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  2. They actually have a Scottish offshoot, the SDL. These are guys who wish to 'defend' Scotland but at the same time hate it and want it subsumed into Greater England.
  3. Aye and we are man or woman enough to take the consequences as well. Not sure what your point is.
  4. You want to know who else is 18? Kyle Magennis. You wont find him posting stuff like that. At 18 he is not a child.
  5. Yesterday
  6. FFS, every one of us would have said or done something at age 18 that we've since regretted. In this day and age, unlike 10-20-30-whatever years ago, everything now is there for all the world to see through social media. I'm not condoning his tweet but we have to cut the boy some slack now that he's a St. Mirren player and hope TF, GS and JR offer some sage advice to prevent any repeat.
  7. Aye that was one of Miss Saint's little gems I think.
  8. Had the exact same morning thoughts as me i'd expect. Someone posted earlier that "you can't fight hate with hate" very profound statement that, and worth keeping at the front of the mind.
  9. I agree Buddiecat. I actually said a few things this morning that I'm already not proud of. Only difference is that being an auld fud I pretty much only said them to myself and didn't broadcast them on social media. The comment about the fascist guy though does suggest a worrying level of knowledge. I've never heard of the guy, but then I know eff all about the EDL.
  10. Easy to get annoyed and come out with crap knee-jerk comments when something like the Manchester atrocity happens. In saying that the link to Robinson doesn't look too healthy, needs a watchful eye as well as a good talking to. Very poor start to his sainthood though. Leave it to the club to sort.
  11. I'll just be delighted if we get to the 31st August and he's still a St. Mirren player! I'd love him to extend but can't see it unfortunately. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. It got better. The next film I saw a few weeks later was Back to the Future. :-) Though the overall film aside, I remember in a view to a kill, being on the edge of my seat with the scenes on the bridge at the end!
  13. Not sure what the situation is with Lewis Morgan, but I'd like to see him get a new contract to take him beyond the next 12 months.
  14. that's the next £2 pot sorted
  15. Nibali, Moviestar & Katusha showing their usual standards of sportsmanship
  16. All im saying is, its deleted from his account so you guys are saying, it was one silly small mistake the young boy put up, ive been on my wives twitter through his and theres nothing else in the slightest that shouldnt be there in my opinion, now give the lad a chance and dont let this take over your opinion. Now lets see what he can do for us hopefully another young star to come through under jr
  17. I'd like to think when we sign anyone, we remind them that they are now a representative of our club and should consider that anytime they post anything on social media. Especially when your brother has been sacked for basically the same thing though. What a complete idiot.
  18. I just felt that that most post about this were very very harsh and blown out of proportion thats all, i dont have twitter personally but going with the original post about the tweet it generally does look worded wrongly, seems to say the guy tommy roberston has been warning us for years not that he supports the EDL jesus christ, let the boy talk on the pitch dont let one daft view on twitter create your opinion on him before he's kicked a ball for us he's 18
  19. Robinson is a cancer, and anyone espousing his bigoted, hate-fueled bile deserves to called out. If this lad hopes to have a decent future in the game, and in life in general, I'd suggest we are doing him a favour by pointing out the very grave error of his ways on this one.
  20. Have I missed something?
  21. Is he not a bit wee? (joking) Great news.
  22. I for one won't judge on him his brother's actions/views (bit like the view all muslims are terrorists) his views todays didn't go down well, I'm assuming it's been dealt with. Saints don't do extremist views on anything we live in shadow of the sectarian divide up the road.....we hate it....we just worry about the fitba...except we don't now so much cos we have Jack Ross. I can only imagine you are a pal of Evan's and fair enuff you sticking up for him. ye cannae fight hate with hate.
  23. No Sent you a PM explaining bro
  24. McLean and Mallan were both extremely technically gifted players, with the eye for a pass, superb close control and great finishing. John McGinn didn't have the finishing they had but had strength to go with the technique. Kyle Magennis has everything - pace, technique, strength, can put in a tackle, a good shot, close control - a complete midfielder. What a player he's going to be
  25. Every new signing gets a fair go. New signings don't generally post shite on Twitter before the ink has dried on their contract though.
  26. Haha Lol im sure the lad has never heard about this forum never mind posting on it, i infact know an ex school teacher of his very well and got in touch with him after reading this discussion all day, give him benefit of the doubt.
  27. Well I can say for certain that this Jersey Buddie (and I think I can speak for Jimmy H too) will be attending many more games next season than we did this. Shame Easyjet don't do gold cards! I moved to Jersey 31 years ago. My last game before I left was a 4-1 Scottish Cup defeat at Tynecastle the weekend before. When I came here I vowed that I would make it to at least 6 games a season. I kept this up for about 15 years until about 2001 when I started following Scotland to away games. Something had to give and my visits to watch the Buds dropped to one or two games a season. After the Levein debacle in Prague I vowed that my Scotland away days were over, but to be honest it's been a pretty lean time for being a Buds fan as well (league cup aside of course!) and my visits still didn't increase from the 1 or 2 a season and even then, more through duty than desire. In all of those 31 years, this season was shaping up to be the first that I hadn't attended a single game. Then Jimmy H and I came up for the Irn Bru cup final. Not only did we have a ball but even though we didn't win I was so impressed by the team and even more so the fans. It was the best atmosphere I had been part of as a St. Mirren fan since 1987. For me it was even better than 2013. After that day there was no way I was letting the season end without attending another game. I could think of no better game than the last game against Hibs and what a day it was. I'm now 51 years old and thought I had finally turned into one of those cynical, bitter auld feckers I detested so much when I was a rosy cheeked optimistic teenager. Thank you to JR and the team for restoring my passion and for ensuring that I will be at the very least reinstating my old vow from when I left all those years ago.
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