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  1. That's what I thought! Just hope they will swap at the same prices after the deadline.
  2. Have been trying to access the seating plan for the last few days without success, from an iMac with Safari Browser updated to OS Sierra. Used to work with the old browser. I have just discovered that when you get to the select seats page, if you scroll down the "View" tab to "Reload with Plug-ins", the seating plan comes up and you can select, change blocks, etc. Might help some folk out! Was swithering whether or not to buy 3 Tickets in W1, or would it be likely that more than 1000 will be sold once the existing straggler STH's renew, and the restricted half of W5 will then become available? Anybody got any idea if this will be the case?
  3. Aye, so the local jakey can tan your house while your away!
  4. I've just booked you a one-way ticket on Easy Jet to Spain - piss off and stay there!
  5. This was it being dismantled at Love Street.
  6. New signings Shull, keep up for godsake!
  7. Won't be £500k once the taxman gets his skin!
  8. Did you come up the Cart?
  9. Cairter's Corner has to be a definite choice!
  10. Oops! It was so big I had to cut it down to upload it
  11. I think you are not grasping the fact that if You invested £600k of your money today, you could safely assume that you would get upwards of 5% return per annum on that amount money, which over 10 years in simple terms would earn £300k in interest, plus the interest on the accrued amount if you re-invested it. I have no axe to grind here, but in my opinion GS is the most connected, driven and passionate chairman in British football, to take on the role he has within the club as it exists, and help fund the buyout to allow us to realise our future dreams, is truly awesome, and he's doing it all at the coal face. (Ann Budge is similar, but she has more wealthy fans around her, and her financial involvement in percentage terms of her wealth is a lot less). Tell you what, give GS a call and tell him you will split the burden with him. After all there's no risk on that side, as the Trust has all the risk.
  12. Come on! Do you really think that all the risk is with the SMISA shareholders? Any of us can cancel our DD's today - end of risk. GS has put in >£600k out his own pocket for ten years with no interest being paid back. God forbid something catastrophic happens down the line, who has all the risk? The accumulation of funds to buy the shares, the timescale in which it is done, may have stated targets, but we all know in reality, things change, shit happens, and we will only own the club when we get over all the hurdles. You are missing my point on the original SMISA funds. I know they were used to pay the deposit, but they were accrued outwith the newly formed BTB movement, so it could be argued that the original money, once we gather sufficient funds from the 1300, could be looked upon as suitable and proper to use against the rolling facility, in other words justify the right to be able to have the facility.
  13. Thanks for that NES! Think The USH can now be taken off the debating list!
  14. 1/. If theTrust was lending to someone or organisation outside the club, then I would expect to be consulted on it, but if it lends to the club which it owns 28% of at present, I am not sure that is an issue - certainly not for me! Can you legally state that the constitution and governing legislation have been broken? 2/. Also don't have an issue with the loan being unsecured as it is to our benefit as we are part owners of the benefit derived. My understanding is that GS is not adding interest or value to his shareholding, so it works both ways surely! I have no issue with the committee spending our money on an office, expenses, equipment, etc. as long as it is clearly stated in accounts. What I would expect is openness in producing accounts and minutes, but there is not a business or organisation in existence which gets everything right from day 1 - people need to learn new skills, understand the complexities of the type of organisation created, and that they are involved in, and develop and grow into their roles. HMRC, Companies House, Charity Boards, and all other legal regulators will give time, grace and helpful advice and encouragement to new organisations to bed in to their roles and duties. 3/. SMISA funds prior to the buyout were the property of the 200 or so members at that time, so I assume it was the goodwill of those members that their money was added into the pot, and you could argue that it is that money which can be used to fund the rolling loan facility in the future, as funds build up to pay off the old board and start to buy back shares from GS. 4/. Additional parts required to complete the repairs to achieve Full working order?
  15. Haven't read through this thread, but I take it is the case that if we have loaned £15k to the club for USH repairs, and have a rolling facility to loan the club 50k for contingencies and emergencies? If we at present own 28% of the shares and are in process of buying the remainder, then in fact we are lending the money to ourselves, no? You could be critical of the fact that we do not at present own the remainder of the shares, but surely it is sensible to try and protect and nurture the asset you are buying, rather than risk potential problems which may lead to unknown damage or loss of control of the club in the future. As an after-thought, I presume the £15k would be considered within the £50k rolling facility? i.e. they wouldn't loan out more than £50k at any one time? Also, was there not that amount in the SMISA coffers before the buyout started?