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  1. Pheeew. Relief is immense. Fans were superb once again.
  2. Trying to watch in USA. Sitting in great sports bar but no feckin BT. Any good links appreciated. Mon the Saints!!
  3. Feeling quietly confident about this one. This is bad....
  4. Tony Andreu is the danger tomorrow. He is a class act.
  5. Often thought this. Pitch is so open would prefer if we could use multiball. Not sure if allowed in our league but would suit us. Edit to add how often the ball is hoofed over our low stands. If everyball boy had a ball, no problem.
  6. Hope I'm wrong but can see this being a draw. Hamilton will just come to spoil the game, something they are very good at. Horrible team, stadium and club.
  7. Goal came from a long throw. We should use this tactic more often as normal throw ins and set pieces in general are very poor.
  8. Amazed nobody has mentioned Lyons today. Thought he was rank rotten from start to finish and amazed he stayed on for full 90 mins. Needed subbed off and should be dropped for Hamilton game. Missed Dryer too. Fans great as ever, saw 1,861 of us shown on board, superb away support.
  9. Sun is shining. Definite win for us today.
  10. Bugger, weather wet. We only win when the sun shines.
  11. Superb day out at the football yesterday. Well done all us Buddies.
  12. Hope Erahon up to it. Really like him but has been weak link at left back.
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