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  1. Mr Optimistic

    Latest Scores

    As pointless threads go this must be the daddy of them all. Then you look at the 3 forum members responsible for 90% of the posts and it all makes sense!!!
  2. Mr Optimistic

    Jamie McGnoigle

    Psychologists could hold a week long convention on this forum One or two members could be discussed for several days!!
  3. Mr Optimistic

    Jamie McGnoigle

    I could have told you you'd get an emoji as a response because he really can't answer you or justify it. It's actually nearly 31000 posts and from someone who doesn't even go to games. I have had him on ignore now for a long time. The forum is (slightly) better without having to see him shit all over almost every thread. But I do feel sorry for him. I really hope he takes your advice but he won't. Sad doesn't even begin to describe it. It's certainly not normal.
  4. Mr Optimistic

    Scotland Football Club

    Another one on ignore. Dick!!!!
  5. Mr Optimistic

    Scotland Football Club

    So who do you have playing on the right side of a back three then smartarse?
  6. Mr Optimistic

    Scotland Football Club

    Perhaps but could also have cost us 2 goals (and would have against better team) with 2 slack passes. But as usual you get 100% drive and commitment as he wins tackles all over the park Still learning at this level but I have no doubt will improve by cutting out the errors.
  7. Mr Optimistic

    Scotland Football Club

    Hope you are feeling as big a fud as this post makes you look! By all means question our team selection, our technical ability, our lack of goals or goalscorers or suggest that we are not very good but to suggest any of the starting 11 don't give a f*ck or are not interested is just..... WRONG. I certainly did not see any evidence of that! Go on name names and make yourself look an even bigger fud!!!!
  8. Mr Optimistic

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Pity that they didn't sense Stubbs wasn't up to the job in the first place!
  9. Mr Optimistic

    Serena Williams .

    I'm curious why you made a point of saying female player and not tennis player? And whether she is a lady (whatever that means in your world) is irrelevant. She's a world class elite athlete who did not like being effectively called a cheat and let her emotions get the better of her. It happens in sport, especially at the level she plays. But the fact she is a woman is irrelevant. Sexist- Judging someone by their gender. Now tell me your post wasn't sexist!
  10. Mr Optimistic

    Serena Williams .

    So now a bad loser is not a lady? You now realise your earlier post was sexist so probably better you move on.
  11. Mr Optimistic

    Serena Williams .

    So we are now comparing one outburst to a serial drugs cheat and suggesting her standing as probably the best woman tennis player ever is going to be defined by one outburst on a tennis court. We live in a era where everyone seems so easily offended, appalled and are far too judgemental. Oh and I think the 'poor lass' (her name is Naomi Osaka by the way) might find some comfort in the $3.8 million prize!!!
  12. Mr Optimistic

    Serena Williams .

    I'm sure she will be bothered about a nonentity on a St Mirren forum finding it difficult to call her a lady. Emotion is a big part of any world class sportsman or woman. She might be the most famous sportswoman in the world right now and is just getting back from almost losing her life in childbirth. She has dominated a sport for 20 years and has been a fantastic role model, particularly to women. So get off your usual high horse and cut her some slack. You make a point of saying she's a female player. Good spot!! Am i sensing a bit of sexism.? Oh she's a woman and shouldn't behave like that? Have you watched men's tennis and witnessed some of their antics? And would a male player have been docked a game in the same circumstances? I think not.
  13. Mr Optimistic

    Welcome Oran Kearney

  14. Mr Optimistic

    Scotland Football Club

    Amateur hour... or hour and a half!! Schoolboy mistakes against maybe the best team in the world equals yet another embarrassment for the Scottish team!!
  15. Mr Optimistic

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    FFS!!! He will be a better manager than you are at punctuation!! One thing is for sure he will not be worse than Stubbs. Unfortunately he's been left with very little to work with. If he keeps us up it'll be a better achievement than Ross winning the league!