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  1. The 2017/18 Champions League Thread

    źzzzzzx..... [emoji2]
  2. The 2017/18 Champions League Thread

    What, the guy who chucked it before? [emoji3] [emoji16]
  3. The 2017/18 Champions League Thread

    Oh dear, never mind. At least Brown and Armstrong made miraculous recoveries to play, instead of being on Scotland duties last week......
  4. Injury Updates

    Political correctness gone mad. Get over it and get your boots on big man. We pay your wages and need you out there. Need to get bank of Mac paying out again.
  5. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Don;t think tonight that is really the point.....
  6. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Expect Strachan resignation in the morning.
  7. St Mirren v Raith Rovers . Challenge Cup Rd 3

    Clearly not your Suspisious Mond Elvis.
  8. Latvia Under 21's v Scotland. Under 21's

    Yeah those few comments putting a few quid on his transfer fee.
  9. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Cracking video. Not sure I have ever seen such mass celebration before. It was incredible.
  10. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Get Bannon to feck. McGinn needed.
  11. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    I'm going. Glad even Strachan realises its a must win cup final for us. Get intae them! Hope McGinn starts.
  12. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Dumbarton: How many Saints supporters will be travelling? SMFC: Erm... about 300 ish. Dumbarton: But you recently took 1,500 away fans to Dunfermline? SMFC: Aye, but they were not charging 22 quid a head for what is effectively a junior stadium. Hard lines.
  13. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    Thought it was a great game for a neutral. Brechin did very well.
  14. St Mirren V Brechin City 30th September

    No disrespect to Brechin but lets just go out and rip into them. Convincing home win........
  15. QoS Game

    Cracking result if not performance in second half. McGinn excellent, made up for last week. Morgan, enough said, he is ok I suppose...... Bad acting nomination award goes to Cammy Smith in the category of 'You are about to be subbed off so bugger off to the other side of the pitch and when your number is shown, pretend not to see it for as long as possible and then really take your time.' An Oscar winning performance. All in all, very well done by all us Saints today. Could have been a very different story.
  16. QoS Game

    Looking at that table its suddenly a big game tomorrow. Win and we are right up there, draw or lose and we stay in the pack. Cant see many fans travelling from Dumfries, why should they when can watch for free on TV. Livi are doing well, only been beaten once by us. Go for 2-1 Saints..... PS Ha ha Falkirk.
  17. Disgrace

    Dunfermline can ram it. No mention of catering issues and just hollow words treating fans like mugs again.
  18. Disgrace

    There was a clash of strips. Far too close for any planning.
  19. Disgrace

    Entry and catering was a shambles. They deserve not to benefit from our hard earned cash again.
  20. The way to play against St Mirren just now: Keep Morgan quiet Play high balls over our central defence Dungfermiine did it very well today.
  21. Excited about this one. Win and we must be favourites to go on and win the league. Go for a tight 1 - 2. Mon the Saints!
  22. Don't care about the ref, just riding high on the optimism of another Saints home win on the back of some good recent form. So. as a seasoned supporter this will be Saints 0 Inverness 1 Hope I'm wrong......
  23. New Manager For Scotland Football Club Needed

    Who cares, still in our own hands as it stands.......