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  1. Anybuddie

    Alan's first signings

    Not much mention of who we want Stubbsy to sign, what do we need, probs 2 for each position so need a good few in, a lot of players left at the end of the season and a couple in. Do we need to wait and exploit the loan market, Stubbs wants players in but how much does he have to spend.
  2. Anybuddie

    Paul McGinn

    Had hoped we’d get Liam Smith back but this has probably put paid to that. Heard that we had enquiries and Hearts were looking for a fee. McGinn has good experience and hopefully Jack and James will develop him further.
  3. Anybuddie

    Harry Davies

    Apparently his wife struggled to settle with their young family and moved back down south.
  4. Exactly where I am on this one, couldn’t watch that eye bleeding style every week
  5. Alexander, Liam, Ryan Williamson, Halkett, , O’Ware, Morgy, McGinn, Cammy, Vigurs, Gav, Dobbie
  6. Anybuddie

    Memories from Season 2017/2018

    The come back at QOTS, Stelios and the bounty at Morton and the noise when Liam Smith scored the second v pars z
  7. Anybuddie

    Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    Been a pleasure to watch this young man in a saints jersey this season. Spoke to him after the game and genuinely seems to have loved his time here. An underrated player who’s played a massive part in the success of the team. Thanks Liam hope to see you back next season.
  8. Morgan and Cammy Smith was tempted to go for Liam Smith for ypoty as felt he had a really good steady season but Cammy has been excellent
  9. Anybuddie

    Are we good enough for the SPL

    Think as it stands we would be competitive within the bottom six and could survive which is surely the aim for the first season. We will change our style of play to adapt to the challenges but a few additions will be required in certain areas.
  10. Anybuddie

    MYLES HYPOLYTE - Welcome

    Hopefully get the title wrapped up tomorrow and we may see him feature a bit more in the remaining games
  11. Anybuddie

    Wake up call

    Can’t believe the over reaction from some fans on Facebook and on here, bad day at the office, we all have them. No need for wholesale changes. 1 defeat in the last 10 is the form of champions. Hopefully a positive start on Sat and settle into a good performance and all will be well!
  12. Dreading tomorrow, hoping we get some good news after training and that is that Jack is going nowhere before he secures promotion. Doing a great job and still a bit left to do. Please finish it before going anywhere else.
  13. Liam Smith, Cammy Smith, McGinn, Baird, Morgan, Reilly all in contention, next few months could see Magennis, Sammy, Davis all push too. So many hero’s
  14. Anybuddie

    Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    On social media this morning that’s Hearts have recalled a lot of their loanees, thankfully Liam isn’t one of them!
  15. Anybuddie

    January 2018 Transfer Window

    Think Reilly is in a good place just now and not sure he’d want to jeopardise that with a move to a lower prem team. If he continues his current form to the end of the season he will have more options but hopefully he stays put !!