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  1. He was beaten twice at their goal and looks like a little boy lost in open play
  2. Gerty was alright really but very proficient with the tawse
  3. In fairness Yflab anyBuddie can access the 1877 Club after the game, it's obviously your choice but a decent shout from Portmahomack Saint if your hoping to safeguard your memorabilia.......I absolutely agree about a Supporter's Museum
  4. I don't really pay attention to what Lyle Taylor says or thinks....he goes down too easily and prone to taking a dive never mind taking a knee, that makes his opinion worthless to me, I'm surprised at you Shull🤷‍♂️
  5. Although a different league and possibly a different set of rules this may help:- Grimsby Town: League Two club fined after Covid-19 fixture postponements - BBC Sport
  6. The rights and wrongs of our case are separate to Graham Alexander being at Pittodrie, he was there scouting the opposition and therefore would qualify for one of the four scouting slots (technically he is a scout in this instance). For what it's worth I thought the SPFL were at best clumsy in their handling of Kilmarnock and our situations and saw it as an opportunity to come down hard on a couple of the smaller teams, in light of this week's goings on they may well rue that approach.
  7. So Graham Alexander would have been 1 of the allowed 4 scouts from the teams next two opponents.
  8. I would think that observing and analysing opponents is an essential part of his role. I don't think that this can be done by TV either as you don't really see the game as effectively.
  9. I heard he had bought London with all his wealth 😎
  10. It was "tongue in cheek" at you and your Killie pal in a small attempt at levity around your, in my opinion, over-reaction to our signing Brophy.....the best bit now is that he seems to think that shite Brophy (his opnion) is worth the same £200,000 as Magennis.
  11. And how does he know what's in our bank?? You used the term "breaking the bank" days ago.
  12. Not in my opinion no, someone else suggested it but I can't quite remember who.....oh aye, now I remember, it was Ronnie!!
  13. I'm surprised that he's bothered as apparently he thinks he's pretty rotten...... surely better to release him, save on a wage and weaken a rival who have broken the bank to sign him.
  14. That's for all staff Oaky and not just playing staff so not too bad.
  15. Not too sure about the wages bit Div, our overall T/O was £4.07m and wages would then represent over 100 % of T/O. The wages section shows that overall wages were £2.65m against £2.98 last year which is still a significant reduction.
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