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  1. And the feel-good factor returns....!
  2. Would love to see this boy stay. Made a huge difference to us up front in the 2nd half of the season. His lack of goals will probably have kept him below the radar of other clubs. Could work in our favour. The goals will come, remember Mehmet!!??
  3. Stevie Mallans YouTube goals and skills compilation must be up there with Ibrahimović and Bergkamps now. Is it another year he has on his contract???
  4. Bookies still offering 6/1 on a Raith win. Ill have some of that.
  5. Big Red Wall at turnstiles on Love Street begging for a mural before its demolished. #ThisLove
  6. It was open from 11am - 1pm yesterday. I walked up and paid at the window, not sure if that's what a 'jemmy job' is.
  7. Picked up my tickets today. There were under 10 tickets for the Davie Cooper stand left and a pile of tickets for the main stand, about 200 I'd say.