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  1. Sorry, when I said stolen a march, I meant they were doing far more engaging kids. Football is the number one sport (arguably gaming is now!) but for how much longer? It’s not the only show in town.
  2. Was at a Sportsman dinner and Rory Hughes was interviewed. Said he played centre half at pro youth level (can’t remember who for) but got sent off and banned for 10 games. f**ked football off and went and played rugby, now playing on the wing for Warriors and a couple of Scotland caps too.
  3. Anything they do now will not have material impact on the support, not in the short term, and would be wasted money advertising. What needs to happen is to improve the product on the park. Then, you invest heavily in engaging schools and get the next generation of fans on board. I was hearing from a school teacher based in a Cumnock school that cannot get enough bodies together for a school football team. Why? Well, Glasgow Warriors run weekly rugby sessions at the school, at least one player attends every week and all the kids want to play rugby. I know this is the case in schools across West Scotland. My mates boy has a selfie with just about every Glasgow Warriors player...and rugby has stolen a march on football. On a side issue, I believe Rugby becoming professional is why Scotland can’t produce any decent centre half’s.
  4. I’m no Groundsman, but I don’t think it’s recommended to put USH on when it’s snowing. Warm snow, well, produces a shit load of water and floods the pitch! However, they should have had covers down. Unless it’s because it’s properly waterlogged.
  5. We haven’t won many games with most players in the team Anyway, I actually feel quite positive about tomorrow. Liked the interviews Oran & Tansey gave yesterday. Doesn’t feel like there is doom in the dressing room. Just focussing on the last four games, If you’d had offered up a record of W-L-D-D every four games at the start of the season then i’d have taken it. We just need to keep the momentum going.
  6. We used that tactic quite a lot last season, especially as Reilly was so good (at that level) at putting defenders under pressure and allowing us to win the second ball. Getting the ball in to the channels isn’t a poor tactic. It’s the not following up with midfielders or full backs that’s poor.
  7. The reason we play on the counter attack at is simply OK doesn't trust his midfielders to be good enough to deal with other teams midfield. I can understand away games but not at home. Hes sorted out defence Muzack. Popescu and Hladkey have superb. Yeah, the first move that Cammy, Ethan and Brad made when getting on the ball was to turn backwards. Only Flynn and Kyle faced up and tried to go forward and we missed that real link.
  8. We shouldn’t have been though, especially with two wing backs. They seemed to drop back a fair bit, although they may have been instructed to do so. A frustrating night, but take some positives that we are offering more in an attacking sense and are getting in better attacking positions. With Tansey back, could see us switching to a 4-2-3-1 against the Jonnies and trying to push the likes of Kyle and possibly Dreyer further forward.
  9. It’s relative to the level we are at. He’s not trying to say he’s the best player in the world.
  10. Because it’s a bit of a cycle. We have a number of good players coming through, but there’s a wee bit of a gap and they are a year or two away. Kyle probably would have been in the squad, Ethan is too young with more experienced players ahead of him and Cammy has only recently come through, and he’s got a bit to go before he’s competing with Campbell, Ferguson and Turnbull.
  11. Is that where Stokes et al disappeared to? Toshack as manager.
  12. I see Cammy is on the bench again for United. Wonder if his dummy will be oot the pram? Also, has Mid Calder Saint been back?
  13. Good move for him. Hopefully back and raring to go Pre-season.
  14. Oran gives a weekly update in any interviews I’ve watched on Buddievision. Not really his fault that the papers don’t report it.
  15. Does it surprise you? Bets on the next SMISA quarterly email asking for money for new CCTV?!
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