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  1. What a chance to secure a play-off for the World Cup with a game to spare. Assuming we secure second on Friday, I'm hoping the results go our way so we are sorted for seeding as well. Unfortunately we will likely need a point against Denmark (or at the very least will need to hope results fall our way on the last round). Seeding would be huge with a home tie in the first round and a 50/50 chance of Hampden for the decider. Of course, lets just get there first. 🙂
  2. Great fightback and a corker from Brophy to get back in it. Thought our penalty was the right call and I think that the keepers trailing foot was just off the line so the linesman's decision was correct - but, being honest, I'd have been RAGING if it had been given against us. Motherwell fans furious about our penalty should take a look at the highlights from Ibrox - now THAT is a 'soft' 'penalty' - outrageous!
  3. Surprisingly easy trip in. Gourock train deposited us at St James at 1438 - straight through turnstiles and in seat for 1445. Slight downer is that we have to leave 5 mins early to get the only train back for 2 hours! Hopefully we have it sewn up by then 🙂
  4. Its been a disappointing start to the season - Im ashamed to say I am not particularly looking forward to my first trip to SMP since 'that' Hearts game.
  5. Its quite frustrating - the first top quality in a few seasons (Home top) and the quality os substandard. I was planning to buy my first top for a long time along with the usual one for the boy - but will be hanging back until all the problems are ironed out. Anyone know what the club is planning to do on this?
  6. Fair play to St Johnstone - trading punches with a decent European side and not looking out of place. Hope they get through. Its good to be able to support a Scottish side in Europe 🤣
  7. As the only top 6 finisher from last season unseeded, I guess on paper an away tie against them is the hardest match we could get. That said - they are unseeded for a reason and do not look anything to fear
  8. If I was a United fan I'd be raging that our three COVID goals count - I wonder how many we would have scored if the game had been played. Fortunately I'm not a United fan - so I'm delighted!
  9. Aye - looking at the table we have an identical record with United down to goals scored - how do they split it after that ? If Hearts end up seeded, either us or United won't be.
  10. Ah correction ! - I forgot we had five Euro teams - so only three winners get seeded. (My original message said that the top 4 winners would be seeded) I doth my cap, Hendo
  11. Fair doos. [emoji1787] Dafty moment for me. Forgot they never made it - so used to it being Scotland. Just desperate for a saints player to feature at a major finals I guess Leaving aside the non possibility regarding McGrath - does anyone know the last Saints player to feature at a major finals?
  12. Great for Jamie and - with my black and white tinted specs on - totally deserved. Would be amazing if he got on the pitch at the Euros! When did the last serving saints player feature at either euros of world cup finals?
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