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  1. Beat this mob and they are right back in the mix. Maybe wave to Kirk as he is on the way down [emoji846]
  2. Apart from Rangers all our remaining games are fellow bottom six clubs (at least when we play then in Killie's case) - so all winnable. May as well beat Rangers while we're at it.
  3. On train back to Langside. We were the better team by some way and totally deserved the win. Of course the obligatory panic stations finale catered for all blood pressure requirements [emoji846] Hopefully the injuries aren't serious; if we can get a win at Rugby park on Saturday, they are right back in both our sights and the relegation fight. Magic!
  4. Really hoping for a solid Hibs win. I expect Hearts to slowly start turning things round, but if a few decent teams get some hits in before they are up to speed then the gap might be too big for them to claw back to us, once we are only playing fellow diddy teams.
  5. This Exactly what I thought. I was confused that none of the commentators even mentioned it - so I began to doubt myself - and couldn't face seeing it again to check 🙂
  6. Couldn't make the game but was able to watch on telly - really disappointed We just never looked like doing anything With Rangers just going out as we kicked off, a victory would not only have taken us to Hampden, it would have given us a 67% chance of getting a realistically winnable semi (assuming Celtic get through) and getting us back to the Scottish Cup final. Aberdeen are no great shakes just now and we have matched up well against them all season - it should have been a great night. A golden opportunity squandered.
  7. Interesting article in the Herald as part of build up for tonight's game. Quite positive in one way - stats showing that we are creating plenty of chances - just need to start putting them away. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18244125.st-mirren-hearts-unluckiest-team-league-versus-worst/
  8. By the look of the photos its going to be cancelled. A shame - I think we were all looking forward to this.
  9. Won't be able to attend on a Saturday night but live on the BBC works a treat Here's hoping for a trip to sunny Hampden in the semis!
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