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  1. WeeBud

    The Vaccine

    I got mine yesterday RichardBuddie and by the time I went to bed last night I wasn't feeling particularly well and pretty fevered.........a groggy start to this morning but now I feel right as rain, hang in RB
  2. Because "essential workers" are allowed onto the islands and generally stay in the hotels which are attached to the local pubs. If the pubs are open to all then the "essential workers" will mix with the locals in a bar with alcohol flowing and, as always with alcohol, peoples inhibitions and awareness of their environment will drop.....it really is pretty simple!!
  3. It’s really about health in all honesty, it’s not there just now and the islanders want to see the effects of the loosening of travel restrictions before allowing free travel to the island......the FM has already said that the islands will have a say in when they are available to everyone. Barra had over 5% of its population contract the virus and had over 10% self isolating in an outbreak over a seven day period.....as I said the age and vulnerability of the island population puts it at more risk than mainland and very few of the islands have hospitals or hospital beds.
  4. I pressed it FS and got a guy telling me that I had been investigated for fraud and that I owed thousands in Tax and had been taken to court and my case was imminent. I explained to him I didn't think this was correct he asked if I had a lawyer as they were prepared to represent me if I didn't. I further explained that I work in and around Tax Legislation and Employment Law and that my Accountant was also my Agent for my finances and that I would have expected to hear about this investigation from him before it got to court....he sighed and hung up!! I've had the same message from a few different numbers now about the same thing but have checked with both my Accountant and HMRC and apparently I'm in the clear....phew!!
  5. I'm originally from an island in Argyll, still have a house there and haven't visited it since the summer.......the people on the island have requested that no-one outwith the island population or people on essential business be allowed on the island until three weeks after the lifting of the travel restrictions on April 26th, they took a vote/poll on the island and that was the outcome. The reasoning behind it being that they managed to keep Covid at bay by not having visitors and, using Barra as an example, want to make sure that continues. It doesn't suit everyone on the island but that has been the collective decision and if, as suggested, the FM will allow islanders to make their own decisions that's what it will be.....I think many of the areas you have quoted (especially Shetland and Western Isles) will be similar due to the age and vulnerability of their populations.
  6. It sits between two industrial estates, it would be fairly unlikely.
  7. Only on the other side of the railway, I would expect the land would either be industrial or supermarket retail on that site.
  8. I'd think so HSS and i believe they also own the land across from Cappielow where the car park and all the land stretching to the old indoor bowling rink (or cohorts of theirs do). There has always been chat of Asda coming to Greenock and don't whether that may be seen as a suitable site if they had it all.
  9. This is where it gets interesting HSS....what I have heard is that the Easedale's want the land at Cappielow, they own absolutely everything else in that area and it would be worth quite a lot to them financially. They also own the site at IBM now so the land would effectively be free.....I'm guessing what they would build would be fairly basic but would be purpose built, by the Easdales, for modern football whereas Cappielow is in some state and it costs a fortune just to keep it as it is.
  10. It might be a shorter time than you'd think HSS, both the IBM site and the Power Station site are going through a local consultation process at the moment and I've a wee feeling that Planning won't be as difficult to get as it was pre-Covid, the Council will allow just about anything to drive jobs in the area no matter how short-term.
  11. They're plenty involved behind the scenes "Windae Cleaner" and through McGills pay for loads of stuff including all the youth level teams (when Covid allows). There's very little they're not involved in down this way unfortunately.
  12. I think a lot of that is down to body position when they receive the ball. Most of our passes, even when attacking, are straight across the pitch and the receiver is generally static when the ball comes to them....... we really could do with a Dorman type player who can make late runs with an instinctive eye for a scoring opportunity.
  13. I loved both those goals (and I know it's slightly off topic) but my favourite "iconic" Scotland goal is Dalglish v Wales at Anfield.
  14. He also took a knock on his newly recovered knee on Saturday....for a guy that didn't play for a year his recovery is going just fine and he'll be building match fitness along the way
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