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  3. The Great Politics Thread

    Classic Dickson. Gets proved that he lies, disappears for a few days and thinks folk will forget. Wonder if he's now willing to admit the truth regarding the vote on the rape clause now? I'm going to guess he'll falsely claim he has me on ignore again then stupidly forget and quote me. Poor deluded fool is to be pitied. I only hope he doesn't collapse again with the strain of his lie telling.
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  5. The Great Politics Thread

    It's hardly an abuse of statistics. The title clearly shows what the statistics are measuring. It is the difference between percentage share of the vote in 2015 to the latest General Election in 2017. The SNP's support has clearly been in decline, and the Conservative Party have been the ones who have benefited. We know this is also true when we look at the seats won in Scotland where the Nationalists lost a massive 21 of the 56 seats they previously held.
  6. The Great Politics Thread

    There is almost nothing I despise more than abuse of statistics like this.
  7. The Great Politics Thread

    Good question. The SNP has most Scottish MP's, at least until the next General Election. Now you tell me which party has the most MP's across the whole of the UK? You know, the UK that the vast majority of Scots wanted to stay in. As for question 2 - they are doing better than any other UK party, fairly obviously.
  8. QoS Game

    First half we never looked uncomfortable but, after the second goal I felt we allowed QotS too much park. We retreated to our own last third but still looked dangerous on the break. Lewis Morgan is, as I expected, a revelation, as will McGennis and O'Keafe. Reilly did a fantastic job of harassing. McGinn did a good job of breaking things up. Both Smiths did well. Special mention to Baird who has suffered from a lot of flack. Did all the simple things well and worked with his new team mate. We will never dominate for the whole game and though I felt we gave too much space for the latter stages of the second half but, all in all, a great win and the fortress remains intact.
  9. Lewis Morgan

    Who would you drop to get him in the team?
  10. QoS Game

    Yep Mc Ginn was superb today . The man of the match by a million miles. But just as dunfermline last week didn't let him look up and make a pass , queens let him get his head up and dicate the play. Oh and the boy Morgan was'ny bad either. Enjoy him while we can .
  11. Jack Baird - 1 yr extension

    No, Lewis Morgan was deservedly MoM but Jack had a very assured game in defence - didn't put a foot (or head) wrong all day. Excellent performance from the young man.
  12. QoS Game

    Cracking result if not performance in second half. McGinn excellent, made up for last week. Morgan, enough said, he is ok I suppose...... Bad acting nomination award goes to Cammy Smith in the category of 'You are about to be subbed off so bugger off to the other side of the pitch and when your number is shown, pretend not to see it for as long as possible and then really take your time.' An Oscar winning performance. All in all, very well done by all us Saints today. Could have been a very different story.
  13. QoS Game

    Were you at the same game as me ?
  14. QoS Game

    As per usual I am a goal out each time, and sadly only got 2 of the 4 scorers right but there were a number of really good performances without looking like a seriously brilliant team performance.. Well impressed though by both Smiths, McGinn, Baird, Morgan and Samson, others were good - Reilly, Stelios, Todd for a while and McCart, Mc Shane worked hard and the subs played their part in keeping things going ... Thought we punted long balls a lot, but suspect it was the right thing to do, because of the weather and safety first with the defensive changes. JR = work to do but all in all a really decent day in the office - make sure of 3 points at Brechin and we could very well be back on top!!!!
  15. *BUMP* My MotM today. Very assured, and commanding throughout. Well done Jack!
  16. The Great Politics Thread

    I wonder what bits of the personal shit were inaccurate? All seemed pretty spot on to me. Most of it came from information provided previously by the numbnutted one himself. Maybe he thinks that he was hiding long enough for everyone to forget?
  17. QoS Game

    Nah, I watched some good football on display this afternoon. Much, much better than some of the turgid shite we witnessed in the latter SPL years. Open games with a few goals beat cagey, feart to concede shitfests every time.
  18. QoS Game

    Agree on all accounts though would cut McCart some slack. Just arrived yesterday. ETA - arrived on Friday. Bloody daft timing for a fitba game!
  19. QoS Game

    Honestly, I felt both sides were scrappy, messy and very wasteful with the ball. This kind of match will get the game stopped. The talent on display was very welcome, but it is no compliment to call one team better than the other or one player as being better than the rest. I'm happy we won, but this league is brutal
  20. QoS Game

    Morgan will get most of the plaudits for scoring 2 goals but Liam Smith got assists for the first two. Mcginn was outstanding and bossed the game looking as if he wanted to make up for last week and had a physicality today that left Rankin and a few others in a heap. Baird had probably one of his best games for us and won pretty much everything in the air and kept things simple and cleared his lines when he had to. Has the aggression that McCart looks to lack.
  21. Jamie McCart

    Behave yourself Shull. The guy is an attention seeking Troll
  22. Least the David Keswick is still there, ironically Loreburn Hall is being used as a temporary facility for what should have been at DG One. And the swimming pool is where my office now is...
  23. Jamie McCart

    Ffs shull! It's bad enough being an attention seeking, post building troll, but to piggy back on another...
  24. QoS Game

    Didn't play great , won 3-1 [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  25. QoS Game

    Polishing the wrong foot ?
  26. I sat in meetings with the council as we fought to retain the old pool at Greensands and the facilities at Loreburn & David keswick Stu. The council at that time were intent on spunking millions on a centre with inherent flaws from day one and to f**k with everywhere else. The wankers who took those decisions should be doing time.
  27. QoS Game

    I agree TC. We were by far the better team. The movement before the second goal was superb
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