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  1. I don’t think you actually know what seethe means, or able to spell it. Hopefully managers were able to read your super scout report, Gstretch.
  2. It’s not a great statement, especially given the shitshow of statements recently. Instead, why not do a Chairman or CEO update and hide it in there? “We noted what Mo said on BBC radio and we raised our concerns with Motherwell.”
  3. Interesting to hear you say that Ethan played behind the front two and was all about beating players. What age group was that at? Before or during being part of the Performance school system? Pretty sure he made his debut against Falkirk under Ross and played as a holding midfielder. And pictures of him playing for Scotland U17s, etc had him wearing #6.
  4. This wouldn’t have happened under Gus.
  5. It’s sad that the most recent goal posted is from 2018 😂
  6. Just watched the goals back. What’s struck me between that and the Thistle game is that they were much better with patterns of play. The Queens second, a one-two, bit of movement and it’s a goal. When was the last time we scored a genuinely well worked goal? Everything seems to be from set pieces or lumps up the park (Obika v Hearts). I was hoping that October might ease the pressure of Jim, but I’m not seeing it. Yet. He might be one of those managers that works better as a ‘plucky underdog’ (Alloa), but when you’re on the front foot then it’s not there. Plus, what the f**k has Connolly got to do to start a game?!
  7. Not in the best taste. The lad is just going to one of our media conferences and writing about it on a reasonably popular Scottish football website. A League Cup, first match press conference for St Mirren v Partick isn’t going to attract the who’s who of Sporting media, I’d suggest. Edit to add his website: https://www.nottheoldfirm.com
  8. Who knows, not seen Finlayson play. He could well be...
  9. Four leagues in the ‘SPFL’, don’t you mean?
  10. If he’s SPL quality, then why has he signed for Ayr? Or Morton the season before? Surely Accies or Livvy would have picked him up?
  11. It’s a sad day when we’ve got fans hankering for Championship level players in Baird and Mullen.
  12. Is that still a rule? Thought they scrapped it?
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