confirmed he may look to curtail Flanagan’s stint in the Kingdom of Fife as he aims to bolster his wide options. Ross told the Paisley Daily Express: “We are still looking to have a final discussion with Darren Young at East Fife because we would always let him know first. “But we kind of protected ourselves and Nathan in the sense that we wouldn’t let him play in their Scottish Cup tie. “At Annan Athletic last year and at East Fife this season he has played very well and he is a player that could become an asset for us. “We don’t have an out-and-out wide player in our squad and it might be that it allows us to look at a couple of other players in our squad. “Nathan is at that stage where I believe he deserves his chance. “He has matured a lot and he has been doing really well in training because he still trains with us on a full-time basis.” A potential knock-on effect of Flanagan returning to Paisley earlier could be the future of fellow youngster Conor O’Keefe. The midfielder has been used sparingly this season and has to make do with featuring for Allan McManus’s under -20s side. But Ross reckons he needs to get first-team football under his belt in a bid to further his progress. He added: “Bringing Nathan back would allow us to look at Conor’s position in the squad. “I would quite like to put him out on loan and get him some first team experience as well. “We are trying to be sensible about our longer term picture for the club as well. “There is the short-term picture of winning games, but longer term we are trying to continue to bring good players through the squad. “Conor is at that stage of his career where he could be doing with playing first team games and that might happen in January and, if it does, then it can only serve to help his development.”
  18. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Lol ?? What’s that about ? That’s your opinion. Would I leave my car parked for a few hours and packed with Xmas pressies into the hours of darkness at Cuckoo bridge ? Wouldn’t be my first choice. Also , he did ask for recommendations for an indoor multi with CCTV . Don’t recall there being that at Tesco. I’m here now though , I’ll have a look around and see whether they have built one in the last few weeks.
  19. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Yep , but I gave what I consider to be accurate and hopefully helpful advice to a fellow Bud .
  20. Foodbank Collection

    Did not bring a bag of groceries to the game as I know many families struggle in Rothesay due to a lack of employment on the Island as such will be handing in stuff to the busy shop for the needy. Did I or anyone else write this to have a pat on the back ? Not at all if it helps others to think they might help now or in the future then the post had done it's job. Your views on food banks is well documented so you would be better ignoring such threads if all you can bring to a hungry table is negative nonsense.
  21. Best Comeback Ever...................

    I know Inverness won 2-1 but did their result actually mean that much to us??? It's all a bit of a blur.
  22. Best Comeback Ever...................

    Mines was against my significant other, getting a lecture for something that I had been asked to do and didn't do it. Only to remind her that I had been away with work the last few days and she must have been talking to someone else
  23. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    I don't really understand why people are complaining about the crowd. It seemed pretty decent to me considering the time of year. For most people this is a pretty busy weekend. People's partners, kids and grandkids are busy as well and it's not always possible to leave it all to someone else while you head off to the football. That's probably part of the reason for the early leavers too. Getting home 15 minutes earlier than usual can still salvage some brownie points!
  24. Yep, hopefully in the New Year we will see our attendances surge. I think a lot of people are still traumatised from their miserable afternoons at the stadium over the past 5 years. Once they see we are serious about the title challenge some of the lapsed supporters will come back.
  25. Best Comeback Ever...................

    my fav is against septic. 2 nil down came back and won 4.2. Scanlon scored the best goal I've ever seen at Love St or anywhere.
  26. Deep fried mince pies

    You have to applaud these chippies for finding such creative ways of getting free publicity.
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