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  1. Yeah, it seems the stories that his wee Assistant at Livvy was the real driving force, going on how Hopkin has done at Bradford and Morton, are true enough.
  2. Take it this is the same guy moaning to Div on Twitter about getting pulled up for using the term ‘coloured’?
  3. Funnily enough, one I work with has been fairly critical. Has had some good games, some erratic ones and loves the long diagonal pass too much. Surprised one of them is saying he’s the best considering the collective hard on they had for Tam O’Ware!
  4. I don’t know the fully story. Give me the full facts of the story, any previous misdemeanours of the player and any other supporting evidence. I’d also need that from the side of the club as well as the player. Pull that together and I’ll make a call. Otherwise, you can’t ask someone if it’s proportionate.
  5. Is this the GK lad you keep prattling on about by any chance?
  6. Well, they’d learn a harsh lesson in being disciplined then. Something they need if they want to build a success career.
  7. It’s easy to blame the strikers, but we aren’t creating enough chances. A couple of ok balls in to the box yesterday, but nothing much else. Morelos, Edouard, etc would struggle to score goals. We need to be better all over, moving the ball quicker and making space with runners.
  8. And you sir, talk a hulking great power of shite. 💩
  9. Goodwin saying he’s fit and back in the squad.
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