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  1. With your apparent “grandiose” understanding of the business (and real life) world this should be no surprise to you and something you’d “ordinarily” support.
  2. I agree with most of that
  3. I phoned up the NHS Helpline and they said no PCR for 90 days but should still have two negative LFT's to release from self-isolation (that may have changed with yesterday's announcements of course).
  4. Hendo, I'm no zealot and believe that people should be able to chose whether they vaccinate or not. That said I do think there should be restrictions on their options to mix socially and in the workplace in certain situations. I know two unvaccinated people who have recently caught the virus on an island off the west coast (where I'm originally from) where the incidence of Covid is fairly low....they are both pretty unwell and seem to have it far worse than me.....anecdotal maybe but there you are. Vaccinations, for the most part, don't eradicate virus's but certainly limit spread and in most cases (flu for example) limit the damage of the illness attached. This is pretty similar in my view. I don't think we should be parading anyone for anything and people will inadvertently carry and transmit Covid without knowing they have it or have passed it on. That is very different from someone, knowing they are positive, taking the virus out into the community
  5. Don't be ridiculous, society currently isn't shut down. Sure, it has some restrictions but all the rule-makers (Scientists/Politicians etc) are advocating is that people self-isolate until they know they are free from the virus........we still don't know enough about the current strain and it's transmissibility for folk to be back out on the streets "willy-nilly" while they're still carrying the virus. I have felt much better the last few days but know that I still have the virus in my system and the thought of giving that to someone who can't cope with or fight the virus is horrifying. We now know much more about the flu (it wasn't always the case) and have a system in place that protects the vast majority of vulnerable people annually, when we are at that stage with Covid life will be a better place.
  6. BinEK, I'm generally a fit and healthy guy who very rarely gets unwell never mind ill. I tested positive for Covid on Boxing Day and am still testing positive, on LFT, today. I don't know whether I have the Omicron Variant (I suspect I have) or another strain but I recognise every one of the symptoms you've listed. My wife tested positive on Christmas Day but got through it pretty quickly, I on the other hand have had a fairly rough time of it with the Back Pain, Body-aches and Night Sweats being the worst of it. Although not needing hospital treatment I don't ever remember having anything that has made me feel this unwell, I am fully vaccinated and can only imagine how bad it would be if I hadn't been. My whole attitude to Covid has been that I have stuck to whatever guidance/law we were given in the hope that I wouldn't catch Covid but more so that I wouldn't be responsible for giving it to anyone less able to cope with or fight the virus, my belief in that has only been reinforced by my experience of it. Anyone who has Covid and knowingly takes it out into the community needs their balls kicked.
  7. That’s what makes being a Buddie so special ….. really up against it, in a way that Celtic or Rangers will ever understand and pull a result out the bag. Really proud of my team tonight.
  8. Although it’s a huge task tonight it really is a game where senior players, and he is one, stand up and be counted
  9. That would be "majority" shareholder (31% plus "Veto" rights would be fairly "major" in influence)....I agree with the second part though 😇
  10. Not quite what I asked Baz as we are talking about the Club Board and not the SMiSA Board. My belief is that vote has already taken place. With regards to your second part if a vote has taken place and Kibble are doing "it" at all they are acting against the club 's (SMFC) stance, that can only be undemocratic. (Caveat, I thought that JN should have either resigned or been removed from post but that's just my opinion).
  11. You talk about democracy Baz....what if there's been a democratic vote taken within the Boardroom that they draw a line under things and John Needham stays in role. Would it then be undemocratic for one of the major shareholders, represented by two Directors on the Club Board, to seek legal routes to remove John Needham and in your opinion would this be wrong?
  12. Baz, even by your standards that is unbelievable…..we’ve to forgive Kibble everything (because they’re just in the door) but we can shift Needham ( because he’s just in the door), incidentally I think he was in the wrong. For what it’s worth I’ve always had a concern that any body (not anybody) that doesn’t have St Mirren at it’s/their core have such influence over our future as a worry, I’m currently watching the “worst case scenario” play out”.
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