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  1. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Can't say i managed to enjoy the game at all yesterday due to two extremely loud mouthed woman screaming and swearing for a solid 90mins about anything and everything. They had a young lad with them too which shocked me after hearing what they were shouting. They were an absolute disgrace & i hope it's just a one off game they attended because i really couldn't suffer them for a whole game every second Saturday sitting behind me. My ears are still ringing. Anyway. 2-2. Not the worst point in the world at home against a reasonable Morton side.
  2. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Yeah. Ladbrokes Championship 11 Sat 28-Oct-17 St. Mirren v Greenock Morton, Paisley 2021 Stadium 3.00pm Steven McLean, Graeme Stewart, Drew Kirkland. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/resources/documents/RefereeAppointments/SPFL/11. SPFL Appointments - Saturday 28th - Tuesday 31st October 2017.pdf
  3. Kenny McLean

    Kenny probably has regressed as a player in his years at Aberdeen from the one we knew and loved but this is down to McInnes playing him in a deeper role and having him do the dirty stuff in the midfield. Unfortunately, we all know that is not Kenny’s strengths as we witnessed during the horrible Tommy Craig era. He just cannot be a combative midfielder. His ideal position is in behind the striker that allows him to be on the front foot in the final third, making runs into the box, contributing to the attack and getting beyond the striker. Very rarely have Aberdeen played him there & with the arrival and form of Christie from Celtic, the likelihood of getting played in ‘the hole’ would be slim. Anyway, all the best to Kenny & i hope he gets a decent move on from Aberdeen.
  4. Stephen Mallan

    The English Championship is the most competitive league in the UK & in Europe to an certain extent depending on how you gauge it. Stevie had been playing in the lower end of the Premiership and the majority of his time in the lower ends of the Scottish Championship. The jump in standard and pace of the game along with the increased physical aspect down there will take a bit of time getting used to and to expect him to slot straight into their match day squad on a regular basis is ridiculous. He obviously has parts in his game he needs to improve on - particularly his strength and speed - before he becomes a regular fixture in their 11. He has been bought with the foresight of being a future star and someone they can/will mould into exactly what they want. He's got guys in the squad with plenty experience of the league that he can learn from every day in training and help him improve. Just look at Ryan Fraser at Bournemouth. It took him a good few years to get up to speed and ready for first team action and now he's a permanent fixture in their team. Stevie is only 21, he's got plenty of time for improvement and to make an impact and i've got no doubt he'll go on to be a star in England.
  5. Lewis Morgan

    13 appearances out of 16 for Celtic this season. Capped and scored for Scotland in that time too... That damn Brendan Rodgers wasting our good Scottish talent
  6. Lewis Morgan

    Armstrong? He's been ever present and one of Brendan Rodgers' best players in his time at Celtic so far.
  7. St Mirren songs

    Sha la la la la Saint Murn FC.
  8. Andy Ryan

    Ally McCoist is one of the best goal scoring forwards Scotland has ever produced and i think you could count on one hand the amount of times he put in an outstanding performance. Still managed to stick away 300 odd goals for Rangers. Strikers are judged on scoring goals and not their work rate, especially if it's outside of the box. If the lad scores goals, i couldn't care if he sat on a deck chair in the 6 yard box for 90 minutes a game. He's impressed me in pre-season but as others have said he needs a partner up front to play off of.
  9. Mixing Of Family Stand

    That is an absolute disgrace!!
  10. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    I bet you're fun at parties.
  11. Celtics interest in John McGinn

    He is Scottish. He's chosen to play for Ireland.
  12. Celtics interest in John McGinn

    McGeady went for 9.5m seven years ago.
  13. Academy Head of Recruitment

    I wonder what happened to Gary Piggot. I'm sure he was in the role last season. Decent bloke, had alot of time for him.