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  1. Circus in Glasgow

    No, it's true, the Ringmaster threw the old parrot out for depriving the birds of his seed!
  2. Circus in Glasgow

    Flew about dropping seeds, which Shull picked up for the weans to eat, so he didnae have to buy them popcorn!
  3. Hospitality Prices 2017/18

    You wouldn't need a three course lunch at Saporito, you've got enough chips on your shoulder to feed the whole f------g crowd!
  4. Circus in Glasgow

    Just the Ferret in Shull's trousers!
  5. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Number of seats on website in West Stand = 2416 Number in W6,W7 and W5 segregated Area not available as ST = 950 Therefore number of seats available to purchase ST should be = 1466 Number of available seats according to the website = 263 So that would suggest that 1203 seats have been taken so far. The website did update and add in previous ST seats not renewed by the deadline, so what is the position with the 206 (1203 -997) seats unaccounted for?
  6. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    The available seats in W1,W2,W3,W4 and side of W5 not taken for segregation is about 1600, and when you look at seats available to purchase for the upcoming games, there a lot less than 600, so it looks like there now must be more than 1000 ST sold once the existing late renewals are added into the count. Definitely got the use of the whole stand now!
  7. St Mirren Photos

    Probably the best evening game at the new ground! Mowbray's getting sacked in the morning!
  8. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    That's what I thought! Just hope they will swap at the same prices after the deadline.
  9. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Have been trying to access the seating plan for the last few days without success, from an iMac with Safari Browser updated to OS Sierra. Used to work with the old browser. I have just discovered that when you get to the select seats page, if you scroll down the "View" tab to "Reload with Plug-ins", the seating plan comes up and you can select, change blocks, etc. Might help some folk out! Was swithering whether or not to buy 3 Tickets in W1, or would it be likely that more than 1000 will be sold once the existing straggler STH's renew, and the restricted half of W5 will then become available? Anybody got any idea if this will be the case?
  10. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Aye, so the local jakey can tan your house while your away!
  11. Jack Ross - Manager of the Month

    I've just booked you a one-way ticket on Easy Jet to Spain - piss off and stay there!
  12. Championship Teams for Next Season

    This was it being dismantled at Love Street.
  13. Signing Targets For New Season - EXCLUSIVE!

    New signings Shull, keep up for godsake!
  14. Sell On Clauses

    Won't be £500k once the taxman gets his skin!
  15. Did you come up the Cart?