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  1. He's actually claiming that he knows what positions the current top four will be in when we play them - even though we could possibly play the 2nd top team 3 games in a row, or the 3rd top team. The way you put it is more likely to be accurate as I think it is more probable that the current top four will remain the top four than they will stay in their current positions within the top four (except Hibs, who will stay top).
  2. It's not the fat that's the worst bit. You'd be better cutting the fat off, chucking the rest of it away and just eating the fat.
  3. Dot

    I think you've all gone a bit dotty.
  4. What cup? You need to be more specific.
  5. That's different from saying that the speed of light is a constant.
  6. Not if a defender clears the one Ayr on target shot off the line. The other saves/shots stuff has already been addressed.
  7. You'll need to wait and see if Oaky agrees.
  8. You're right, that is pretty unintelligent. Everyone knows that people are only stupid if they disagree with Oaky.
  9. Honest people? Like a few more private hire drivers?
  10. I used to think that as well, but it's actually Penrod "Penry" Pooch. Hoodathunkit?
  11. Lazy bastard.
  12. He asked " Is that the old Thomosn cycle shop?", not "Is it Penry, the mild mannered janitor?".
  13. I agree with all of that except the binning of this thread. It should be kept at least until the OP has admitted he was wrong which, of course, there is no chance of happening until we are safe.