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  1. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    Whatever it is, it isn't good enough.
  2. Paisley Pubs

  3. Paisley Pubs

    Does anything in that unit last longer than 6 months?
  4. Pretty sure the club have a list of all the ticket holders in the stand...
  5. Indeed, a pathetic statement from the SMFC CEO. First he says he "doesn't know why we are on the list", then says he does know why we are on the list, the says again he doesn't know why we are on the list. Not to mention the complete lack of empathy or apology on behalf of the club. Is this the best leadership we can get?
  6. It's only £1 at Edinburgh

    The charge is one thing, but the queuing and f**king around is another...
  7. It's only £1 at Edinburgh

    Ferrovial, a Spanish multinational construction/infrastructure firm.
  8. Heart Of The Community?

    I have a fundamental problem with this. It can't be about how they want "people to communicate with them". For SMISA/fan ownership to work it must be the other way round. They should seek out queries and address them proactively if they want to convince people to join the revolution. If addressing queries on BAWA is too difficult, the baw's burst.
  9. Rapists Footballers Charged

    Seems about right: "However I am bitterly disappointed that I was so badly let down by the criminal justice system and was forced to seek a remedy through the civil court."
  10. Fan Council Golf Day 2017

    Is it: members only; members + guests (as long as notified in advance); open to all; or decision to be made 3 days before the date?
  11. Paisley Pubs

    Don't know how I turned "Grill" into "Green" Is it a big chain or just Paisley & Erskine? Need to give it a try. Also anyone know when the new Cardossi's place opening in Arnotts? I'm getting rather impatient.
  12. Paisley Pubs

    Anyone been to Green in the Park on Canal St? What's the craic with it? Looks like they've done a decent job on the outside, but strange name.
  13. Heart Of The Community?

    It isn't about being "adult" or not. I find it a bit concerning that point point is being missed. Put simply, if I don't 'contact SMISA directly' it makes no difference to me. Where as, if SMISA choose not to engage on the primary social media platform, they risk missing out on valuable funds (£1,400 per sign up). The only people with anything to lose are SMISA. This is clearly a wider point than m original query, the same applies to every single person who has a query or who could be persuaded to part with their money.
  14. Heart Of The Community?

    Like I said, not the type of attitude that is conducive to maximising membership (and thus maximising funds). Just another example of my concern over fan ownership. There's a captive audience capable of being persuaded to join, surely this should be exploited rather than expecting people to approach SMISA.