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  1. Spot on Shull. A real own goal by the club - and how no one could spot the irony of the plan to limit access to an open day is the icing on the cake! And I risk a lot by agreeing with you as I am one of the aforementiond 'elite' who has been granted access to this exclusive open day event
  2. The Confederations Cup is always seems to be treated as the International 'Diddy' Cup. I don't agree - the invitees are the World Champions, the six Confederation Champions and the hosts. Certainly worth a watch and your post is prompt to remind my dad thats is on. Probably UK media aren't interested because a certain larger neighbour of ours never gets a sniff Third most important international tournament perhaps - but certainly not a diddy cup.
  3. Not doubting this - but it was a pretty big - multi mistake - mistype as it says 3 year deal as well as 2019. Wishful thinking I know - but one off mistypes are more likely than multiple mistypes that are consistent with one another.
  4. This is good news - As long as Lewis is willing to bide his time, we will have another year of his trickery to enjoy and then still be able to get a decent transfer fee next Summer Of course, negotiating from a relative position of strength (for a change) does also have the other potential outcome of an increased bid that meets the clubs requirements. I want the former outcome - however if it is to be the latter then a fee of £500K plus must be minimum we entertain.
  5. In the cold light of dawn the disappointment I feel is more to do with losing the chance to see Scotland beating England at Hampden in the flesh rather than losing ground in the qualification campaign. I doubt that the chance will come around again any time soon. In terms of World Cup 2018, we still have a chance. The really dodgy game is the first one in September - we must win in Lithuania. A Slovakia v Slovenia draw then leaves us 4th and 2 points off 2nd. No winner here suits us. We must then win our two home games against Malta and Slovakia Other results going to form with England winning both home games and Slovenia beating Lithuania would leave us 2nd with a 2 point lead over Slovenia and 4 points ahead of Slovakia. We would then have to get a draw in Slovenia to finish 2nd. All doable with 18 points giving us a decent chance not to finish bottom of 2nd place team league.
  6. Got to say though - that England team is not up to much. Didn't see a hammering coming our way at any point (was prepped for the 0-1 narrow defeat though) Once they get to the finals they will get found out ... again.
  7. Just back in from the game - what an experience! The wee man was gutted when the score went 0-1 - I was a bit more accepting. A few more years of supporting Saints and Scotland will get him toughened up in that regard! To be fair - he wasn't too fussed about the equaliser whereas I was completely floored. A shame that we couldn't hold on but I believe we still have an outside chance of 2nd place now.
  8. We shouldn't have released him. I think he would have flourished with JR as boss. Like others have said we are sorted for defence now but I think the transition would have been easier had Sean still been on the books. I'm sure he isn't bothered as now playing at a higher level - same as Jason. Good luck to the two of them!
  9. Yep. Agree. I think the victory is on today. The wee man and I will be in our seats for 4pm. Hopefully decent policing at the game!
  10. Superb news! Stelios gives us an attacking x-factor of the highest quality in our division. The competition, options and flexibility this signing gives us in the full back areas could be the difference between top 4 and top 1. Certain games will require cagey tactics and the solid reliable defensive skills of Eck and Irvine. Other games will give us the opportunity to rampage forward. Stelios - on our command, unleash hell!
  11. This thread has went to pot
  12. Ah i see it now. Was meaning that i was looking at the train times in readiness for my trip - but its a fair cop
  13. 18 mins walk according to google maps - seems fine to me.
  14. Yep - I remember that as well - my last visit there. Fully intending to go to the game and looking at the trains. As we are on holiday at the time I am also considering travelling down on the Friday and staying over. Is it worth it - any decent site seeing to do?
  15. Aye - too many of those lovely Burgh pies