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  1. Renewed for me and the boy today - nice to see prices have only went up a tiny bit. Looking forward to another season in the trenches. I reckon Livingston and Hamilton bottom two this season. Best of the bottom half (and the Scottish Cup) will do me this season
  2. The ref was abysmal last night - the VAR decisions were probably correct (although photo shared by BEK makes it look a lot closer) but they have not been made consistently throughout the tournament and in our games especially. We seem to fall on the wrong side of the outcome every time the decision is taken to either use VAR or not. That said - we lost a 3-0 lead in 15 mins - so you can't really complain too much about going out. We were unable to deal with the pressure. Also I seem to remember being told that the defending team should never make a substitution when facing a potentially goal scoring set piece - I don't think the coach should have made the substitution at the free kick that lead to the penalty. 'Game Management' was also poor.
  3. Thats an interesting photo - too close to call surely!
  4. Yep agreed. In the past I wouldn't have considered watching women's football. A poor bit of pre-judgement on my part. I've even started reading up on the saints women's team - hopefully that gets some investment as well as we are in the bottom tier.
  5. The first women's game we attended was the final qualifier we won 2-1 against the Swiss. The Swiss celebrated like they had qualified at the end because we had to win by 2 to get the head to head advantage before the final game. Karma bit them as they fell to a draw and we won. Happy Days! A lot of good technical skill and ability going forward - a wee bit to do on the defensive side - there's going to be goals to today. And a Scotland victory
  6. We got out of jail last night but Cyprus are no mugs so not too worried about the future yet. For me the mission remains the same - match the Russian results against other teams in our remaining games and somehow take 4 out of 6 in the face to face matches. That gets us through on direct results. Difficult but not impossible. Would probably have had to take 4 out of 6 from Russia anyway so it almost makes the Kazakhstan result irrelevant [emoji846]
  7. I haven't seen the figures in detail - I was wondering if in general terms the extra income from playoffs would likely be greater than the difference in prize money between 10 and 11
  8. I wonder if gate receipts, and any extra TV money for those games, meant that we ended up with more than Hamilton?
  9. Arrived an hour and twenty before kick off with the boy. Camped in our seats[emoji846] Thinking a hard fought 3-1 victory today. Anyone still to leave the house should have grab a hood and gloves if they don't have then already. COYS!
  10. If Edwards is getting a game for Hearts I fear the worst. I hope I'm wrong and good luck to him today.
  11. Those two goals against Hibs that night will live long in the memory.
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