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  1. Yflab, I've stayed out of most of the "Covid" chat on here as one of my daughters worked on the designated Covid wards in Royal Winchester Hospital right through what we thought was the worst of it (they are seeing numbers rise again) and they are preparing for Round 2 so to speak. To read your earlier thoughts on the majority of those working for the NHS was quite touching, some of the other stuff I've read on this thread (posturing, provoking, point-scoring) has been quite disappointing to witness but it was my choice to read most of it. With regards to the bit in bold I truly hope that's not the case but can see why many could/would come to that conclusion, from some of what I've read on here there are probably some that wouldn't be too unhappy about it either,,,it would certainly give them a chance to say "I told you so". I'm not sure if there is a similar service up here but my daughter, on her days off, is helping through a volunteer service in conjunction with the Doctor's Surgeries and Health Clinics to provide a mobile flu jab option for those who are unable to or too nervous to attend the flu jab centres meaning they don't even have to leave home. If anyone is worrying about an elderly/vulnerable relative not getting their jab it may be worthwhile checking with their local GP if this option is available.
  2. C’mon Chappie for f**k sake, this guy “Was a football scout for various clubs and level 4 coach..spent a long time at training grounds to know what is wrong with Scottish football”, are you really not going to just accept he’s not a “warmer” and take his word as gospel??
  3. Which would be relevant if nobody was allowed to visit, I’m currently on a different island with a similar situation and like a huge number of residents on Arran probably don’t want visitors. Imagine telling all the businesses who rely on visitors (hotels, B&B’s and self-catering accommodations) that its okay “we’ve shut the piers and borders so that no-one can visit but at least the pubs are open”. The other option may be to close down travel but that will impact on someone else. I guess what I’m saying is that criticism is easy, solutions are harder to find.
  4. I think that when you think of how many great songs Roddy Frame wrote it speaks volumes the he included this cover on Aztec Camera’s “Best Of” album
  5. A wee bit confused by what you're saying here Hendo and I'm not questioning your thoughts as I generally think most of your posts and points are sane. Having previously suggested that the FM is over-cautious and things should open up more (if I read your previous points correctly), are you now suggesting that she is now restricting testing so that a lower number of cases are being reported or are you suggesting it's the UK Government that are doing it??
  6. His booking summed him up. Shaughnessy being available will hopefully see Foley back in midfield and Sheron nowhere near a starting place.
  7. Is a straight red not a minimum of two matches??
  8. Sorry Kenny, I didn’t mean to appear to be disagreeing with your point, more expanding on it!!
  9. That would work had the game been stopped for a foul, it hadn’t. Play was allowed to continue because the referee saw no foul, it wasn’t a case of waiting to see how play developed as there was obviously no potential advantage to Ross County. The game was stopped because of injury, which wasn’t even a head knock, and then the 4th official became involved.......had he called it straight away then there may be an argument for your quote above but the 4th official wasn't better placed than either the referee nor the far side linesman so no way was it clearly visible. I don’t think it was any anti-St Mirren thing but I doesn’t sit right.
  10. Thanks FTOF Re the bit in bold, there were three pupils who got A’s in their prelim and all predicted A passes, all three were awarded B’s.........probably what we get for living in Inverclyde.
  11. I think that is at Dundee, there is a six year course in Edinburgh that takes you on three A's and two B's at end of 5th Year and the two Advanced Highers at C or above but it is a Six Year Course...…..strangely we were going through the syallabus last night in light of my daughter's situation. The Widening Access they mention does take Postcodes into account. It is still far from ideal though but hopefully not all lost for her (the girl from the BBC). https://www.ed.ac.uk/studying/undergraduate/degrees/index.php?action=view&code=a100 Standard entry requirement The standard entry requirement is: SQA Highers: AAAAB by end of S5 and BB at Advanced Higher. A Levels: AAA. IB: 37 points with 766 at HL. Minimum entry requirement The minimum entry requirement for widening access applicants is: SQA Highers: AAABB by end of S5 and CC at Advanced Higher. A Levels: AAB. IB: 36 overall with 666 at HL. More information for widening access applicants
  12. Hopefully the appeals process works for her Oaky, our daughter got 89% for her one of her prelims and was predicted an "A" but was downgraded to a "B" because of the school's previous performance.....the school was on the phone yesterday by 09:00 telling us they were appealing on her behalf without us even asking. No matter the outcome of the appeal it took the gloss off what should have been a special day
  13. In fairness he did ok in midfield though!!
  14. Except I actually know who he is Antrin, once again he is talking nonsense!!
  15. Does your Narcissism know no bounds?? She actually spoke to you once in the 1877 Club when your group took all the available chairs to watch the Old Firm game and blocked the area between the entrance and the bar. She thought you were arrogant, I told her to respect her elders......maybe I was wrong 🤷‍♂️
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