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  1. I agree but when you take into consideration we had to beat Aberdeen away, Celtic and Collum at Hampden and the Hearts in the final then the unlikely can be achieved. Clarke took over Killie who were absolutely doomed under McCulloch and got them to third, St Johnstone are regular visitors to the top six. No-one is saying we should permanently be in the top four or six but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it
  2. Thommo would probably have said the same about scoring in a winning cup final for his heroes after beating Celtic in a semi and scoring in that one too......it can happen if only seldom
  3. I'm guessing you don't count Hazard's willingness to fall over (diving) cheating?? It doesn't matter the gravity of the game being played, cheating is cheating!!
  4. 32 Defender Alfie Jones ENG 2018/2019 Key Performance Stats Last updated 16 May 2019 Games Played 0 Minutes played 0 Games Started 0 Goals 0
  5. Ironically a good few of the others were signed by Jack Ross, I'm sure there was some guy continually "bitchin" about him but can't quite remember who that was and a fair few directly from "the academy"......in fact the some playing time of any of Stubbs signings was 22 minutes by Cody Cooke ( a player I like incidentally)!! In essence thank The Good "Lord" for The Academy, Jack Ross and Oran Kearney......maybe a wee mention for Rae too for bringing in MacKenzie!!
  6. I never noticed anything but wasn't really looking for anything, what did Wright do??
  7. I live in Inverclyde and have offices in Greenock …… word on the street is that the likelihood, now that the Rae's aren't bankrolling the club, will be P/T football and possibly from next season...…..
  8. I'm sure he's not looking for anybody's thanks and bear in mind he is a businessman, I don't think for a second that he has just done this out the goodness of his heart. I'm sure he would probably rather be judged on what he has or hasn't achieved since he's been in position...… I think there are things he has done well (some very) and some things he has done poorly (some very).
  9. Do you worship there daily or just weekly??
  10. And we're off...………...
  11. I don’t think it’s just the “money making” but more of the “cost saving” for a lot of these clubs. If their first, development and youth teams can all train in it too that is a lot of money saved from trying to find grass training facilities etc I’m not saying I think they should stay, I hated playing on them and even more so watching games on them.
  12. If you're only looking at the financials DumboBud whether they attended or not is immaterial in so far as they hadn't paid for that ticket within their season tickets. Every seat in the Family Stand last night was paid for, there is no real argument that it is financially beneficial for the club to do what they did...…..the morality of it is a whole different thing though!! For the record I know of 3 Adult ST holders who did attend and took their kids, some will some won't but a lot that didn't attend probably wouldn't have attended anyway because of the poison that surrounds every OF fixture.
  13. Remember that everything we purchase has VAT attached to it too, there will be some trade off so your figure isn't entirely accurate!!
  14. I'm not saying the figures are correct or not but how do you know how many home "paying" fans in the family stand didn't go to any of the OF games? A lot of the attendees in that stand are on "free" tickets whether given away by the club to schools, clubs etc or kids whose season tickets are free due to age and parents season ticket. Neither am I saying it's the "correct" thing to do to give the stand over but I think it's fair to say that the club certainly gain financially by doing so.
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