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  1. Looking down that list, just to piss shull off, should we sign ... Ciaran Diver?
  2. It's not often you're funny, but that ... [emoji38]
  3. Just how would you go about testing the wit of a gnat? Are some gnats wittier than others? Is there a Billy Connolly of gnats?
  4. Here was me thinking it was a riv... nah, never mind.
  5. They have. Only those resident in South Sudan were able to vote (to split from Sudan) in their referendum. Admittedly, a lot of refugees from the civil war returned and registered to vote.
  6. Funnily enough, I read somewhere (honest injun, ah did) that the average IQ in Scotland falls every April and rises every October. [emoji38] Being independent countries, these places already have regulations on who is a national in their countries. Scotland doesn't have that at the moment and therefore some way of deciding has to be, ahem, decided upon. Where would you draw the line on who qualifies to vote? Especially given the old adage: The world is divided into two kinds of people, those who ARE Scots and those who would like to be.
  7. Boris doesn't care if it is a good deal. He could come back with the worst deal possible and claim he was just acting on what the country voted for. Then he will (probably) start cutting people's rights etc. and make a fortune, along with his already loaded backers. The sooner we're out of this the better, IMO.
  8. The main problem is probably who decides who is eligible to claim to be Scottish. Those born in Scotland? Those born of one or two parents who were born in Scotland? Those with any Scottish ancestry at all? Those who have had whisky, haggis or Irn Bru? No matter what condition you applied, the "next one on the list" would also want a say. Residency is the only real practical way to decide. Out of curiosity, antrin, do you have a Scottish tax code?
  9. Since there is no such thing as a truly selfless act, we all probably are, just some more than others.
  10. And thanks to Northern Spanish immigration the Irish are in Ireland, señor.
  11. The point I was making was that Sunderland isn't any more Irish than any other large town or city.
  12. Apparently, so Google tells me, Sunderland had an influx of Irish in the 19th century - just the same as most large UK cities, although more Irish went to Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester etc.
  13. What's funny about them not mentioning that it wasn't a once in a lifetime vote? Do you also think it's funny that they never mentioned that it was a once in a lifetime vote?
  14. To be fair, the political opinion of anyone who thinks that Blackford is the SNP WestMINISTER leader shouldn't really be taken seriously.
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