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  1. I think the Euros will be moved to next year, all leagues will be suspended for a month/6 weeks and then resume, running until mid/end June. It might mean a change in format for the League Cup...drop the groups and just go back to knock out fitba.
  2. Think Goodwin said in the papers that he’s back in training but short on match practice.
  3. Don’t think it’s an SPFL rule though. Is there not something in law to say games can’t be televised, hence why pub landlords face prosecution if caught showing them? Here’s an article about someone being done. However, maybe it’s more to do with getting dodgy feeds: Link You’d think they’d relax the laws for this period as a way of keeping money in the game.
  4. YET still people moan about him every game! Love that he sticks them away, plays with a smile and it’s clear our team love him. He’ll be huge for us in the coming weeks.
  5. Nah, dinny ken him. His baw though, so back to my original point. The end of the season should mean the absolute reset button. Even for a month or two. Come to think of it, the post building that would go would be a shit show. W6er starting posts about the best size of beans you get free with a pie.
  6. Maybe... what did you say the new guy's name was again? Ian C Cumming.
  7. To be honest, think the forum is edging towards the end of its lifecycle. If Div is chucking it at the end of the season might time for the ‘newbie’ to hit reset.
  8. Another good performance from Jon last night, won a lot, decent hold up play and two close chances. Don’t get the fans who get on his back. Clueless. Those folk were probably the ones who thought Gareth Wardlaw deserved a new contract cause he ran about. Obika is getting the same treatment as Higdon...a players that won Scottish Player of the Year and scored a load for us.
  9. Agreed. Was something up with Kyle? Thought he was on the bench, but nowhere to be seen at half time and didn’t warm up the second half. A definite case of two points dropped, and think Goodwin needs to look at himself for the performance.
  10. There was also a petition at the time, if I recall. It’s a nice idea, but it’s been done. You could try again and take a different approach, see where you get to.
  11. Nah, don’t think it will be. I’ve not got tickets yet, can’t make it down to ticket office during the week and refusing to use the website to ‘book’ my season ticket seat. There might be a few who decide to do as you say, but there might be more encouraged to go along as part of their Saturday day/night out.
  12. For a number of reasons, such as using the name of a campaign formed about the sexual harassment and assault to encourage people to go to games, and mentioning people’s finances. People make decisions to go to games based on a number of reasons, not just financial or emotional. Who’s he to tell people to invest financially or emotionally? Who appointed him the superfan spokesperson? Above all, he just comes across as a pompous bellend in the post.
  13. He’s on the bench for the second game in a row. Don’t quite think you can call him that. Yet.
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