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  1. I'll believe you Ricky, plenty others won't!!!
  2. Ricky Old Chap, when being a smartarse it is probably best to check through your own previous post first!!!!
  3. There was no stamp or kick out and it was more a balance issue, he didn't even look to see where the defender was. I think Brian Rice's reaction at the end says it all, he shakes his head and almost commiserates with McAllister but it's the SFA we're talking about so who knows what the decision will be!!
  4. That would be nothing to do with the abuse he was getting from some of the Saints support!!
  5. Celtic were 21/10, Everton 6/5 and Arsenal Spurs was 5/2 the draw on PaddyPower
  6. On a side note I had a nice wee treble of Celtic, Everton and a draw in the North London derby. £5.00 bet paid out £119.35...…...
  7. If it's true that we got 30% of the £3m transfer fee from Hibs to Villa and also our cut of the promotion bonus from the same deal we'd have already got more from this deal I'd think but purely speculation!!
  8. Afternoon Buds, I’m in Stockholm looking for a livestream of the game, can anyone point me in the right direction??
  9. Looking forward Ricky these conversations and debates will continue until the situation is addressed either by change or a suitable explanation from the top
  10. In fairness it wasn’t a throw away comment it was used as a central point as to how things would be done differently.....I have some sympathy with the commercial decision that has been made but in my opinion GLS should at least have come out and said why things have changed and that possibly his original “statement” was a wee bit foolhardy
  11. With my "business" head on I probably wouldn't have given up W6 and W7 when the reason the overspill was put in place was to allow an option to maximise revenue when larger supports visited. That said I love the improvement in atmosphere since the boys rocked up and do their thing but take emotion out of it and it would have caused a commercial deficit. I can't think that anyone outside the OF would fill the family stands with more people than currently sit in it. I don't like it, and don't want it....in fact I'd go as far as to say I don't want them there and bollocks to the revenue but that's easy to say as a fan. As a business they can't keep on making emotional decisions to financial detriment but I do think more could be done to try and encourage/incentivise our fanbase to increase the number of home fans at the ground that would nullify the necessity to "sell" the family stand.
  12. Agree Tommy re fans in the family stand however W6 and W7 was full of "them" unfortunately
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