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  1. So we have just sold our much missed captain. Morale bound to be high for tonight.
  2. Hard times for fans recently, really had very little to cheer about. Can it improve tonight? Probably not.
  3. Goodwin on radio says he 'still 'believes in squad" Sorry Jim think you might be on your own there
  4. There will be plenty of wet pants in Paisley tonight. Goodwin in trouble.
  5. Why aren't we attacking Waters? Everybody else did when he played for us.
  6. Poor design this graphic, can never read the substitutes properly. Still don't think Goodwin knows his best team. Not confident.
  7. Too many of our players are just not good enough sadly. Going to be a long and difficult season.
  8. Big game today. Think both teams might settle for a point so go 0-0
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