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  1. I think that our stats were actually pretty good that game, except for the one that really mattered.
  2. The Great Politics Thread

    Some of these people even think that Asda charges £400 per kilo for spaghetti.
  3. The Great Politics Thread

    I wonder why it is that some people have no understanding of things (like numbers, percentages, plain English, politics and now dates) yet they still attempt to "debate" about them and only continually succeed to prove that they know nothing about them? All this while providing links that either have nothing to do with the "debated" point or that, sometimes (for sometimes, read usually) prove them to be wrong. Is it delusion? Stupidity? Misplaced arrogance? Numbnuttedness? Some sort of perversion? Any other options?
  4. The Great Politics Thread

    I didn't say that you did say that. [emoji14] Apology accepted in advance of your reply. [emoji4] Would hoping for sick people to die, children to go uneducated and criminals not to get caught or punished - on top of the baby thing - be worse? If so, I know someone who did that. : Edit: It wasn't even for political gain, it was to "point score" on a daft football forum.
  5. The Great Politics Thread

    Tough shit, I'm not going to reply. Aw, feck.
  6. The Great Politics Thread

    Sorry, I've got to defend him here, he never said he'd be "happy" for it to happen, he said that he "HOPED" it would happen. Whether he was hoping for something to make him happy, sad or just mildly content is anyone's guess - he is a weird c**t, after all.
  7. The Great Politics Thread

    FFS, don't talk about babies, he'll be out digging graves in a minute.
  8. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

    Am I the only one who thought the original Blade Runner was shite?
  9. The Great Politics Thread

    Didn't know desserts could have dogs.
  10. The Great Politics Thread

    You shouldn't entertain him, just talk about him, not too him, it will eventually send him scurrying away again like the whiney wee bitch he is. You could also do the same with #thichasfcuk.
  11. The Great Politics Thread

    That's me. I'm a transgender lesbian in a man's body. Hope I've worked that out right. [emoji4] Probably not.
  12. The Great Politics Thread

    Anyway, I know that I've already said that it's too early to predict the next Scottish election result but ... I predict that the Tories share will fall (since they gained voters from the Labour side who are now thinking "oh f**k, what have we done?"), the SNP will remain about the same (a couple of % points either way), the LibDems will also remain about the same, with Labour regaining the voters they lost to the Tories and keeping most of the ones they got from the SNP. I reserve the right to amend this prediction if/when "major" political shit happens. Basically, wee Ruthie never had a good election, the SNP had a bad one and Labour, with KD, were all over the place.
  13. The Great Politics Thread

    I thought that was because the SNP guy has a bigger cock. Notice I said "has" not "is".
  14. Disgrace

    "I running"? Do what? Lose what?