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  1. How did we look then?
  2. You are assuming that there’s actually an issue with the system and not users inputting info. Could be a bit of both.
  3. Yeah, I’m not thought bought into Malian returning. Nice footballer, but I don’t think he’s what we need.
  4. Yup - I grew up In Kilbarchan and similar ages. Given there’s two parks to play fitba, I’m pretty convinced we’d have crossed paths. I think there’s an interview somewhere where he talks about growing up on the same street as Basher. In fact - quick google says so.
  5. Nope, he didn’t grow up in Kilbarchan.
  6. I broadly agree with the first part of this. We’ve had a perfect opportunity to secure 5th (never mind 6th!) and not taken it. Something not quite clicking for us at home this season. However, I’m delighted with where we are and would have taken that at the start of the season.
  7. Yeah, I still think Goody has a tendency at times to setup to stop the other time first rather than think about how we attack. Lamie is probably the worst centre back in the league, so I’d have thought Connolly’s pace would have worked a treat from the start.
  8. Agreed. Goals cost money, and we don’t have it compared to what others can pay. We have to take punts, like Dennis, based on what they’ve done and hope that translates to our league. More often than not (and not just us) it fails. We got lucky with Tommo, while Higdon was much maligned. Apart from them, struggling to recall a ‘top’ striker. However, always wondered why we’ve never produced one? We love producing midfielders!
  9. And your doom success rate is 1 in 12 at the moment.
  10. We play a number 10 in the number 10 position...well in Jamie!
  11. Agreed. Having read the report, we’ve been wholly negligent on the matter. You can argue about Aberdeen and Celtic, but this has occurred because we’ve failed to manage things correctly in our control. Failure to set things out on coaches, meals, etc is idiotic. Zero grounds for appeal.
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