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  1. southsidebud

    We Are A Team Again

    We were solid in defence and well organised all over the park. It was like watching a different team 🙂
  2. southsidebud

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Remember how disappointed we were drawing over 90 mins with Queens Park and Spartans just a few weeks ago? It's a testament to how well OK got us organised that there was also a bit of disappointment about how we 'only' got a draw against Celtic last night. For me a point was absolutely fine - but I'll take others' higher bar as a sign that things are certainly moving in the right direction! [emoji16]
  3. southsidebud

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    A lot of nonsense spouted tonight by Sutton about us getting a poor point as we never went all out for three against ten men. How many domestic defeats have Brendan Rogers' Celtic had? How many positive domestic results have they got with less than eleven men? Great point! Well done Saints!
  4. southsidebud

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Proud of the team tonight. We stayed strong to the end and well worth the point. I now have hope for the future 🙂
  5. southsidebud

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    Really impressed with this performance. The team is working hard, working for each other - and looks like a proper, solid defensive unit. I will be a happier buddie no matter how it finishes tonight
  6. southsidebud

    Happy Birthday Smokie From Arbroff

    Belated happy birthday FS. Hope it went well!
  7. southsidebud

    Scottish Challenge Cup 2018/19

    I'd have preferred another trip to Hampden :-)
  8. southsidebud

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    I'm going to miss this one due to a miscommunication with the wife - who has arranged for the wee man to go over to a friend's house after school on Friday. He'll be back in time to watch it on BT Sport but not in time for us to get over to Paisley. That'll be me missing my first home game of the season - and while a bit disappointed - I'm thinking its maybe for the best - might not really be a family friendly atmosphere. It's a shame they put games against the OF on a Friday night - Saturday lunch time would definately be a 'safer' timeslot for these sorts of televised matches.
  9. southsidebud

    Scotland Football Club

    Just back from game - wasteful in the first half but overall dominated play the whole match. We were a bit fragmented from time to time and sometimes scared to shoot which was a bit frustrating but would have been robbed if we hadn’t got three points. The Nations League is our best chance to qualify for Euro 2020 - so this was an important result and a great start.
  10. southsidebud

    Scottish Challenge Cup 2018/19

    Forgot all about this game! Alternative plans already made - so I won't be going. Would probably have went and felt taken advantage of at the same time. Fair enough to charge if either side is a 1st team - it's part of their normal season and should be chargeable (although perhaps at a lower rate). For all U21 clashes it should be free entry - either both sides should agree or the governing body should include an exception to the general rule to cover these situations.
  11. southsidebud

    Scotland Football Club

    Poor goal to lose but otherwise not too bad from us considering the opposition. Definitely hope for Monday. That said - I'm glad I'm lying on the couch drinking rioja than sitting in the stands [emoji846]
  12. southsidebud

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Welcome to the Saints, Oran! Looking forward to the (hopefully) exciting times ahead!
  13. southsidebud

    Scotland Football Club

    I do think this is overpriced - although I appreciate that we might get to see some genuine world stars - like Andrew Robertson. Friendlies should always be cheaper than competitive fixtures. It'll be Now TV for me and the boy tonight but we will be at Hampden on Monday night for the first competitive match of the season. Hopefully I end up regretting this tight-wad decision as we skelp the world cup third placed team 3-0
  14. southsidebud

    Scotland v Andorra U21

    Did Kyle get on? Who got the goals? Apologies if there is a match report - but I can't find it.
  15. southsidebud

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    I think the Oran Kearney move is quite an exciting and bold departure from going for one of the usual suspects. Something different and hopefully some new ideas (if he signs up). A gamble but a good gamble.