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  1. Good point. On a similar theme, is a metrosexual someone that likes shagging on the subway?
  2. That was quick, but why couldn't you have done that first time? [emoji14]
  3. Stop trying to confuse everyone. Get back up there and take one in the right orientation. [emoji14]
  4. Hey, you can't go using words like that these days. Political correctness an aw that, ye know. [emoji14]
  5. You could have stopped after the third word - for any design.
  6. I can only find 11. Is there another one behind the tree?
  7. Can you change your hands too? Preferably for ones that can't type. [emoji14]
  8. It wasn't me who brought up "boo boy". Besides that, my point was about person A chastising person B because person B is not as good at something as person A wants, or expects, them to be. There is no need for it, a simple comment that they don't think the other person is good enough would be sufficient.
  9. Of course it is, it's my question. [emoji14]
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