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  1. Three good goals last night - not the best performance but with two of our attacking players getting goals there may be a slight boost to confidence and morale. Looking forward to QoS game now - albeit likely only Open All Mics.
  2. Is this being shown ppv on Saints TV? Or will we have to make do with Radio Scotland commentary?
  3. I really hope this works out for Stephen. My favourite Saint of recent times and - in my opinion - the single most important player in the Great escape and turnaround under Ross. Was sad to see him go from Saints but the info on here seemed to suggest he was struggling to get back to fitness. I wonder if this will turn out to be a red herring. A great servant for us and we'll worthy of another crack at the premiership
  4. Can't disagree with this to any great extent. Top three are a stick on - three worst in history in my opinion. Don't like Rae and he was making a right mess of things when he got sacked - he did keep us up the season before though. Murray was just useless but doesn't generate the same levels of hate 🙂
  5. I guess... if he wants European football 🙂
  6. Fair enough - Its definitely a backward/sideways step - and I thought he would get a better move - I said both these things. My point is that he now has a chance to prove himself in the English leagues - might be too late for him or it might not be.
  7. Here's hoping for another three points today and a debut goal for our new striker. No reason why not 🙂
  8. I also thought he would sign at a higher level - however if he performs like he did for us I don't think he will be in League 2 for long. I think he will be on a decent wedge so that will soften the blow. A minor backwards/sideways step that gets him on to a bigger ladder 🙂
  9. Fair doos - indeed [emoji846] Getting too despondent I guess
  10. I wonder if premier sports will let the clubs broadcast the non televised matches. Assuming it's still behind closed doors - which I assume is more or less a given.
  11. To quote every star wars character from every film stating multiple times..."I've got a bad feeling about this"[emoji3525]
  12. That's it all over. Shame as better in second half
  13. Keeper is playing a blinder - we could be three or four down by now
  14. Got the game on the TV with saints commentary which sounds like it's being patched in from a phone box. Rangers have received £0 from me today[emoji846]
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