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  1. Very harsh on Jack, hoped he would do well there. No doubt come back to haunt us in future somewhere else. Lots of potential for jobs with top six clubs in Scotland.
  2. Why Flynn? After today he needs benched along with Durmas, both rotten.
  3. Everything very flat today there. Fans getting zero encouragement from a very lacklustre team. Forwards awful again with M'Well much the better side. Next St J game at home is massive.
  4. Great Aberdeen Monsoon victory seems like a long time ago already. Really could do with a draw at least in what is always an enjoyable ground to visit. Will travel in hope as always.
  5. A point against Hearts is never a bad result. Sadly for us last weeks horror show against Hamilton and getting nothing from Livvy or Ross C hurt us badly. Need to do something urgently up front, the new guys just don't look up to the task. Not going to be easy.
  6. Big morale booting win for Hearts before playing us. They have Aberdeen in cup during week so hopefully a kicking match.
  7. Zero points tomorrow and we are in crisis, again. Oh for mid table mediocrity. Sad but true.
  8. Just watched on Alba. Looked really, really windy. Both our strikers rank rotten sadly. Magennis very good and Hladkey as usual. Hope we bring McGinn and Mullin back next week as it is fast becoming a must win game. Zero points from Livvy and Ross C make zero points from Hamliton at home unthinkable. Jim Goodwin never off the radio and TV just now, maybe just needs to concentrate more on getting points.
  9. We love playing in the rain, see Aberdeen monsoon win. Saints victory....
  10. Some counter attack by Belgium, Goodwin take note [emoji3526]
  11. Keep us up this year Kirk and like Killie finish third next year. Job done. Welcome back.
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