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  1. Are they connected to the Reid Foodservice mob down Ayrshire way?
  2. That’s my general feeling. They are a group of supporters who, after many years of trying, managed to get fan ownership to a place. However, that doesn’t mean that group is the right group to kick us on. There may be some great fans in there, but can they make a difference to a business?
  3. Who is ‘foreign guy’ and ‘guy not declared’? I’m not speculating as I don’t know the applicants. There could be a surprise in there, or not. It looks pretty clear that we are favouring a recently retired player/new coach route and I’m ok with that. Out of the names, I think Naismith has the greatest potential.
  4. That’s a top 3, with two generic names to cover all bases.
  5. His dad works in a large organisation that owns part of our club. You actually think that’s the reason he’ll be manager, and nothing to do with his credentials. c’mon tae f**k.
  6. Nobody is saying he is the hardened professional or the one that’s coming in for now. This has been a long arranged trial. If he’d appeared in October, then everyone would be welcoming him and say it’s great we’re thinking out the box. Because it’s January, people are having a fit.
  7. Apart from Juve, where he’s got a contract? 😉
  8. A chairperson doesn’t run the club. Down to the CEO (Tony).
  9. You are assuming that there’s actually an issue with the system and not users inputting info. Could be a bit of both.
  10. Yeah, I’m not thought bought into Malian returning. Nice footballer, but I don’t think he’s what we need.
  11. Yup - I grew up In Kilbarchan and similar ages. Given there’s two parks to play fitba, I’m pretty convinced we’d have crossed paths. I think there’s an interview somewhere where he talks about growing up on the same street as Basher. In fact - quick google says so.
  12. Nope, he didn’t grow up in Kilbarchan.
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