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  1. The ball boy certainly shouldn’t have caught the ball but in fairness to Isner he knew the point was lost and didn’t complain too much…..imagine that was a McEnroe or Kyrgios, fireworks everywhere!!
  2. They were voted in on an "Independence" ticket and have a majority in Holyrood even with the "AMS" system......it's an even bigger majority when you look at Scottish MP spread within Westminster. I don't disagree re Devo Max but let's be honest, that would take placing trust in Westminster and they have pretty well reneged on "The Vow".
  3. Adults probably shouldn't need there behaviours "ignored"....
  4. Separating votes into "regions" is done almost everywhere and at almost every vote, why should that one be different? I think there needs to be some context applied here FS.....the "no" campaign was very much centred around the EU membership debate (remember Cameron, Milliband and Clegg (supported by Brown) crossing the border to tell Scotland such despite saying it was solely a matter for the Scottish Electorate, "if Scotland leaves the UK it leaves the EU" but "remain in the UK and you'll remain in the EU". In that context I think it is more than fair to separate the "Scottish Electorate" in that particular debate despite the overall result.
  5. With respect Ricky, that’s bollocks. I don’t agree with many things that FS posts and am aware that, at best, he can be contrary…..you, however, drag the same rubbish (in your superior manner (unworthy or otherwise)) into every thread. I do believe that on occasion you add value to the forum with your thoughts/opinions/anecdotes but you cheapen all of your contributions with your inane baiting and incessant trolling drivel.
  6. Are you still floundering about in here??
  7. I drove many buses through that pend. I drove many buses through that pend. When I played amateur football in Paisley one of our trainers, John Steel, worked for Western....any time we were playing a big game away or going on a weekend "end of season" trip John organised us a bus departing from the depot. All the drivers seemed to know we were coming, who we were and wished us good luck on our travels........good memories!!
  8. Dad got our first colour TV for the 1978 World Cup from Rediffusion which came with a free Adidas Tango. Our house was packed with neighbours to watch the games and the garden was packed with kids playing football the whole summer long.
  9. Thanks FS….been following your commentary from Charles de Gaulle Airport, the match wasn’t on any of the screens. Pity about the result, and the injury, but there’s no doubt Murray is making progress…..you have to admire his determination when many others would have retired on a great career. Right, off to Yerevan and hopefully three points on Tuesday evening 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  10. Just about to head off to Hampden, via the pub of course, I promise you I will not be partaking in this self-indulgent, wallowing in other's pity pish. I absolutely stand with Ukraine against what is happening and will be very respectful of their People, their Nation and their Anthem but anything else seems to be patronising to me, we have some Ukrainians who work through our business and they don't really like the idea of this.........they would certainly like more practical help (shelter, money weapons and military) for their people at home or those escaping the conflict, actions more than words etc. All of that said, if they beat us tonight I hope they gub the Welsh at the weekend........C'mon Scotland
  11. Not too different in Construction CG, plenty of vacancies but not enough skilled workers to fill them.....as long as we can find a foreign Bamber Gascoigne that can lay bricks everything should be ok!!
  12. I agree with some of this CB however we still managed to accrue 6 points in that 11 game spell so only 5 defeats (2 of them to Rangers), it wasn't great but imo this is worse. I haven't called for SR's head but this doesn't have a good feel to it.
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