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  1. WeeBud

    Let Me In...............

    Ya Beauty!!!!
  2. WeeBud

    Music Gigs

    He was more than decent last night at the Royal Concert Hall too, a great evening.
  3. WeeBud

    St Mirren Photos

    Tommy Bryceland?? Incidentally, what position did Martina Navratalova play??
  4. WeeBud

    Brexit Negotiations

    Which one of the "leave" candidates that May defeated in the Conservative leadership contest would you have had then.....I am no fan of May nor a supporter of any particular political party but due to the quality of MP's in that contest she couldn't lose!!
  5. My Aunt and Uncle moved in to Moss Heights when they were brand new and only left five years ago, their actual flat was on the fifth floor furthest right in your picture.....what a view you got from up there!!
  6. My personal take on it is the he’s 100% responsible for it.....I accept he anticipated contact but he decided to embellish it or make the most of it to gain an advantage, I don’t actually have an issue with that. He therefore is trying to influence the referee and it doesn’t come off for him and is left simulating contact and should be a booking
  7. WeeBud

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    I hope you are right Ricky but still over 4000 tickets available for the home end!!
  8. That was explaining continuation, just over a longer distance!!
  9. if the keeper does what Tansey did is it play on?? Plain and simple yes or no answer??
  10. WeeBud

    Brexit Negotiations

    Back to the Future with you BOK!!
  11. I disagree Wendy if you are allowing that a foul/infringement that starts outside the area carries on into the area is a continuation then even in the instance of shirt-pulling you are saying that running is a different action. I will however give you a different situation that will blur the lines even more with regards to Dallas's decision......if a goalkeeper handles the ball outside his area and takes the ball back into the area in hand, is it a free-kick or play-on?? Dallas and his linesman, I believe, thought that the ball was initially handled inside the area and was just a shit decision.
  12. Ask him what would happen if a player caught the ball in his opponent's area and ran the length of the pitch before dropping it in his own box...….does he think it would be a penalty?? If it's Dermot Gallagher's interpretation he is quoting Gallagher actually claims that Tansey was on the line when he made contact with the ball which we've all seen he wasn't. Steve Conroy, quoted in the same paper, says it wasn't a penalty. He did well to use the word irrefutable in a sentence though. Gallagher did claim that the fourth should have been a penalty as the "tackle" began outside the box but continued in to the box. The match reporter called the match a "Dallas error-fest"
  13. WeeBud

    Will you have to pay to park at work?

    I get what you are saying about "your" circumstances St Ricky but location and lack of parking will be a lot to do with that...…..my business runs in Inverclyde in an area where the town centre is already struggling and keeping businesses in the area is already difficult, taxing businesses for parking spaces when there is plenty of available "free" street parking would make it an even less attractive situation.