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  1. southsidebud

    January Exits

    Wow - what a clear out. A lot of players out including a few great servants over the last couple of seasons. Special mention to Cammy Smith who was outstanding last year and my player of the year. That said, this is all very exciting - whichever way it goes it will likely be spectacular. I'm hoping for 'good' spectacular. Looking forward to it all kicking off in the Scottish Cup next week.
  2. southsidebud

    Sir Andy.

    Its a sad ending. A great competitor. He was unfortunate to play at his peak against three of the greatest players of all time. I believe that if he had been about 20 years ago, when Hewitt and Roddick were the top men, he would have cleaned up.
  3. southsidebud


    Happy New Year to all buddies! Hoping for an exciting transfer window and a 10th placed finish. Still very much achievable!
  4. southsidebud

    Motherwell v St Mirren 22/12/18

    Magic result. Sounds like we played to our game plan and were able to deliver. No matter what we will not be cut adrift by the break - so Oran has a chance to fix things in January So a happy buddie Christmas after all!
  5. southsidebud

    Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018

    Weird ... suddenly playing well with 10 men. Great effort from Mullen
  6. southsidebud

    Saint Mirren v Hamilton 1 Dec 2018

    Missing this today as it's the boy's birthday and the missus has mandatory birthday things planned. Missed last week as well so hopefully ill be scunnered again about missing another goal of the season contender. [emoji846] Might be able to nip to New York for the first half so Saints will make a wee bit more cash off us. 3-0 Saints - one of them another "worldie"
  7. southsidebud

    Super Scotland Football Club

    I'm relieved as I thought someone was going to get hurt. However since our second goal none of the Israeli players have got injured...
  8. southsidebud

    Super Scotland Football Club

    Whilst I will be there hoping for a win on Tuesday, we will still be alive with a draw. A draw will mean we finish as the highest ranked second place team - on goal difference from Bulgaria. One of the teams likely to win their group is Serbia - who surely have a good shout in normal qualifying. If they make it then we would replace them in the Playoffs in 2020. Added benefit is that we would stay in Group C and have another crack at a qualification spot in the next qualifying campaign :-) That said - lets just win it!
  9. southsidebud

    Dundee v St Mirren+ [email protected] Visit.

    Willie Miller seems to have it in for us. Last few weeks always having a pop. Seemed to take particular delight in announcing the Dundee equaliser. Don't why I'm bothered - he's a fud anyway.
  10. No punctuation and two other grammatical mistakes on line one alone; sheer class. Not usually in the Grammar Police (especially as I am an occasional culprit) - but this no-cell really riled me up.
  11. southsidebud

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    0-0 after 30 mins and we are competing well. Maybe unlucky not to be ahead. Wish we could get this level of performance every week.
  12. southsidebud

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    I wonder when Rangers fans will start complaining that they have been overlooked for Sky Sports “Today’s Baller” feature. It’s a conspiracy!
  13. southsidebud

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    Whoops - Hamill on the bench. Drat
  14. southsidebud

    St. Mirren v The Rangers, 3rd November 2018

    The weather, travelling and potential for non-family friendly atmosphere means we will be taking the Now TV option. I’ve got a few wee bets on backing the saints today. We will probably get well beaten but if my £9 (nine) set of combo bets come in I’ll be feeling mighty fine. The last of the big spenders [emoji846] Hamill first scorer. Jackson anytime scorer. 2-1 Saints Now - where’s that straight jacket?
  15. southsidebud


    Good to see the burgh back to winning ways