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  1. Any chance we could have some updated pics on the home page - some of the existing ones are a bit long in the tooth ! COYS
  2. Think everybody else will be ok with it, so I'll leave you to work it through. Just keep your eyes on the road FFS!
  3. Who said anything about massive ?
  4. Are you going to hand back all your tips then ? That'll be right!
  5. With the prize money difference between 8th and 5th being £375,000, is it time to offer the players a healthy win bonus for a win on Saturday against Accies to ensure 6th place, and a further one for finishing 5th (or better) at the end of the season? I know they are paid reasonably well, but with the small squad we have, and the effort they have had to put in during the recent packed schedule and injuries, I think it might give them a wee stimulus to keep going till the end of the season?
  6. Dealt with John from his early days as a teenager in the business. He will be sadly missed! R.I.P. John
  7. Agree with the above regarding being professional athletes, should be able to play every day, etc. but what I was thinking in the opening post is that if you have to play 10 games in the five weeks rather than 5 or 6, then we are more likely to have more chance of injuries, yellow/ red cards and possible suspensions, so when we get to March we could be in a weaker position than other teams. In an ideal scenario, if we could avoid any injuries, cards, suspensions, etc. and rotate the squad successfully then that would be great, but I don't think that is going to happen. We'll find out soon enough I suppose. COYS
  8. Games between now and end of February:- R. County, DU = 5 TRFC = 6 Hibs, Accies, Killie, St. J = 7 CFC,Dons, Well, Livy = 8 Saints = 10
  9. I didn't venture there, but if that happens, no problem, we'll be super fit by then, so 2 games in 2 days will be a doddle? ⚽🤔⚽
  10. Starting with Livingston on Sunday, the team have 10 games in 35 days up to the end of February which is a pretty heavy scheduled to get through. 24/01/2021 Livingston (H/Park) Sunday 27/01/2021 Dundee Utd (Away) Wednesday 30/01/2021 Celtic (Away) Saturday 02/02/2021 Hibs (Home) Tuesday 06/02/2021 Killie (Home) Saturday 10/02/2021 Celtic (Home) Wednesday 13/02/2021 Aberdeen (Away) Saturday 17/02/2021 Hamilton (Home) Wednesday 24/02/2021 Motherwell (Home) Wednesday 27/02/2021 Ross County (Home) Saturday The upside is that there are only two games away at Dundee and Aberdeen, if you accept Hampden/Parkhead as "nearly at home" fixtures. Will the squad cope with this well, allowing for injuries and possible suspensions, or will we be playing with untried youngsters in the team by the end of February? Also, will the pitch stand up to six home games in less than 4 weeks? Bizarrely, we only have 2 scheduled games for the whole 31 days of March! Scottish Football planning at it's best, once again!
  11. Egg and face come to mind! should never have been awarded in the first place, until the 2 clubs involved had confirmed their positions regarding appeal. Ok for them to be incompetent and mis-manage it appears!
  12. And your source for this imminent signing? 😀 Not as prolific as his brother Stirling!
  13. Now over £9m with Gift Aid included as shown on Just Giving Page. Phenomenal!
  14. It looks as if it is directly related to travel patterns and not totally on Countries responses. Oz and NZ are quite isolated in terms of mass travel, as is the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, where cases are generally much lower, whereas the whole of Western Europe has had huge unrestricted cross border travel for decades now, and massive tourist infrastructures and travel between Europe and US, through global hubs including London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, then I think you can start to explain the bigger numbers in Europe and US.
  15. Yeah, but he scored points on a football forum. Yep - 100 pages to post build and stroke his "look at me" ego!
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