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  1. Fair doos. [emoji1787] Dafty moment for me. Forgot they never made it - so used to it being Scotland. Just desperate for a saints player to feature at a major finals I guess Leaving aside the non possibility regarding McGrath - does anyone know the last Saints player to feature at a major finals?
  2. Great for Jamie and - with my black and white tinted specs on - totally deserved. Would be amazing if he got on the pitch at the Euros! When did the last serving saints player feature at either euros of world cup finals?
  3. Just lost our tickets for the Euros. Gutted but I guess it's the luck of the draw
  4. Who is the pr*ck commentating on our game on Radio Scotland? Actively cheered the second Hamilton goal.
  5. Could be worth a go - best chance of winning the Scottish Cup in years - so nothing is out of bounds 🙂
  6. Huge result last night - the five teams left will all fancy their chances. Hopefully we're in the last four tomorrow morning Keep Lafferty quiet and there is no reason why we can't win. Looking forward to this - COYS
  7. Great fightback last night. Durmus played well and got a deserved goal. Quaner looked the part - what a shame we haven't had a chance to see him properly until now - but perhaps a useful surprise to spring in the cup? When was the last time we could look forward to a Scottish Cup QF without worrying about a potential top flight relegation? Its a good feeling!
  8. I think we are safe as well - it's exceptionally unlikely that Killie/Ross C will win 4 and we will lose 4 but it's still a possibility. That possibility goes tonight if either Ross C or Killie don't win which I think is likely. Hopefully all moot by 10pm tonight
  9. I think we get the draw we need to guarantee safety. Probably an ugly 0-0. If Killie also fail to win we can only finish as low 9th meaning of the last three games will be stress free... And allow us to focus on winning the cup
  10. Was answering a quote - hadn't read the thread until now. Wasn't copying your homework [emoji846]
  11. Ross County and Kilmarnock played each other yesterday - if we lose all our games and both of them win their remaining four games they will both overtake us. If Motherwell beat United or Hamilton then they finish above us as well. Only Hamilton can't catch us so 11th is our worst possible finish. I think we will get a point in Dingwall a week on Wednesday and that will put us safe.
  12. A point against County a week on Wednesday makes us safe for sure.
  13. I've decided to sit in the backdoor and follow the commentary on this thread. Too good a day to be shouting at the TV!
  14. Nice wee home win for Israel against Austria two years ago. The three home defeats have been against Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark - the first two by the odd goal. Israel will not be an easy stop for Austria. Dropped points a real possibility. Nothing to say we can't get a result against Austria on their patch. I think Denmark will probably be a class apart in this group. But 2nd and a play off spot is definitely still realistic
  15. Gutted. As soon as St Johnstone scored I was certain we were going to drop the points. Don't think we can finish bottom but a convoluted set of results can leave us in the playoff spot...
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