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  1. Ah well. A trip to Ibrox out of the way and no real damage done. Could have been worse
  2. Sigh. Probably the third hardest game we could have got at home. Not impossible though so here's hoping for an epic win. Premier Sports will follow their two usual teams so we have a decent chance of being picked by the BBC.
  3. Yep - thought I should keep it realistic [emoji846]
  4. For me - I would want us to get a home tie and dodge Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen and Motherwell - with hopefully the four of them matched up over two other ties.
  5. The Scotsman, Herald and Sun media outlets are reporting that Russia could be thrown out of various tournaments - including Euro 2020 - because of doping. There is no clear procedure of how UEFA would replace them but a likely one would be that we get in through the back door. Slightly embarrassing but i'd take it!
  6. That wasnt what I said - What I said was that the first quarter was over - which it is.[emoji846]
  7. First quarter over and not detached from the pack. Considering the turbulent close season we had, I'm happy enough with that. We do need to get one or two of the strikers scoring but the team is organised and playing well in every other area. I think, because of this, that we are far better off than this time last season so I'm very hopeful for a top 10 finish.
  8. Yep - don't fancy it for those sorts of reasons. We normally have a day in the house on Boxing Day after hectic Christmas Day - I think it will be the same this year - except beer and game on the TV
  9. Totally deserved victory - not a failure on the park. Thought Andreu played well. Great to have scoring strikers again. As Top Cat said it should be noted that we are no pushovers at home - only one defeat and one goal conceded. St Johnstone looked dreadful. We surely must finish above them. There are a few teams round about us that are no great shakes - but I'll not be greedy - as long as we reel in Hamilton, as well as stay above the fakes, I'll be happy.
  10. Away end open - actually a few hundred through
  11. Game confirmed on BT Sports for 3pm on Boxing Day.
  12. I'll take 0-0 although it will be interesting to see how Mullen and Obika do as both are starting.
  13. Until Hearts mini revival at the weekend I would have said 7 points - now I reckon 5 (1/1/3/0/0) - don't know why I think we'll get anything from Motherwell but there you go [emoji846] On a brighter note I do think 5 points will be enough to keep us safely in the mix with the rest of the bottom 6.
  14. We want Serbia and Norway to finish in the top 2 of their respective groups. Then we might have a better chance of getting through the playoffs. Thankfully we cant end up with the 'minnows' Kosovo [emoji846]
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