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  1. I would be interested to know who put Messrs Clarkson, Webster and Langfield as POTY
  2. Stelios can be a big game player - huge goals in key matches. He must start against Raith Rovers in my opinion. No offence to Gary Irvine - who has been great 2nd half of season - but get the Cypriot Assassin in from the off. Stelios looks better pushing forward from full back position so I'm not sure the midfield works for him (it was a worthwhile experiment non the less). Hibs will be key to the run in - the best team in the league - but with nothing to play for - and playing the three strugglers in the last three games The worst case scenario of Raith being 4 ahead going into this game would mean that even a solid victory for us would mean we would still trail by a 1 point (stating the obvious I know - sorry). So in that scenario we would we want Ayr to also beat Hibs so that the last day Ayr v Raith is live for both teams? Raith would be one ahead of us and we would be two ahead of Ayr - hmm difficult one.
  3. A win for us by hook or by crook will do A hammering of Rovers would be nice I think its ok for fans to get carried away when we are playing well and also get overly morose when we have a setback - thats what i do anyway. We are fans - it shows we care and are invested Simple truth is that after todays setback we are back in a three team dogfight. Nothing to say can't still get out of this - especially considering our recent form
  4. It's back in the melting pot but remember we play Raith next week and then Ayr play Raith on the last day so 10th place is still eminently avoidable. KTF
  5. Periscope Link
  6. So final score 3-2 Aberdeen. I wonder where Hibs go from here in terms of application for the last three league games? We have them on the last day - will they be in holiday mode by then - I hope so. Only problem is Raith have them on Tuesday - they may have chucked it by then It all 'ifs' and 'buts' - but if we can get 3 points from United today then it may make Raith a bit jittery next midweek...
  7. Stuck a tenner on Saints today - 12/5 with Paddy Power a wee five pound 'saver' on the draw - 5/2
  8. Hopefully Morgan is fully fit - could be a game changer if he is! Flood back for United is a bit of a pain - but we have the players to win this. COYS!
  9. 1-2 Saints. All buddies should now relax as my predictions are flawless.
  10. Ayr 0 St Mirren 2 Just now - that was the moment for me when I believed that we had a real chance of dodging the drop. Bigger results since then but that was the real turning point for me.
  11. If it's a meaningless fixture it means we have survived thankfully. Even in the worst case scenario we will take it to the last game.
  12. Yep - lets get one point ahead of Raith and four ahead of Ayr after next Saturday and we can make sure of safety by giving Raith a doing. I think we well skelp them. 5-1
  13. Hopefully Dundee United can round the day off with a win (currently 0-0) A point today was a good result - its a testimony to how well we are playing that we are disappointed with it. Raith were playing an off form Morton at home and we were playing the best form team apart from ourselves at their ground. We also gubbed Morton 4-1 at their place - so school boy logic dictates that our results are still better than Raith's and them getting above us merely a temporary blip. Very confident of survival and about to open a nice chilled bottle of Caesar Augustus as I look back on a good day for the Saints and enjoy the end of the Ayr game. COYA* - but only till next week (*Arabs)
  14. My conclusions: A great point away at 2nd place team whose great form is comparable to our own Still in 8th Hardest run in game out of the way (hopefully Hibs are on holiday mode by then - or at least distracted by cup final if they make it). So - a decent day at the office, if not quite as good as it should have been.
  15. I guess a silver lining would be the best scottish players being involved in European competition may improve international prospects over the longer term. Smaller clubs will also not be able to get EU players so will be forced to replace scottish with scottish. So is there maybe a chance of the trickledown effect benefiting scottish talent as well. Perhaps clubs will be more likely to take chances on the sort of smaller, more lightweight, more skilful players that have been apparently passed over in the future. Of course it could all go pear-shaped but the above scenario could end up a winner. Although I admit that the thought of the ugly sisters raiding our best players again does not fill me with happiness.