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  1. I don’t have to go back through your posts... I’m sure everyone on here and on P&B will confirm. All I’m saying as your quite well known for being erratic in your thinking, lots of ‘people I trust 500%’ not coming true.
  2. IOBS in changing direction shocker... ”Led to believe” and “...Twitter” probably shouldn’t go hand in hand.
  3. Tommy Craig. a worse appointment that Goodwin. Who would you have?
  4. Pretty sure he works/worked with Lee Sharp at Cadbury’s, so just assumed the link was there and he brought Sharp in.
  5. Could have an agreement in place with OK, just not announcing it. Perhaps wanting to announce out/in on the same day or statement.
  6. Can you name some of the trialists that we looked at but rejected?
  7. Where is your evidence that it will be higher?
  8. Record claiming transfer budget has been cut due to overspends of last seasons clearout. nowhere near your £500k increase.
  9. I don’t think they’ll wait long enough to see what other interest there is. New man will be in place by the end of the week...
  10. The board ain’t smart enough for a smear campaign...
  11. The Herald is just rehashing the same story as STV. Not saying there isn’t truth, but the Scottish media is pretty lazy when it comes to stuff like this!
  12. It's not about the board. The chairman owns the majority of the shares. Not necessarily. Most businesses have shareholders, but appoint a chief executive to make all the decisions, or the business decisions. I’d say we’ve got a weak Chief Exec. Certainly the case in the company I work for. Family still own a large chunk of the company, but the Chief Exec makes all the calls.
  13. I’m sure that was the clause that allowed ra Sellick to punt Macari all those years ago. If stories are to be believed, it’s an utter clusterf**k and the last 12 months starts to make you lose confidence or faith in the board and Chief Exec.
  14. If you plan to do that if proven right, what do you intend to do if proven wrong?
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