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  1. I think Baird is very unlucky not to be in the team - one of our most improved players second half of last season
  2. Very sad - watched the programme with him in it. RIP
  3. Here's hoping. You have to be the most negative, depressing poster on the whole f**kin internet!
  4. Their no17 is a dirty bastard
  5. Both goals definitely avoidable
  6. Come back Billy - please!
  7. Aye sounds about right
  8. Was some kind of bmw - I know hee haw about cars
  9. Was down the ticket office this morning - managed to get my season tickets changed from w2 to w3 and picked up tickets for tomorrow nights game. Was quite busy - had to wait about 20 minutes. Btw - gs's car is a f**kin belter!
  10. Tommy Turner stays above a pub in Johnstone
  11. I bought two new season tickets last week - only sections available with two seats together were w1 and w2, if I wanted to avoid the front row. Obviously a lot of folk have still to renew their tickets but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't unless their financial circumstances have changed?
  12. 2 West stand season tickets bought today. First time in years I've had one.