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  1. As usual with these stories no mention of the victims nor the lives and families destroyed by him and the organised crime he was involved in. But hey he's doing fine, so yipee.
  2. Very little chance of keeping him. Enjoy him while you can,
  3. You conveniently don't quote him in full. What he actually said was 'There are rumours about Jim Gillespie wanting a artificial pitch at SMP so his kids could run about the stadium.' It's so ridiculous, so absurd I thought it needed to be challenged. After todays COVID fiasco maybe the notion that we are a professional football club needs challenged as well?
  4. Anyone who reads the full 15 page decision and doesn't think we deserve what we got has tunnel vision. If that is us 'robustly defending our position' then we are a complete embarrassment. Really got to ask who is in charge these days and where does the buck stop? Whoever it is, their job I would suggest is hanging by a thread. We look, not for the first time, like a bunch of amateurs.
  5. Go away ya boring clown. I explained to you once. Thats enough. When the argument is well and truly lost resort to abuse. Have a good day 👍
  6. But you are happy to spread a RUMOUR that the CEO of Kibble wants an artificial pitch at the ground so his kids can run around the stadium? Have you any idea how utterly ridiculous you sound?
  7. So what is it Kibble have done wrong? Your credibility really goes down the pan with your stupid and immature comment about the artificial pitch!!
  8. Sorry for having an opinion that doesn't conform to yours. I'll consult you before I post in the future....
  9. That second half was just not acceptable. Horrific performance. For anyone who didn't see it and therefore has no idea just how bad we were, think of the performances under Stubbs. It was worse than that!!!
  10. Promo code isn't valid or expired it says. Sorry...wrong thread obviously. I have no idea how I managed that!!!🤣
  11. Seriously!!!! Not a SINGLE word in our defence from the club and now this. You can bury your head in the sand if you want but lets be brutally honest. It's not looking good!
  12. Clearly done to mitigate what is more and more looking like a complete f**k up!! Beginning to look as guilty as a pup sitting next to a pile of poo!!!!
  13. First half was as bad as anything we saw under Stubbs. Absolutely honking!!! Only got in the game when they tired, but they had several good chances to make it 3-1 and didn't take them.
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