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  1. Better to see a Goalie annoyed at losing a goal instead of one who is embarrassed.
  2. At last a job for Langfield
  3. Bring in Sutton on a month by month contract. If I remember rightly he always looked more interested and played better around contract negotiations time.
  4. Don’t buy this we are behind everyone in our planning. Dumbarton – Part Time and only safe a week after we were. Dundee Utd – Only relegated last night and will be looking to downsize. Dunfermline – Granted Morton- Granted but with much lower budget QOS - Granted but with much lower budget *Falkirk/Hibs/Raith (2 of these) – Still don’t know what division to plan for *Kilmarnock/Hamilton/Thistle – Still don’t know what division to plan for *Livingston/Ayr/Peterhead//Stranraer – Still don’t know what division to plan for We may have wanted to be further on but we are not behind most of the league even at this stage. Do remember that dependent on the playoff outcomes, and the fact that some managers will no doubt change, there will be a lot of “Premier League” players cut adrift. Also any loans (perhaps Shankland back? – Aberdeen are looking to sign Simon Church) won’t happen until the merry go round stops. Let’s just do the best business possible & move onwards & upwards
  5. Class act. Sometimes to clever for our lot. Well done
  6. See in PDE that he labelled himself as his own worst critic.............................Really??????............ Obviously doesn't read on here.
  7. If I remember correctly, if they built the stand it would stray into the exclusion zone for the Grangemouth petro plant
  8. What???? Where???? Only in your head where the other voices live. You should get a life and stop working so hard on the negative sub text.
  9. Is also decent cover at centre back
  10. Aye because you're usually on the money. Over 40,000 posts and nae sense!
  11. Having been away, I have now caught up with the postings on here and I am astounded that there are still arguments over oldco – newco. How tedious! The same folk are on here slating the BoD for the decisions they have made because “SG & co should remember the club belongs to the fans and the fans are the club”. Funny how the blue vermin (Who I hate with a passion) are the legal entity. Let it go. Their fans feel the same!!!
  12. Agree with this. Have felt that since they came into the team both have had good spells but likewise both have contributed to the defensive issues. I have always felt that both tend to defend while gravitating towards central defence and not coming out to meet any opponent on the wing. How many goals have we lost from unchallenged crosses. However, I don't blame them. You can't ask the boys to become full backs without teaching them how to play the role. First priority being the stop the ball getting into the area. We did the same with Cheesy when he first came into the side. Haven't seen one of our young CHs who have the pace or nouse to play thr role properly. If we can see the problem how can no-one in the technical area? Give them a go in central defence and lets see how good they are. An experienced player beside them to help & guide would work for me.
  13. Not fair implying that Cheesy is always the baddie! What abount this "AND" fella who's always there as well (I've never noticed the 3 at the back). In the PDE they reported Cheesy had a race against time to be fit. My monies on time as I don't think Cheesy has won a race yet this season.
  14. It would be great to have him back in Scotland. I've really missed his rent a quote when anyone at Ibrox, Parkhead or Tynecastle sneezed. Who did he actually manage anyway? And why is someone of his calibre available?
  15. How about the Main stand at Love St? Great at the time. Did the job. Much loved by all. Passed its sell by date and ultimately in danger of collapse. And of course - now gone. (Funny how we lamented its passing but soon got used to its replacement)