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  1. You could do all that and still get bat flu.
  2. 5G can't be that dangerous then, because if you turn your microwave on and open the door, it stops.
  3. I'll do what I want, you're not the boss of me, Boss. [emoji38]
  4. Thursday 26th January 2017. Sorry, I don't know what time it happened at. [emoji38] https://www.sec.co.uk/news/detail/new-look-and-name-for-secc
  5. Dear oh dear, it wasn't meant to be serious. [emoji38]
  6. Why does it even need a name? Why not just call it the SEC? On a lighter note, let's rename: Edinburgh Castle to Windsor Castle, Edinburgh John O'Groats to Lands End, Scotland Holyrood Palace to Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh SEC to NEC, Scotland Isle of Skye to Isle of Wight, Scotland River Clyde to River Thames, Scotland In fact we might as well just go all the way and rename Edinburgh to London, Scotland.
  7. What about, "Well, now I'm on my way to the police station to report an officer needlessly stopping me and potentially endangering my life from coronavirus infection. By the way, what's your number, officer?"
  8. My thoughts entirely. You would think that anyone with a modicum if sense would at least feign ignorance instead of doing what they did.
  9. From the BBC: "... in Paisley three men were fined for being in a van together on Saturday. Police said they had no reasonable excuse to be together and they told officers they had no intention of complying with regulations."
  10. Yes, they are, and if you had said "the first four books of the New Testament" and not just "the four books of the New Testament", I wouldn't have mentioned it.
  11. I just looked and it turns out he missed out the first line of the post. "Ok it’s from Dr rant on Facebook but its about testing...." So it looks like the guy who posted doesn't much trust the source. Alas, it's really only what we've come to expect from Babykiller with his imaginary dinner parties, his imaginary dinner guests and shopkeepers who just happen to be experts in the thread topic, his imaginary ... you get the point.
  12. What a surprise. [emoji38] I wonder if the original post about her was also imaginary. I wonder if she is also imaginary. I wonder if the cousin is also imaginary. Oh, please tell me Dicko is imaginary.
  13. Liar, her piles are back, I've just spoke to her. She's my great great auntie's cousin's wife, you know. [emoji38] OK, she isnae.
  14. FFS. Oh, it definitely is a doomsday cult. Look at any doomsday cult, the believers are saved while everyone else is royally f**ked. I think you mean 4 Gospels, not books. It's actually irrelevant whether or not there was a real person that it is based on. Most historians don't care whether there was a real Jesus or not as historians, in the main, don't deal with the bible, that's the realm of theologians. Even if there was, even if he did all the "holy tricks" ([emoji2398] The Big Yin), even if he rose from the dead, none of it proves that he was the "son of god". Also, the christians weren't really oppressed by Rome (apart from Nero pointing the finger at them for Rome burning), Rome was very accepting of various religions. IIRC, there are no reliable historical accounts of christians being fed to lions. It's all just part of their persecution complex. Just saying.
  15. And a death cult, and a zombie cult who, at least symbolically, practice cannibalism. Makes you wonder.
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