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  1. Premier sports will grab the rangers and Celtic ties in all likelihood- so a chance that bbc might take this as only all premier tie
  2. Welcome to the Saints, Collin! I don't know anything about him so will have faith in Jim - club are showing real ambition with Brophy and now a former EPL player signing. To play at that level he must be able to offer us something positive. Exciting times - just wish we (the fans) could be at the games in person - everything so remote at the moment.
  3. Hopefully Tommy - it could be a great signing for us
  4. Dammit - that's right - I was getting carried away. Hopefully we can still swing something to bring him now - otherwise I'll have to wait till next season to see the dream team unleash hell 🙂
  5. Welcome Eamonn! Potentially one of the best signings in recent years - if he and Obika can both hit double figures a season (pro-rated on Brophy's case 🙂 ) - then we should be in for a good end to the season.
  6. Always gave his all and did a power of positive work outside the box - but had a good final decision percentage lower than taking a random punt in the bookies. All the best Junior - hope it works out with your new club
  7. I used to have a chortle at these - especially when fax machines and telegrams were involved. Now it's all very old and tired.
  8. If this comes off then it would be a major coup for us IMO. Someone like Brophy is the closest we could get to star name coming to us. Mid 20s and capped by Scotland - we don't have many others like that on our books [emoji846] We are showing real and realistic ambition here and it should be applauded
  9. Got to say - Hibs TV is pretty slick - we could learn from them... B"st*rds ...
  10. Late to the party and still celebrating. For me possibly the Saints greatest single moment since winning the cup in 2013. I know the Great Escape the Title the next year were fantastic but we not only beat Rangers, we scored three and competed well with them attack and counter attack - especially in the second half. No smash and grab - a totally deserved win!
  11. Great fireworks but poor finishing The most disappointing thing is that - even if we win the group now - we will almost certainly be unseeded in the last 16 as one of the four rubbish group winners. It would have been nice to have a shot at getting to the quarters but we'll likely end up with a trip to Parkhead or Ibrox now. Assuming of course that we get at least two points on Saturday...
  12. Three good goals last night - not the best performance but with two of our attacking players getting goals there may be a slight boost to confidence and morale. Looking forward to QoS game now - albeit likely only Open All Mics.
  13. Is this being shown ppv on Saints TV? Or will we have to make do with Radio Scotland commentary?
  14. I really hope this works out for Stephen. My favourite Saint of recent times and - in my opinion - the single most important player in the Great escape and turnaround under Ross. Was sad to see him go from Saints but the info on here seemed to suggest he was struggling to get back to fitness. I wonder if this will turn out to be a red herring. A great servant for us and we'll worthy of another crack at the premiership
  15. Can't disagree with this to any great extent. Top three are a stick on - three worst in history in my opinion. Don't like Rae and he was making a right mess of things when he got sacked - he did keep us up the season before though. Murray was just useless but doesn't generate the same levels of hate 🙂
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