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  1. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Should have been thrush.
  2. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Do you know what Elvis has in common with a dose of thrusg?
  3. Nothing changes...........Older drivers

    Reading this thread sends shivers down my spine. I have a friend over here in Northern Ireland who shouldn't be driving. He was a spoiled boy who used to do some racing in the 50's. I believe he took delivery of the first MGA over here in 1955. He still has it .It's a belter. Driving licences for over 70's here have to be renewed every three years and two years ago he managed to get his renewed a bit early because he was about to have laser eye surgery. It was reasonably successful but his licence is soon due for renewal and I am dreading the thought that he gets it. He is a good driver and tends to drive too slowly at times but that can be almost as bad as driving too fast. I've often been in his car when an overtaking driver blares his horn like hell while staring indignantly at my friend while giving the v sign and not even looking ahead. It's nightmare stuff. And he has this habit of stopping for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I encourage him not to drive in the dark but I know he sometimes does. He will be 90 in March and his licence is due for renewal around then. I know what I should do but don't know what I will do. He is a close friend. He would feel emasculated without his licence. And yes, I would feel absolutely hellish if he is in an accident. I would also feel hellish if I derive him of one of the few pleasures in life left to him. I know he will never be involved in a high speed crash and that affords me some comfort.
  4. Dunderheid Dan's Lawn Tennis Thread

    My late mother always told me she was definitely there when I was born. And a big fat midwife skelped my arse. Cow!
  5. Monarch Airlines

    Doesn't seem to be just that easy. If you watch Aircraft Disasters you will see that fairly regularly a pilot's lack of experience of the aircraft he is flying has been deemed to be the cause of the crash. I watched one recently where the captain of the plane that crashed has thousands of hours on Airbuses and they damned nearly think for the pilot. Then he changed job and started flying Boeings. Wasn't long before he messed up landing at an airport he was unfamilar with. Crashed just short of the runway before he could overshoot. At the enquiry his unfamiliarity of the aircraft he was flying was deemed to be the primary cause of the accident. Most of the passengers survived but there were a few fatalities.
  6. Monarch Airlines

    I misread that at first and thought you wrote 'fights'. I wondered what the aircrew were doing when you and the good lady were knocking the crap out of one another.
  7. Lewis Morgan

    Bloody hope so!
  8. Sending St Mirren my medical bill...

    Noticed a big roar off what looked like an Easyjet during Jack's post match interview. Also noticed a lot of screeching tiny wee seagulls during the same interview. We've got seagulls the size of big dugs over this side of the North Channel!
  9. New Stadium For Dundee?

    I'd never seen that before. Loved it to bits.
  10. Neymar

    How do you know Neymar is a moron? How much does he give to charity?
  11. I can but won't spoil it. Will just say that on the way home on the Braehead bus we wondered what the hell was going on.
  12. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    I'll use 'bollocks' next time.