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  1. I'll take 0-0 although it will be interesting to see how Mullen and Obika do as both are starting.
  2. Until Hearts mini revival at the weekend I would have said 7 points - now I reckon 5 (1/1/3/0/0) - don't know why I think we'll get anything from Motherwell but there you go [emoji846] On a brighter note I do think 5 points will be enough to keep us safely in the mix with the rest of the bottom 6.
  3. We want Serbia and Norway to finish in the top 2 of their respective groups. Then we might have a better chance of getting through the playoffs. Thankfully we cant end up with the 'minnows' Kosovo [emoji846]
  4. Great signing. Very happy with this. Same as many others I was expecting him to protect himself and go safe when he signed his pre contract with rangers back in the day. Instead he played a leader's role in the run it that year. Welcome back Kirk!
  5. Curse of the commentator... all over now I think
  6. Open All Mics for me today.. A bit wary after Livi's good win against Ross County - but a draw would be a good result and achievable. Going for 2-2 as I think we will find our scoring boots today.
  7. It was good to see the heads not going down after rangers scored. Really looking forward to see how the new look team perform against our immediate rivals over the next three games. We look reasonably solid
  8. I never look forward to these games (Celtic and Sevco) - there always seems to be two or three outrageously tenuous 'offences' committed by us in critical situations/areas of the park or at crucial times that tend to lead to goals. A lot of the time these happen when we are containing them or matching up well and these event knock the stuffing out of us - and we all know what happens. Its so infuriating. Then the press can suck up to their fans by going on about another dominant performance by them - brushing over controversy and game changing decisions. Don't get me wrong, with the resources they have they'd would always beat us eight or nine times out of ten, but these decisions potentially rob us of our one or two. I swithered about this one, but as the boy doesn't enjoy these games either we will give it a miss and watch on the telly. Hope I regret missing it in person! I'm going for a 2-1 win to properly sicken me 🙂
  9. Welcome Junior. Debut hat-trick would be acceptable if you don't mind 🙂
  10. Aberdeen didn't seem to make much with their possession - apart from toward the end of the game when they were pushing forward for the equaliser. I think we were far more effective with our possession and created the better chances. For all their possession they spent a lot of their time pushing the ball about ineffectively. We look solid and composed for the the most part. We do need to sharpen up when we create these chances though - we could have been out of sight by half time and Aberdeen could not have complained. Anyway - we agree that we need to wait and see and that nothing has been proved - I'm just more optimistic that what we have now is significantly better than what we had this time last year.
  11. Agree that two decent performances don't make a season and that the first quarter is the first real point to get a measure of how good we are. I think the Rangers game is a free hit - but would be disappointed if we don't get at least a point away at Livy. Where I disagree is where you say that if we lose both we are no better off than last year; the manner of our win against Aberdeen is totally different from the smash and grab against Dundee - we jammed a win against relegation contenders then whereas yesterday we matched up well against Top 4, let alone Top 6, regulars. I think the nature of that performance hints at a potential solidity that will leave us hard to beat in most games this season - something the Saints of 12 months ago could only dream of. But yes - agree that we need to savour these results as and when we get them as there is a long season ahead.
  12. Swithering about this one. Don't normally attend the games against the ugly sisters due to the atmosphere - don't like the boy getting exposed to the bile. Its usually mitigated by the fact most of our home games against those two are on the telly. A decision for next week but would be gutted if we missed a win. How bad is it usually? In terms of poisonous atmosphere that is. The last one I was at against either was the 2-2 draw in the Championship when Morgan scored the last minute.
  13. Lol - it's a fair cop - I'm off tomorrow so it feels like a Saturday night. That and a tremendous victory gives me the excuse (I think) [emoji846]
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