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  1. Ibrox, The Albion and White City??
  2. You said nothing about that in the the post I quoted....you suggested there was no difference in costs between TF Stand and the other home stands. Makes no difference to me either way as I sit in the West Stand but the "talk" that you heard was obviously incorrect or ill informed.
  3. The TF Stand is £70.00 cheaper than either The West or Main Stands......
  4. Where I live we are down to two or three deliveries a week due to staff shortages at Royal Mail (mostly due to Covid apprently).......we sometimes get mail a day after it was posted and sometimes over a week. I'm not saying that that's the issue but we've started picking some things up locally rather than having the delivered by post.
  5. I think we’d also then have a better “head to head” record against both Israel and Austria which would be a huge bonus.
  6. I had to look up the answer (Cairters Corner too) but didn't want to give the game away until somebody else came up with the answer
  7. Not disagreeing with the main thrust of your point but I think the bit in bold is incorrect.....Wimbledon FC got permission to re-locate to Milton Keynes and became MK Dons if I remember correctly and didn't go "tits up" in the same manner as Rangers. Many teams down South have gone "tits up" and are still playing (Cardiff, Leeds, Charlton to name a few) although none were "liquidated" if my memory serves me accurately. I also think that the full-time squad in a part-time league is a bit of a Red Herring.......there is no such thing as a "part-time" league as such, they are all senior teams and could be full-time if they wished (and could afford it). There is a bigger issue in that the new club were allowed to constantly and consistently outspend their income with no consideration given to "financial fair-play" from our governing bodies.
  8. I'm a wee bit surprised that Shull hasn't been on here heaping praise on "Her Majesty" for her support for the "Black Lives Matter" movement 😎
  9. I wouldn't sweat on it too much for tomorrow's game........apparently it's in doubt anyway 🙊
  10. Baz, I haven’t really got an issue re the quality of the shirts, it would have only been the second season of strips (I think) that the sponsor wasn’t a stick on transfer…. For me your “take risks in business” line doesn’t stack up in this instance, the club are still selling shirts at top dollar billing despite the less than top dollar quality so where’s the risk?
  11. If you believe that’s how the hierarchy operates at St Mirren I’d disagree….GS pretty well dictated goings on at the club from what I’ve heard
  12. I’m sure that’ll make sense to someone……anyone???🤷
  13. WeeBud

    SMiSA Member Feedback

    For all that is correct Waldorf SMiSA will only canvass their membership (and probably rightly so as that's where their direct responsibility lies)........the club should go to the whole support for similar feedback but I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.
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