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  1. Just renewed for me and the wee man. If the extra £45 is paid toward Stelios' hair gel bill for the season, I will stop my moanin' and consider it money well spent COYS!
  2. Re-sign Stelios and get Watson 'n aw. Problem solved [emoji3]
  3. If the final piece of the jigsaw is Hamilton then it really is an open division next year. Bookies will probably have Falkirk and relegated Premiership teams as the three favourites with us (and maybe Morton) just sitting 'outside the medals'. Hopefully JR gets the business done early in terms of key re-signings (we know who they are) plus a couple of major signings (second keeper / out and out striker) If this is done then we can win the league.
  4. Yes - maybe a home shirt would have sugar coated the pill a bit. It works out about £2-3 quid a game extra for me so - personally - not the end of the world. It still might be an outcome changer for some folks who maybe can't stretch the extra £25/£50 etc with a potential backfire in terms of families deciding to PAYG and then picking and choosing games. Another omission from the official statement was any mention of included cup games - last year we got the first home leg of the diddy cup - has that gone as well do you know?
  5. I think Inverness will provide a stiffer test for Dundee United or Falkirk as they seem to be finding some late form (2 wins from 3). I think Hamilton will need to win on Saturday to avoid automatic relegation now. Not fussed by the looks of either Brechin or Alloa in terms of our opposition for next year - but still hope it is Alloa that come up due to their recent and existing St Mirren connections. They still have a good chance.
  6. I think we all accept that Mallan will be going - so its good to hear the word 'likely' in terms of his departure - that suggests its not a done deal yet and negotiations are still ongoing - so maybe we'll get better terms and a higher fee than previously speculated. It may also mean that there are more suitors and that Barnsley may be yet be gazumped. Here's hoping for at least £500K upfront with a 33% sell on fee!
  7. It's £0 to £45 for me - for the wee man's ticket in the main stand. I will of course be paying it but the logic of the 'cover charge' to stop there being empty seats in a stadium which is almost never more than half full does not sit well with me. Since the club are in a position to record the number of times a season ticket is used then it would not have been too much work to have a two (or three) tiered renewal policy (e.g. free \ reduced tickets used less than 50% of the time - £25 and more than 50% remaining free etc.) I'm guessing that the point of the free season ticket for kids was to encourage the next generation of fans to come along while assisting parents who might not be able to afford to bring kids otherwise and I while I note that the Family Stand does still offer this facility, the fact that this change will potentially penalise family generations that sit together in other stands, and who attend regularly, seems to be a bit like throwing the baby out with bathwater. Like I say, I will be paying the new prices and I accept the club has to make money and cut out on unneccessary admin charges - I just think they could have employed a more fine tuned approach. Still - bring on the new season!
  8. I agree ... but still... Only 7 days before Raith were only waiting for a not unlikely winner from Hibs in order to escape completely - now in League One. Wow! Scary stuff and it could have been us.
  9. Is it Alan Preston co-commentating on Rangers game? He seems to have a real axe to grind against Ian Cathro! I've heard it a few times now
  10. Thanks - but its a bit of a job to re-organise the wee man's activities on any Saturday - so the trip will be made for the 2018 Champions only
  11. Well thats the derby confirmed for next season Time to put them back in their place.
  12. I'm a wee bit surprised that there is a bit of uncertainty around whether or not we should be signing Billy O'Brien. I think we need to remember that he is only 21 and has a lot of time to develop areas that he is weaker in and to grow as keeper. Yes he is sometimes hesitant and makes mistakes but surely - being as young as he is especially for a keeper - it is way too early to say he is not one we should be keeping on. He has had some fantastic performances as well. He is the Welsh under 21 keeper and was on the books at Man City. All of that - along with my own personal assessement of him in games - leads me to say that he should be a stick on for a contract if he wants it and we can (sensibly) afford it.
  13. Just noticed play off results and Raith are not home and hosed yet - an away draw is fair enough but it will still be nervy on Saturday - so glad we are not in it! Hopefully Goody's boys can overturn their small defict - both for him and also due to the fact that I don't want Airdrie coming up. (Alloa is also easiest for public transport buddies )
  14. FFS - how could I forget about Davis! In total agreement PS17 - get the six signed - the fish makes the Magnificent Seven!
  15. I'm glad Jack has been signed up - that's three of the five top defenders at the club signed up (come on Gary Mack and Stelios - get them pens out). Good work Jack Ross - like others say perhaps he didn't want two year just now - but I'd have offered him it anyway. No matter - JR still has a year to work a Jedi Mind trick on him for a further two year extension later on