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  2. John McGinn

    Hopefully the first thing Jack Ross does at his new English club is buy John McGinn for £3 million or more.
  3. I also have a dilemma in deciding if this is the correct thread to post this in. But Kenny McIntyre on the BBC website is reporting that St Mirren have offered Jack (another) improved offer to encourage him to stay - until the end of this week?
  4. To those wishing Jack would bugger off; 1) How many clubs should he be allowed to talk to every 12 months? 2) Which manager is out there who is going to commit to a year at St Mirren when offers from the English Championship are a real possibility? 3) Why are we not treating players the same way? It was evident we were never going to have Morgan and Mallan long term, should we have just booted them out too? 4) How do you suggest Jack "hurries" his decision? Is he supposed to stand on Marcus Evans' doorstep and refuse to leave until he has an answer? Should we all email Ipswich Town FC/any other potential clubs and say "Look, get a move on ffs, we have a squad to build!" 5) The Scottish season finished on Sunday and the English season is still ongoing. Early preparation is nice but it's not like we start the season in two week's time. 6) If managers were forced to commit to a year at their clubs then we would never have landed Jack to begin with, and we would have been enjoying trips to Arbroath and East Fife this season. 7) If the BOD force Jack to commit to a year, when Jack does leave, who in their right mind is going to want to work alongside a board who want to deny you future opportunities? 8) Just get a grip. Please. The "bugger off crew" are acting like Jack has gone to the media and said "I f**king hate that St Mirren bunch, sooner I'm out of here the better! Mon the Ton!" At least he isn't declaring his love for other clubs every week like Alex Rae.
  5. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    The abusers list is long. Poz. Drew, Bazil85, DougJamie and many more. All condoned by Div.
  6. "Improved" could well come with the caveats many on here have been looking for, ie some sort of loyalty clause. As always the devil will be in the detail but it's the only way we could convey some sort of deal.
  7. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    Fans are entitled to criticise the Club if it's deserved .
  8. Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    And some get binned for nothing, while you throw abuse at Ricky all over the Forum. Mods are poor.
  9. Drew, I think brought this to the forum in another thread. The club have offered Jack Ross improved terns to stay. Well done the board. Over to you Jack https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/44203044?__twitter_impression=true
  10. If it is proportionate, and a reasonable reflection of what he has achieved, fine. If, however, we are trying to buy some loyalty and commitment, that is naive and continues a trend that is unlikely to be sustainable in the longer term. Hence why I said I am ambivalent. We'll certainly not be able to compete financially with the likes of Ipswich, so it will only be a minor inducement for him to stay. A sweetener, perhaps.
  11. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    The irony of both you and Basil going al the way into the Sin Bin to abuse posters wont be lost on everyone.
  12. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    Apparently the second interview at Ipswich didn't land as hoped... https://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.ytimg.com%2Fvi%2FaObZJN9zDtA%2Fmaxresdefault.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DaObZJN9zDtA&docid=7fQFMIT9Z2kKUM&tbnid=7fillD7i1vihdM%3A&vet=1&w=1280&h=720&hl=en-gb&source=sh%2Fx%2Fim
  13. It's all that the club can do........I don't like it but Support it. Well done the board.
  14. It’s maybe my age Ricky, but they remind me of a poor man’s Motherwell from the 70’s. The team that had McVey, Tam Forsyth etc. It got results as well but was brutal to watch.
  15. Why ? If a player has a great season he gets an improved deal, why shouldn't Jack..................... if we can afford that is ................... Guy has made us a top 12 club and with that comes many spoils
  16. Cambie. I went to see Livvy play a few times as well as in the games we played against them. They mix up their tactics and style of play more than most give them credit for. I enjoyed their games. Often a bit on the edge of your seat stuff, but I enjoyed them. 100 per cent competitive at all times but ultimately second best to Saints.
  17. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    Well u must have bitten at some point if your a Sinner- or maybe it just constant troll after troll that got you there................. Few others in there I don't get, but u I do I promise to be respectful to all Saints followers views, but you don't qualify on that score, you need to support Saints..... Enjoy prison
  18. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    See told yous.
  19. We now have umpteen threads full of teeth gnashers urging JR to make a decision pronto. He can't make a decision and their is no decision to make. As far as anyone on here knows he has not been offered another job so no decision to make. JR is the manager of SMFC and that will not change unless he is offered another job and he accepts that offer. Everyone needs to calm down and stop fretting. It's the start of the close season, JR and the players are on holiday and the transfer window is firmly shut. In other words calm the f**k down. Oh and please no more threads ffs, mods could do something about this it really is past a joke.
  20. JR offered improved terms to stay: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/44203044?__twitter_impression=true Have to say, I'm a bit ambivalent about this.
  21. WhyDoWeBother has yet to start a thread, as far as I know. I look forward to him doing so and joining in the discussion.
  22. Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    We can look at things anyway we want , or we can simply troll like you do every post..... So who are these supporters that think Saints bought trophy. We spent far less than United did? Does that mean Man City, Celtic , Barca, PSG and Bayern also bought the Trophy? U see that's the way your mind works....... Ross nearly relegated us- that's good even for you Mate people like me think ur a totally fanny- but hey that's just my opinion or may a few others share it . I would think the latter...................
  23. As long as Hopkin doesn’t end up in Paisley. Watching St Mirren over the years has had its ups and downs, but I couldn’t stomach watching a team that plays like Livingston. That is a sure way to drive fans away from the game.
  24. Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Quite a man with words WDWB Repeat... The top thread starter and posts by number is not moi
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