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  1. Speculation Thread

    Seeron Aldo ?
  2. Never ending Story

    Never Ending Story Aye, it is!
  3. Not as easily as you take your punters to the cleaners!
  4. Speculation Thread

    Don't know if we can afford him, but apparently he is a Delight to watch!
  5. Lewis Morgan

    Hope when the deal is sealed that Lewis will be allowed to get back to Saints business without all the Parkhead Press welcome - shirt wearing nonsense. Just a low key statement saying they signed Lewis, but for now he is a Saint Mirren player till the end of the season.
  6. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Or maybe he could reduce his costs with one of these - even has first buddy queuing up!
  7. St Mirren V Dunfermline 16 December

    Aye, right! Just you take the lead Shull, and demonstrate your economic miracle cure. Halve your prices for fares and tell us when you go out of business, or manage to double your number of fares. We all know which will be first! Time to give it a rest, don't you think - either that or put your number on here so all the travel needy buddies on here can use your half price service.
  8. Going to see McGinn

    With a Virginia Plain Reel?
  9. Going to see McGinn

    Your just a jealous guy!
  10. St Mirren Canvas

    Start a Just Giving page for donations to the charity you are proposing, set a figure per ticket number, say £5.00, then when the poster has paid the amount they want to , you can Issue them with a number on this thread. When cut-off date arrives, randomly pick a number out of a hat? e.g. Poster 1 pays £10 = 2 tickets = No.1 & No.2 Poster 2 pays £5.00 = 1 ticket = No. 3 And so on - it should work! Better chance for everyone, than going to the one guy with money burning a hole in his pocket, although he could buy lots of tickets -but still takes the risk of not winning!
  11. saints fans survey 2017

    Stuart, I'll hold my hands up to that and apologise to you. I misinterpreted that one.
  12. saints fans survey 2017

    Well, as usual, you are being stupid here - if you had read the start of the Constitution, the full title is Co-operative and Community Benefit Society under the Act = CCBS if you take the first letter of each word and abbreviate it. What's the difference between not being comfortable, and braking the rules? Go and ask Andrew Jenkin if he will confirm legally that the other 2600 people in the stadium the day of the DU match (DUNDEE UNITED just to help you) are not part of the wider community beyond the SMISA Members.
  13. saints fans survey 2017

    Well you opted out Stewart, and there are still 1300 going along with it, so it would be fair to say your'e in the minority here. As for the interpretation of the community, have you ever stopped to think that you might be missing the mark there. 3900 Home fans attended the DU match. We didn't even get that in the premier league. Just for simplicity, say every one of the SMISA members attended, which in reality would never be the case, then, at least 2600 members of the community, the Paisley community, and the wider community attended the match and benefited from the help of the SMISA discretionary pot in terms of help with wages to secure the squad we have and their training and physical condition and mental attitude, disabled fans having one of the best viewing experiences in Scottish Football (previously the club had provided dedicated seats and the access on the front row was excellent -smooth clean concrete and tarmac, so had no obligation to provide more - it was the goodwill and sense of doing the right thing to enhance the experience for others that made people vote for it - go and have a look round some of the other grounds and see what the conditions are like). I certainly feel that the £2 per month spent on anything that benefits the club is intrinsically of benefit to the community beyond that, as at the end of the day, all every SMISA member wants is for the club to grow, be more successful on and off the park, present itself as attractive to the community to try and encourage them to engage, and become a more high profile enterprise. When I signed up, I felt that I was ultimately aiming towards the club being in the control of the supporters. I was happy with the £10 ring-fenced for the purchase and the £2 for spending on whatever the majority vote saw fit, as it was potentially going to improve the club. The Club Ltd., SMISA and The Fans Council are all separate entities legally, but I am sure most within SMISA see them as one and the same - St Mirren If in time, the help and financial input from the £2 pot however it is spent can attract even a 100 local youngsters whose tendency up until now was to follow their family to Glasgow on a Saturday, then in my book we will be achieving our objectives and engaging the community. So far we have achieved much more than that. And finally, the Board of SMISA are doing this for the attachment they feel to St Mirren, not for profit, or to be devious or under-hand, or for a power trip. They all have other commitments through work and family, and I certainly applaud them on getting stuck in and having a go, rather than standing on the sidelines. And as you know, ROME wasn't built in a day, but if you had been around, the pipe fitting would have been finished on the first day, eh! Stuart - I suggest you consult a legal expert to discover that the CCBS is perfectly sound in its operation at present. I detect more than a hint of jealousy in your boring campaign, and for someone who professes to not supporting St Mirren, it seems very ODD.
  14. saints fans survey 2017

    Bellside - an area between Cleland And WISHAW Bellend - a poster who uses not very clever aliases to try and disguise his presence.