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  1. Just checked in case i was talking rubbish....definitely two different bar codes
  2. So do I BinEK, it worked fine for me and I received two bar codes....one for each season ticket
  3. I don't think you've ever mentioned the off the peg Adidas angle before....oh aye, that's right, you do every single season 🤭
  4. You may be right with Tanser and the formation but I don't see Tait as being a starting wingback and you've forgotten McGrath in your three CH's who I would think is a certain starter most weeks.
  5. I agree about wingers and pace
  6. I think most of us would but I'm not so sure JG will.......I'm sure I heard that he doesn't think he works hard enough in closing down in the middle of the park, hope I'm wrong though.
  7. He needs to bin his agent at some point, he is starting to look like a player that won't commit to a club with any conviction.
  8. BinEK please don’t take this the wrong way and I may be wrong but I thought you were vociferously against anyone having a designated seat attached to their season ticket……I understand your predicament and have sympathy with it but a wee bit surprised. I hope you can get it sorted 👍 *I’ve just read your subsequent post and applaud your consistency* 🏁🏁
  9. Dundee United head coach Tam Courts has confirmed the Tannadice club are in signing talks with Jake Doyle-Hayes, the 22-year-old midfielder who has rejected a new deal with Premiership rivals St Mirren. (The Courier)
  10. Same this end FS, apparently Mrs Weebud kept them for posterity 🤷‍♂️
  11. After this summer I'd agree Oaky but given a free-kick to hit or a penalty to take in a three game mini-league and then knock-out competition I'd still take Griffiths in the short term. He's a striker rather than an attacker which makes him different to the other two.
  12. Christie, I suppose, has at least been fit and I thought he looked better for Scotland than he did for Celtic this season. It's an odd one for me as it's any two of Griffiths, Christie or Forrest and there all different types of players.......Griffiths and one other for me but not too fussed which.
  13. No real arguments with your last paragraph although I think I'd have been tempted to find a spot for Griffiths at the expense of either Christie or Forrest as attacking options....he's the closest we've got to a natural finisher and to have him to throw on for the last 20 minutes if we're chasing a game would imo have been a worthwhile gamble.
  14. Gilmour's made it but Gauld hasn't....I'm not sure I wouldn't have found a space for Gauld at the exclusion of Fleck.
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