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  1. The irony. I’m directly quoting the manager from a press conference where he clearly stated we were not interested in Middleton during this window. Summer? Aye. Winter? Naw. You are saying that’s not the case. So you are calling our manager a liar.
  2. I think in an interview where he clearly states we were interested in the summer, but not now then, well, aye. I will take him at face value.
  3. So, you are saying our manager is lying in the interview?
  4. Strange one if true. We’re definitely ‘top heavy’ so wouldn’t be surprised to see one of Mullen or Cooke go, with Oan going out on loan too.
  5. Yeah, it was posted on the clubs social media channels three hours before you posted on here. Seemed to come with a bit of promise at the start of the season, but Glover appears to have stepped ahead.
  6. No you never, you absolute liar. Scott Burns broke the story 24 hours ago on Twitter and you made no mention of it until this morning when it was in the written press.
  7. McAllister regularly appears on our bench, what's your point caller? You said he was on his holibobs. I’d hardly call sitting on the bench for a Championship club, as they played Rotherham in the FA Cup, as a holiday. Plus, I’m guessing he earns enough cash not to go on holiday in fecking Rotherham 😜
  8. Oh dear... seems Sean is on his holi bobs right enough lol. He was on the bench....
  9. Only one option. Cornwall independence....
  10. Slightly better than his ‘sign Jai Quitongo’ shouts.
  11. Go up and have a look at Rearo (they also sponsor Saints) and see if they can recommend a fitter. I’ve used them for wet wall panels and for a kitchen worktop. My old man used to do all that, but has retired unfortunately.
  12. aldo_j


    Would have thought they’d share notes or a recording of the recent company AGM, unless I’ve missed it? Don’t think two sentences at the bottom of the email is particularly sufficient and they could do more around things like this.
  13. Big difference playing the right hand side of a back 3 and playing RB. I wouldn’t put him down as RB cover, but agree that it was a risk letting him go out on loan in terms of CB cover.
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