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  1. Creating some decent chances - quite enjoying this now
  2. Surprisingly easy trip in. Gourock train deposited us at St James at 1438 - straight through turnstiles and in seat for 1445. Slight downer is that we have to leave 5 mins early to get the only train back for 2 hours! Hopefully we have it sewn up by then 🙂
  3. Its been a disappointing start to the season - Im ashamed to say I am not particularly looking forward to my first trip to SMP since 'that' Hearts game.
  4. Its quite frustrating - the first top quality in a few seasons (Home top) and the quality os substandard. I was planning to buy my first top for a long time along with the usual one for the boy - but will be hanging back until all the problems are ironed out. Anyone know what the club is planning to do on this?
  5. Fair play to St Johnstone - trading punches with a decent European side and not looking out of place. Hope they get through. Its good to be able to support a Scottish side in Europe 🤣
  6. Picked up some free money today. Thanks Munoz
  7. As the only top 6 finisher from last season unseeded, I guess on paper an away tie against them is the hardest match we could get. That said - they are unseeded for a reason and do not look anything to fear
  8. If I was a United fan I'd be raging that our three COVID goals count - I wonder how many we would have scored if the game had been played. Fortunately I'm not a United fan - so I'm delighted!
  9. Aye - looking at the table we have an identical record with United down to goals scored - how do they split it after that ? If Hearts end up seeded, either us or United won't be.
  10. Ah correction ! - I forgot we had five Euro teams - so only three winners get seeded. (My original message said that the top 4 winners would be seeded) I doth my cap, Hendo
  11. Fair doos. [emoji1787] Dafty moment for me. Forgot they never made it - so used to it being Scotland. Just desperate for a saints player to feature at a major finals I guess Leaving aside the non possibility regarding McGrath - does anyone know the last Saints player to feature at a major finals?
  12. Great for Jamie and - with my black and white tinted specs on - totally deserved. Would be amazing if he got on the pitch at the Euros! When did the last serving saints player feature at either euros of world cup finals?
  13. Just lost our tickets for the Euros. Gutted but I guess it's the luck of the draw
  14. Who is the pr*ck commentating on our game on Radio Scotland? Actively cheered the second Hamilton goal.
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