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  1. Was answering a quote - hadn't read the thread until now. Wasn't copying your homework [emoji846]
  2. Ross County and Kilmarnock played each other yesterday - if we lose all our games and both of them win their remaining four games they will both overtake us. If Motherwell beat United or Hamilton then they finish above us as well. Only Hamilton can't catch us so 11th is our worst possible finish. I think we will get a point in Dingwall a week on Wednesday and that will put us safe.
  3. A point against County a week on Wednesday makes us safe for sure.
  4. I've decided to sit in the backdoor and follow the commentary on this thread. Too good a day to be shouting at the TV!
  5. Nice wee home win for Israel against Austria two years ago. The three home defeats have been against Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark - the first two by the odd goal. Israel will not be an easy stop for Austria. Dropped points a real possibility. Nothing to say we can't get a result against Austria on their patch. I think Denmark will probably be a class apart in this group. But 2nd and a play off spot is definitely still realistic
  6. Gutted. As soon as St Johnstone scored I was certain we were going to drop the points. Don't think we can finish bottom but a convoluted set of results can leave us in the playoff spot...
  7. Yep. Even if we lose both remaining pre split games, St Johnstone need to win both remaining games and Dundee Utd need a minimum of 4 points and a large goal difference swing. A fantastic opportunity
  8. Congrats on St Johnstone - I'm glad they won the cup rather than Livingston - a great season for them. We did, of course, outplay and defeat the runaway favourites for the cup as well as another top 4 team and were one unlucky game from facing the fakes in the final ourselves. So we kind of cleared a lot of the way for them. If we can hold onto top 6 till the split and then catch Livingston for 5th and Europe it will also be a great season for us.
  9. Absolutely agree with this. He looks dangerous every time he gets the ball - which is quite exciting in itself as its not often we have a player like that!
  10. I think we can finish 5th as we have been the better team v Livi all three times this season (even though they non-footballed us out in the semi final). With Celtic misfiring all over the place, we just need Rangers to slip up and the Scottish Cup is also a realistic aim. So 5th plus Scottish Cup should be our target 🙂 (I'd also take St J to win LC to get it right up Livi - who are c*nts 🙂 )
  11. Premier sports will grab the rangers and Celtic ties in all likelihood- so a chance that bbc might take this as only all premier tie
  12. Welcome to the Saints, Collin! I don't know anything about him so will have faith in Jim - club are showing real ambition with Brophy and now a former EPL player signing. To play at that level he must be able to offer us something positive. Exciting times - just wish we (the fans) could be at the games in person - everything so remote at the moment.
  13. Hopefully Tommy - it could be a great signing for us
  14. Dammit - that's right - I was getting carried away. Hopefully we can still swing something to bring him now - otherwise I'll have to wait till next season to see the dream team unleash hell 🙂
  15. Welcome Eamonn! Potentially one of the best signings in recent years - if he and Obika can both hit double figures a season (pro-rated on Brophy's case 🙂 ) - then we should be in for a good end to the season.
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