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  1. You expect him to leave before we win the Premiership in 2019? I think he will stay for the CL challenge. Bound to happen - Tony said so, and he wisnae just sayin' that.
  2. Yes, I am aware of all that. That will obviously change if he goes to QPR.
  3. But he has played in the third tier (the old Second Division) of Scottish football.
  4. All full time players start off as part time, whether that be as adults in the lower leagues/juniors or at boys/youth level. Therefore, every player who makes it as full time has successfully stepped up from part time.
  5. Could be worse, could be a WASP.
  6. Quite feckin right, ya monkey.
  7. Maybe none of them, including the receptionist, really want to be here. Maybe they, like Davidson, really want to be in London.
  8. Get up, do stuff, go to game.
  9. Stupid idea, feck off.
  10. Haven't watched it yet so, no.
  11. As you say, that was a different bunch of bigots.
  12. Proud that you've figured out how to put an X in a box? Well, for you, I suppose that is an achievement.
  13. I think they should be convinced/brainwashed (whatever way you want to put it) into believing that there is no afterlife ... then hanged.
  14. Lee Fawkes released. Shame, he's a good Guy.
  15. OK. Tell him that when he sees Alan Combe to tell him he was shite.