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  1. southsidebud

    Time to bin Interstadia

    The combination that worked for me was Chrome on Windows. Wouldn't work on my Mac with any browser and had issues with IE on Windows. In this day and age, cross browser/platform consistency should be a given but I've got it now so all good Probably took me about the same time again to get wallet out though [emoji846]
  2. southsidebud

    World Cup Russia 2018

    Ex Saints player pIaying at the world cup. When was the last time we could say that? When Scotland last played? For some reason New Zealand rings a bell
  3. southsidebud

    Time to bin Interstadia

    Its a very poor website - the fact that is responds differently/doesn't work at all in some major browsers is pretty much unforgivable these days. I managed to renew (eventually) for me and the wee man but it was a real struggle That said - if the higher priority items like staying in the top league and winning the Scottish cup can be ticked off, I'll be happy to live with it.
  4. southsidebud

    League Opener

    You beat me to it. My memory though is that we pummelled them 0-1 and were pretty unlucky to get beat. We had a lot of games when the rub of the green went against us - and injuries cost us as well. Ian Ross was a big injury miss for us I think (although maybe thats black and white tinted specs).
  5. southsidebud

    What is the target?

    10th and the Scottish Cup - let's not be greedy Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Black & White Army mobile app
  6. southsidebud

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Yep - good shout Slarti. I’d just throw in a wee Triple Treble Trashing Scottish Cup final win -and then the season would rate as “acceptable” [emoji3]
  7. southsidebud

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Yep - hadn't thought about the potential 3 year millstone round the club if it goes wrong - here's hoping it doesn't! Now that the uncertainty is over and we know whats happening - I'm beginning to get a bit more excited about next season. Hopefully everyone gets behind the new manager and we start positively; all the moaning and complaining should wait until the wheels come off (if they ever do).
  8. southsidebud

    Irn Bru Scottish Challenge Cup

    The addition of the Irish/NI and Welsh teams added a bit of variety - so I was happy enough with that U20s was a step too far but if it had to come in - as a means to give experience to younger players then it should have been based on actual U20 team performance and not just handed out to the top league U20 teams Non league English teams joining up is just a joke - and a bad one at that.
  9. southsidebud

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Welcome aboard and good luck Alan Stubbs. Uncertain about how it will turn out but felt the same when JR was appointed. A few years ago he wouldn't have looked at us but his star has fallen and ours is on the rise. Its a new start and quite exciting - might be a disaster in the end but as long as we win the Scottish Cup during his tenure I will be happy no matter what else happens Now I just have to remember to book that Season Ticket.
  10. southsidebud

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Hopefully we'll (finally) know by the end of the week... Not sure who I want from this final list... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44394768 Maybe a punt on Kearney?
  11. southsidebud

    League Cup

    It looks like I'm in the minority - but I quite like the new league cup setup. I can't be bothered with friendlies and much prefer these (arguably) lower profile competitive games to get the team into gear for the season. I agree it's not exactly box office, but its the luck of the draw and we know we won't get any of the 'big guns' as the two closest to us are always in Europe and the rest of the most successful teams play in the other section. The powers that be had to try something and I think this is a decent stab at a more entertaining solution - with decent TV coverage as well.
  12. southsidebud

    League Cup

    Nice 15 min walk for me and the wee man for the second 'away' game at Hampden. Looking forward to that :-) Three wins absolutely doable - meaning a strong 2nd finish; it should be enough to get us through.
  13. southsidebud

    The Rangers And Stephen Gerard

    I'm pretty surprised about this tbh. I thought it was a bit of a con job to make sure the season tickets went out the door. I'm wondering now what cash he has been promised and where it's coming from. You've got to think his advisors have checked this out. Perhaps a big cash injection is coming from somewhere?
  14. southsidebud

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott have resigned as Rangers directors
  15. southsidebud

    Latest Scores

    Pretty poor stuff - even though 2nd place is secured. It seems like both their team and their fans have switched to end of season mode As an interested neutral, I'll be curious to see if they can switch back into competitive mode when their play off game come round.