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  1. Well spotted. The ribbon on my typewriter ran dry! Sorted it.
  2. WalkerLapsleyNeilsonWilsonMcguganLeishmanRodgerBrycelandBakerGemmellMiller Gardens Theatre of Dreams Paisley PA1 1PA
  3. Just get to Buchanan St and use your bus pass.
  4. Start a Shull Appreciation Thread!
  5. Pity we hadn't locked him in the chat room before Div got rid of it!
  6. My god, your cock's in some state! See a doctor immediately.
  7. If you've got a table and four chairs in your house, that would do! Oh, and a phone to put your order in to Just
  8. Is that anywhere near Sturanus ?
  9. But unused when referring to a lift in your taxi, Shull.
  10. The North Stand for away supporters holds 2000 - have a feeling we might fill or exceed this on Saturday after the turnout and brilliant atmosphere last night - is the temporary stand on the unfinished side still in place and used?
  11. To the tune of she'll be coming round the Mountain:- We'll be drumming in the West Bank - when we score We'll be singing in the West Bank - give us more We'll be singing in the West Bank, singing in the West Bank We'll be singing in the West Bank - we want Four. Chorus Singing aye, aye, yippy - Saints on Fire Singing aye, aye, yippy - Saints on Fire Singing aye, aye, yippy, St. Mirren are gonna beat you Singing aye, aye, yippy, Saints on Fire.
  12. Aye, but your missing the point. They are going to paint Skyview Capital on the roofs of the 4 Stands, so when the 9.4 million passengers that fly in and out of Glasgow Airport in a year look out the plane window, they'll have a sky view of the Skyview adverts. Thats my view of the sky view situation! View got it LPM? It's not rocket science - if it was it would be outer space view!
  13. Aye, he was a "Bag" pipe fitter!