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  1. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/58727/Rangers_vs_St_Mirren.html
  2. Love Broadfoot but he will be a bad signing if he is always injured and never plays
  3. Listed on hesgoal for those that don't pay subscription TV
  4. Can we get something from this one? Probably not. As Taverner is not playing would fire Junior at their new fullback and see what happens. Nothing to lose apart from goal difference. Go on Saints shock us.
  5. gasp, some people who have parked there for over ten years may not be able to park there anymore. Can't possibly happen...
  6. Would be very good for away fans who are poorly catered for. As a club lets take more money off them, creating a new 'revenue stream'
  7. One thing that is never mentioned is our excellent away support. Fed up hearing 'we weren't told there would be this many away fans" when turning up at Killie, Hamilton, recently at St Johnstone and famously at Dunfermilne a couple of years back. Not enough space for us in stadiums with loads of capacity, problems getting in, running out of catering, etc. People at the club need to talk us up more, think we are undersold. A wee bit of success and we have one of the best away supports in Scotland. COYS.
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