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  1. Yeah, a lot of the work will be unseen. Who knows what structures he’s helped to put in place in terms of the academy, scouting and analysis. While we have wyescout now, it wasn’t really there previously so that’s all been managed through.
  2. Nice bit of photoshopping/editing...
  3. The Observatory has been closed for a while, but looks to me like zero work has been carried out. With the museum closed, there’s literally nothing for tourists in the centre. I’d look at somewhere like Forbes place, view of the Abbey and town hall and, potentially, nice buildings there. Some cafes, independent brewery, space to sit outside, etc. for the High St, give space for independent shops and other venues to grow. The change in Dundee, for me, has been impressive. Some great bars and restaurants around and some people have taken it by the scruff of the neck. Independent brands like Hard Grind, Abandon Ship, etc have all flourished. Paisley has improved from an event perspective, but so little done from a commerce perspective. Not got much faith in the council to do much about it...
  4. fair play for trying to get the forum moving, I suppose.
  5. A signing a day keeps the knickerwetters away.
  6. Apart from the three days where we’ve signed players?
  7. Darvel are the new Hurlford on the Ayrshire scene, someone's pumping in decent money for a crack at the new set up. Yeah, they were the same level as Renfrew and Arthurlie last season and had quite a few ex pros kicking about. Rumours of £300 - £400 a week at that level.
  8. Surprised to read he’s still only 21. How many games has he played for us now? 100 or so plus 5 or 6 times for Scotland U21? I make that four seasons of first team football, and the first season he didn’t break through until October/November. Depends how you frame it.
  9. That’s a question you ask at the end of pre season, not the start. Close thread until August.
  10. Jack Alnwick...ex Rangers keeper that was on loan to Blackpool last season. Seems like we’ve moved on from Gordon.
  11. Nah, wouldn’t be comfortable going in to the season with Lyness as number one. He’s a decent enough backup, but that’s it. Had some ok performances when he stepped up, but he’s effectively played zero first team football in over a season, and his last run of games was playing 8 league games for Raith and the back end of the 2019 season.
  12. Anyone else bought a season ticket, but not received their ‘number’? Bought my ol da’s at the same time a fortnight ago but only got one through.
  13. Quite surprised at that! Any ‘second generation’ Italians? A Cardosi ever play in the reserves, for example?
  14. Sticking with the Italian theme...have we had many Italians turn out for us? I can only think of Donati.
  15. We are no better or worse than most other clubs in Scotland. More to be done on racism, homophobia and sexism, still too many shouts from our crowd using a term that relates to one of them.
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