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  1. She certainly f**ked up the buses.
  2. Can't you read???? I'll do "it". FFS, some people ... [emoji38]
  3. Did you forget to log on with your sweep alias before you posted that?
  4. Or he could pay me £65 and I'll go do exactly that for him.
  5. In that case I was right, I don't recall it, and for a good reason - I wasn't born. [emoji38]
  6. I'm out. I couldn't possibly do it for that price, my time is much too valuable. [emoji38]
  7. When was that? Edit: OK, just did my own homework. It was their training school apparently.
  8. Kilpatrick's offices were round the back, the other side of the white wall you can see on the far right. I don't recall them being in the building mentioned, though they may have been at some point.
  9. You're right, it is mathematically possible, however unlikely.
  10. He's just throwing in some red herrings.
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