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  1. In fairness to Calmac they are operating a strictly lifeline service only to the isles and without a good reason you can't travel, there are no catering outlets open etc, that is limiting the risk. There are somethings that do appear to be overbearing but my honest experience through speaking with friends and family on the island is that they are happy, as far as possible, to sit it out.
  2. You can't block the ports though Stuart, most of the islands aren't food producing for a start, mainland suppliers and keyworkers need access to the island network and there is always a chance that one person brings the virus on to the island. On the island that I know best there are no hospital beds as such, they have made a make-shift ward in a church hall. The Air Ambulance Service doesn't have any proper means to transport a Covid-19 patient, indeed Loganair converted a plane to be capable of carrying one passenger this week just to try and support the island communities.
  3. You still have to isolate for a period until there is a long enough "break" period from the last potential carrier leaving the island, a lot of the residents on the islands rely on people coming in and out of their houses (home helps, meals-on-wheels type stuff etc)…….the safest thing for them all to do is to follow the guidelines until they know the island is clear.
  4. Stu I originally hail from one of the small isles off the west coast and the local population (certainly the ones I have spoken to or communicated with) are more than happy with the current situation. Their bigger issue is with the number of "second home" owners (which I am now one of) who headed to the island to turn lockdown into a holiday. On most of the islands there is a larger percentage of "vulnerable (mostly age related) category people" and the local health provision just isn't large enough to cope with any sort of outbreak. I am lucky enough not to be from Coll but there is a piece on the BBC website by Rob Wainwright (ex-Lions skipper) which highlights the difficulties and effects of Covid-19 should it arrive on the island. You love your stats, go and have a look at how the islands have fared during previous viral epidemics that have arrived on their shores, it doesn't make pleasant reading.
  5. Unfortunately Old Sweep isn't content with it being an individual thing!! I agree that it should be an individual thing but Evangelism truly gets on my tits...…...can you imagine being stopped in the street by a couple of randoms trying to educate you that God doesn't exist and yet we've to respect others rights to preach to us about their beliefs because they think he/she does.
  6. As in "knocked down" Cockles?? That'd be a real pity as done up it would still be a cracking building.
  7. Bwahahahahahah………...…..
  8. I would say that the financial benefits would be discussed and assessed generally within and between the boardrooms.....the unique element here is the makeup of one of the stakeholders (SMiSA).
  9. Me too Turrabuddie although unfortunately I have read every post!! Plunge taken and vote made
  10. Neither of these actually appear in the proposed legal agreement. For "veto" the relevant term is "mutual agreement"; and this only applies to matters specifically listed in the agreement, e.g. the items listed in your extract, that require mutual approval of the three/two major shareholders. And these are mostly the same items which currently require SMiSA's mutual approval in our agreement with Gordon Scott. Slarti, I think the above is where that part came from...……...again I am not crying foul but I am always concerned (because of my professional life) that things are covered properly. I haven't, and I have looked (although it could be sitting somewhere obvious and I've missed it), seen the proposed legal agreement and I think GLS/SMiSA/Kibble have been a bit loose in the way they have talked about Veto's and Major Decisions from both the sales pitch and at the meeting. I'm not in anyway accusing anyone of anything underhand I just think the whole thing could have been handled better, the fact that they are pushing "their agenda" will always make some look with a suspicious eye.
  11. Probably finished the season before that, he’s my cousin who played pro for 17 years for Nottingham Panthers, Peterborough Pirates and finished his career at Paisley. Played all his junior hockey for Glasgow Dynamo’s
  12. Do you remember Kenny McKie??
  13. In fairness Antrin that's probably not where I'd look for an unbiased account on what did or didn't happen.....that said, for the most part, I'm in your camp on this!!
  14. That sounds like Sweeper07's favourite fetish site!!
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