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  1. Yep agreed - totally sensible and reasonable position for them to take. It just doesn't match with immediate selfish agenda
  2. Yes - sign me up! I guess we will be in the minority though... I actually thought there was a good chance that this would happen due to the significance of the match. As it hasn't I can only assume that Alba have already assigned all their fixture allocation.
  3. Got a prior engagement which cannot be swerved before this of all games [emoji20]. Silly question but is there any rule about late arrival? Is there any time after which you are not allowed to enter the ground? We might be 20 to 30 mins late.
  4. Was hoping to be off the bottom of the table tonight but we are now between one and five points off the four teams above us. We play three of the four of those teams at home in the last quarter We just need to keep the faith and stay patient. We are picking up the results we need now - just need to get a wee bit of a break elsewhere to speed the great escape up!
  5. Penalty to saints
  6. 1-0 saints [emoji5] Mallan
  7. Can't make game unfortunately shull - so your epic fare will have to come from elsewhere. I have managed to spray most of the winnings on all the crazy ht\ft bets going. I'm neither confirming nor denying whether or not 'FS Bet' is one of the said above bets for legal reasons...
  8. Sure thats no problem. Knowing my form I wouldn't be planning any long foreign holidays based on the proceeds
  9. Nice prompt FS. Thanks Logged in to my Paddy Power account for the first time since the Celtic game and was having a chortle at the £5 bet I had on Saints win and then noticed all the wee £1 extra bets I had shoved on on impulse when I was in the process of losing all grasp on reality. Amongst all the First Scorer nonsense I realised I had a Handicap Draw bet and St Mirren leading at half time bet, both of which I had forgotten about. A nice wee unexpected £25 profit for me. Now to re-invest in another Saints win
  10. Perhaps this needs its own thread - it'd make it easier to keep track :-)
  11. At the risk of getting carried away (again): Not only is avoiding immediate relegation almost back in our own hands (and likely to be soon - I'd forgotten Ayr's pesky game in hand) - if we can get a cheeky win at QoS and United get back to winning ways against Raith on Saturday - the latter certainly being doable... then, by Saturday night, outright survival could be back in our own hands (again).
  12. Like all other Saints fans, I wish Harry a speedy recovery. If he doesn't get a better offer in the Summer I hope he stays with us. Baird done well when he came on last night - so he and McKenzie would be the more likely pairing. With Fjelde and Gordon as cover, we've got to hope we have enough in reserve to help get us over the line (8th/9th)
  13. Another great result and another step closer to safety. Why can't we play top 4 teams at home every Wednesday night? While the 2-0 against Hibs was our best performance of the season, last nights win was just as satisfying in many ways in that we held on for victory under real pressure and did not buckle or capitulate. I think we totally deserved our victory. If Ayr were ever in any doubt that they are in a survival fight then they certainly know it for sure now. Raith, who were no doubt high-fiving survival after the 2-0 last Wednesday, might pause for thought as well; a 5 point gap, with a trip to St Mirren Park to come, leaves them on the outskirts of trouble still. I thought all the players got pass marks at least (and most a lot more) - although the goalie seems to be having a mini crisis of confidence at the moment. There were obvious star performers last night but I'm putting out a special mention to Gary Irvine as he has been transformed since he switched back to his favoured position. I had a moan at him on the forum about performances earlier in the season so I've got to balance the books by giving due credit and recognition for the very assured performances since the post transfer window team has been configured. (I'm sure he will have been neither deflated by my criticism nor elated by my praise but I've got to keep myself right). It does cast even more retrospective criticism on the previous management team; why didn't they try to reconfigure the defence to play Irvine in his strongest position. We were leaking goals and misfiring all over the place so they couldn't have been criticized for trying something different. Easy with hindsight I know, but I'm not getting paid to manage the St Mirren - they were.
  14. As long as he doesn't score from a kick out Agree though; they are weaker with him not in the outfield and yes it would be classic saints to trip up here. But this is NEW classic saints... we don't do tripping up.