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  1. Surely after giving the fakes 2 penalties last time in Perth and the 4 at Ibrox, he must be due to give us something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lyons hopefully due back in as well.
  3. Agreed. Family took me there for my 60th. Course brilliantly set up for the average player (Play of 20). Then they make it severe for the pros. as they say play Carnoustie before you die.
  4. Yeah ME! You're not the first to notice.
  5. No I'm not. it relates to all board appointed directors whatever their role. whether Executive or Non executive.
  6. In terms of the Companies act, it does refer to and only to appointed company directors (i.e. board appointments). It covers any remuneration paid to these directors during their time as a director either for the full financial year or the part relating to their tenure. If their hold other roles e.g. CEO of Company Secretary this is irrelevant for disclosure purposes. Directors remuneration is all of their payments.
  7. He's called Brian and got bored with this and gave up at page 10. I, however, am made a sterner stuff but I'm away to join him now.
  8. Pity we hadn't signed him before last Saturday. All of which were sadly lacking. Welcome Ryan
  9. Always bring a couple with me for a good cause. Damn!! Now I'm also a goody two shoes!
  10. Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not Dicko. I'm a longstanding fan and season ticket holder, SMISA subscriber proud to have my name on the wall + a brick. Never been a customer and I'm not a self appointed expert in anything. Never smoked or fitted a pipe in my life. Never been a successful coach of a boys club. Don't know the price of footballs or why SMISA are a bunch of gangsters who work illegally and rip of my cash. In fact don't know what I'm doing here at all. I think I mast be a Knicker Wetting, Happy Clapper I'm away to lie down in a darkened room away from all you clever folk. Over and out!!
  11. Except when he's a customer of course!!!
  12. Yes. Heard he was signed by Hamilton when they were ready to bin Canning but they went on a wee run. Was coaching the under age teams and was well thought of. Has all his coaching badges and was quoted as saying the Saints play they way he would want to if he was a manager. He was also signed just before the Barnsley speculation. 2+2=5ish
  13. Same could be said about Davis against East Fife.
  14. It could indeed! Here is another straw to clutch at.In his last game against Dundee Utd , the second goal was scored after he got himself injured if we are going to be pedantic. A bad injury he sustained over reaching for a ball he had miss controlled. Yes we miss him. Yes we want him back as soon as possible. BUT last seasons great escape was completed with Baird (Booooo!) & McKenzie in central defence.
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