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  1. Is part of that a typo or confirmation of an infatuation??
  2. The New Anand still does a very good curry....used to be favourite of mine after listening to some live music in Sammy Dow's
  3. Brechin didn't finish in an automatic relegation position and the clubs collectively agreed to no play-offs....you wont like the answer, I get that, but I believe those are the facts!!
  4. You should have handed yourselves in!!
  5. Like your post evidently, like your post indeed!!
  6. Don’t be bringing facts in, it’ll never catch on!!
  7. They’re certainly being coached in that direction!!
  8. Our daughter has been contacted by Storyful and KNM asking to manage the video!!
  9. If only?? It was the real McCoy!!
  10. 2l lucozade, they won't sleep for a week ! It made it on to the Vine show on R2 at lunchtime They only got the last wee bit of their Dad's bottle!!
  11. It's just total, unadulterated innocence (first and last time they'll be having Lucozade incidentally), I actually thought it was going to turn into a ruck when they were wrestling over the bottle!! Twins would you believe!!
  12. FS, believe it or not but they are my Grandkids, haven't seen them for eight weeks. I've just had one of my pals who lives in Dallas tell me they've been on the TV over there...….it's absolutely mental!!
  13. "Although to be honest, I'm fed up hearing grown men whine about not being able to play golf during this time." I'd call that whining about whining but you're more than entitled to do it.....I haven't whined about it or judged you for it, I have said I find it odd, that's all.
  14. Why whine about people whining, just let them whine without judging...….live and let live!!
  15. Yeah, I quite like that too, we had actually turned the hole liners upside down at our club prior to lockdown, it meant the ball only dropped about an inch into the cup allowing the ball to be removed very easily and without touching anything else. As a point of note and in reply to someone above I haven't heard anyone person I know whining about not being able to play golf...….one of the oddest things about the whole lockdown experience for me is the number of people whining about others whining and not noticing the irony, I've always been a kind of "live and let live" sort of guy but hey-ho!!
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