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  2. £1,700 a week sounds not too bad. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea of the average weekly wage of our first team squad?
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  4. in Jack we trust , gavin reilly smart signing
  5. Gavin Reilly smart signing
  6. Aye, he's shull's pet hate. I think he must have shagged Betty.
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  8. Seriously... Innocent people are being murdered but you think a suggested means to protect innocents is hilarious? Seriously? GET THEM OFF THE STREETS!!
  9. This statement from Linfield Fc regarding the Daily Record is brilliant
  10. I'm thinking he refers to Davie Elliot. in the 90s I only saw about half a dozen games a season but I thought he always looked decent. i mind one new year game at Cappielow he played a blinder. Also set up our goal for Eddie Gallagher in a 1-1 draw.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if our away top is a black and red version of that
  12. The only player in the history of St Mirren Football Club , who didn't need his strip washed after a match.
  13. Trust you!!! Huh. I think you wurnae even on the Hebrides! sounds more like Ayrshire. Girvan-ish.... The Electric Brae...
  14. Salmond's passed away? oh dear. How sad. Never mind.
  15. Guys, you have got to read this thread on Rangers Media. It is titled "The Banter Years" and it is actual Rangers fans comments on the events of the last 5 years. It is, to the credit of the vast majority of them, very self deprecating and is comedy gold, I'm chuckling away thinking about it even as I type this. Here it is
  17. Mundell said much the same as me just yesterday. Today he was missing and not doing interviews. Politically naive in not realising the magic tree is an orange tree [emoji6]
  18. That's a shame. Slow ticket sales to blame?
  19. A repeat of the LC winning kit with alterations being either a V-neck or a button collar would, IMO, go down well.
  20. Skids gig at the Lagoon has been cancelled. Now playing a joint gig with Big Country at the Town Hall on Nov 17th
  21. I'm hoping Joma come up trumps this week with some spanking marketing images and that when we all see the new kit in the flesh we'll be happy buddies! Been a pretty decent day of sales on the e-store, orders rolling in consistently all day so hopefully better marketing stuff will see that continue. I actually feel a bit guilty about moaning so much about the delay in seeing the kit. Im definitely part responsible for the club rushing that dreadful shot of the kits out on Friday when there was really no need. Going forward I'd really like to see us as a club re-invent the way we do these things. There's so many ways we could improve the experience for the supporters. We should be planning for next seasons kits as soon as we can, and get it absolutely nailed on in terms of when we launch and how we launch.
  22. This Friday... EK... Acoustic gig. Hunter Cafe... Doors 7pm. Only Scottish date... Rob Richings Only £7.50 Pm me for details.
  23. It's a perfectly decent traditional Dunfermline Strip. Last Season's St Mirren Kit was a monstrosity and hideous Whoever picked that should hang their heads in shame. ST MIRREN PLAYING IN AN AYR UNITED TRIBUTE STRIP - OUTRAGEOUS
  24. that's fecking hidious
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