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    Gavin Reilly

    Danny Mullen; Gavin Reilly;
  2. Spam_Valley

    Speculation Thread

    Oscar Pistorius managed a run or two a day and he's nae knees... probably better at shooting than Jim too.
  3. Spam_Valley

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Roon aboot his belly and face, mate.
  4. Spam_Valley

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Three if you include Larsson.
  5. Spam_Valley

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Absolutely nailed on mate. Brilliant post.
  6. He can commit by confirming he's here to see out the remainder of his contract and finish what he has started - or leave a legacy as he has put it previously. It's quite obvious he sees no long term future at St.Mirren due to the multiple jobs he's been interviewed for which totals three now - or four depending on which side of the Dundee story you are on. He has only completed one full season as a manager thus far in his career, i'd be expecting a bit more loyalty from him rather than jumping at the first chance he gets. I'd rather he went now than midway through the season when his agent gets a sniff of another club looking at him. None of this sits well with me and many other saints fans i'm sure. I'd rather this was cut and dry and we move on to another manager as soon as possible. I've no time for managers with one leg out the door.
  7. He’s on his way, He’s on his way, To another club, He’s on his way, How does he get there? Interviews When does he get there? He don’t care All we know is Jack is on his way. And sooner rather than later please imo. I'm fed up with our manager whoring himself around any boardroom in England that'll listen to him. Time to commit or admit you don't want to be here and we'll thank you for your efforts and wave you goodbye..
  8. That tweet came from a parody account not Phil Neville
  9. Spam_Valley

    Summer Transfer Window

    I'm pretty sure any transfer of Sibbald requires a development fee which is why he never moved on from Falkirk last season. Could be wrong though.
  10. Spam_Valley

    Here You Are Boys And Girls

  11. Spam_Valley

    Here You Are Boys And Girls

    Has there been any word from the club regarding next season and W7? - I'd love to move my ST to W6/W7 for our return to the Premiership. I know it's likely the old firm & the Edinburgh clubs will get the West Stand over spill but hopefully the club stands firm and only give them the designated away stand.
  12. Spam_Valley

    Atmosphere in the Stadium

    I think the young lads now have their megaphone/loudhailer banned due to some ridiculous rule.. I know Jack, James and the team deserve most of the plaudits this season and rightly so but the Northbank lads need some recognition also, especially from the club. Without them i doubt we'd have seen the sort of fight and spirit on the park we see most Saturdays. It's no coincidence that on the park performances were upped as soon as the lads started their W7 section with the drum. The atmosphere they create is terrific. This is the first time since moving i feel that supporters, directors and the playing staff all have a solid connection and there is a real feel good factor at the club again that was missing for a long, long time. I really hope the club make life a little bit easier for the lads next season and give them free reign to organise W7 how they like - within the laws - as we're at risk of alienating them if they keep getting dug up for nonsense rulings every so often.
  13. Spam_Valley

    Open top Bus and Party

    Again. Garbage. I regularly wear my scarf and/or other colours in there and I have never had an issue with the current owners or the previous ones or the ones before that. Also, the Celtic bus that left from there never had any bother with colours either.
  14. Spam_Valley

    Open top Bus and Party

    Absolute nonsense. I'm in there after every home game with Saints colours on and have been for 15 or so years.