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  1. f**k it, I'm drunk but I'll take you on in an organised boxing match. Give me six months to get fit and I'll take bluto on in the race on the same day. I've got a frozen shoulder just now but I'm still up for it in six months time. Let's do it. Edit: Just to let you know, I've never boxed (in a ring) in my life and I have never been good at distance running, I was always a sprinter. Edit (again): I'm 50, overweight and unfit at the moment. What charity are we doing it for? Edit (and again): And I smoke.
  2. LOL. "Was"?!?!?
  3. How do you work that out? Ignoring better players/manager, just using the fact that there are four teams in it and only one can win. We are obviously 3 to 1 against, the same as everyone else but that is one chance in four. I'm drunk just now though, so I might be missing something blatantly obvious.
  4. A Tennent's beer festival?
  5. Greenock?
  6. Is that how long ago you worked on it?
  7. Now, why does that sign say "EXI"?
  8. So you still don't understand why a self proclaimed (and proclaimed many, many times) atheist would treat Xmas day the same as any other day? I think that says more about you than him. #thichasfcuk
  9. Lol. Just edited my post as you were replying.
  10. Can't see it properly because of the reflection but it looks like it says "30th Anniversarie" at the top - or does it say "Anniversaries", as in the beer festival and the cup win?
  11. Is that 700 people or 700 votes at 6 votes per person (1, 2 & 3 in each of the 2 categories)?
  12. I've never had a mandate, I just don't swing that way. Where's ma coat?
  13. Do you honestly think that I read your post when you posted it and then didn't respond for an hour? Any more of that nonsense and I'll be telling your Mrs why she is really going to Edinburgh.
  14. Aye, 3 points.
  15. You did, but it doesn't answer the question.