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  1. Why has the Club not changed the supporters charter when it was reviewed in January? If I was new to the area and decided to investigate the potential of taking my kids to a family friendly club, I would be led to believe that the family stand was for families with all the fun and entertainment advertised on the website, but if then I found out that in fact it was whored out to an unsavoury crowd on three or four occasions a season, and denied me and my family access to the stand and entertainment, I think I would most likely forget the idea!
  2. I think you'll find that other contributors are trying to defend the right of the families of adults and children that are given exclusive use of the "Family Stand" as stated in the latest review of the Club's Supporters Charter and now find themselves in an inconsistent scenario, where short term cash is in front of long term development of the younger fan base. Child to Father:- Daddy, can we got to the football again this week to go to the Panda Club, and have a go on the bouncy castle, beat the goalie, and get my face painted. Father:- Sorry son, you can't this weekend, because one of the bigot brothers is in town! Child:- But daddy, I wanted a shot of Bung a Baw at the Panda! Father:- Our seats are taken by folk who might bung a flare at the goalie or sing some colourful songs, son! Child: Why? Father:- Ask the Board, son! Child:- But the Board didn't ask me. Anyway, dad, what does "up to our Knees in ******** blood mean? Father:- Where did you hear that? Child:- I didn't, it was my pal, the last time I couldn't go, said a guy that was sitting in my seat was singing it, and he heard it from the Main Stand with his Mum! Dad, do they take down the "No Swearing in the Family Stand" sign when the BIG O/T Brothers are in our seats? Father:- Who Knows, son - maybe they put another one up with the words of the songs on, so it's like karaoke! Do you know that one Money, Money, Money....................?
  3. You have made as much of a muddle of this post as you have the rest of the thread Bazil. Wood see you the trees can't for! I think that's how you appear to a good few on the forum! Give it a rest, please?
  4. Just one last point from me. If the existing set-up is to remain for the foreseeable future, I would ask the Board not to refer to the South Stand as the Family Stand, and merely as the South Stand, in any Club notices, news items, ticket info, from now on, if for no other purpose than to respect the fans who disagree with the arrangement. It is no longer the Family Stand! And while they are at it, update the supporters charter, as this extract, supposedly reviewed in January this year is not accurate.
  5. We will agree to differ here as I see the positives of the New Stadium allowing us to start and grow a clean, well facilitated Family Stand over the last ten years, leading to Awards from the Powers that be, with all the surrounding entertainment laid on, the Panda Club, and ticket initiatives for clubs, schools, and other groups, being disregarded for quick money. How can you quantify the turn-off some families will feel at being treated like that after having felt it was a good environment to bring their children too, against money generated on a bigots match day, and the experience that goes with that? The message from us as a football club to the wider society is damning as far as I am concerned. Just one flashpoint incident in any upcoming games against the two clubs, will rapidly reduce existing fans attendance, and lead to the loss of any financial benefits perceived to be gained from the existing set-up. It's a disaster waiting to happen.
  6. Get real, Bazil. It's not me going off on a rant, it's you continually contorting and twisting everything and anything to suit you position. The top picture shows a very good BLUR, with possibly people standing at the top beyond the back row of seats, people standing on the stairs on the right next to the end wall and people standing in the stairwell on the opposite side of that seating block as well, but I don't think it shows those in the Loo or at the Food Kiosk. Kombibuddie has blown your more money argument to pieces with the West Stand logic.
  7. You just don't stop do you! Or you don't get it! If you think those pictures look quite conclusive, I hope you never have or will have to sit on a jury in a Court of Law, because the accused isn't getting a fair trial with you in attendance. Embarrassing! Before the game started there were plenty of bodies down in that empty corner, but I think you will find that due to a TV Studio right beside it (or is it a pigeon loft - hard to tell with the good quality of the pictures, your Honour), and the Polis in close attendance they decided to go up the back and sing their bile instead!
  8. No spin at all. So we end up having to accept your calculation, and assumption that some seats in their ends were empty. Ok, I agree - oh but wait a minute, what about the numbers standing up the back on the wide ledge, 2 deep in places, maybe the empty seats were theirs? And the considerable number in the home stands - group of four down from us, and another guy standing up on the back ledge behind us in W6. No colours but reaction to Saints chances tells you all! Oh and probably at least half of hospitality. And your telling me there was less than 2 full stands of Rangers supporters?
  9. Your taking the biscuit now Bazil - there were 700 fewer Saints Fans there against the Rangers than against Aberdeen, and as this saga trundles on the numbers will drop, not increase, when playing against the bigots. (Couldn't have put the Saints fans at the Aberdeen game in just the 2 stands by the way!) The reality is that Family Season ticket holders with kids are being offered seats on the least occupied extremities of the main and west stands (M1 M2 M9 and W1 W2) and therefore right beside the friendly, church-going pillars of our society in the 2 ends. If the board want to make a statement about our family friendly community club, then give all the moved South Stand fans seats in the centre of the main stand, and move all those without kids, including the board and hospitality to the extremities. It beggars belief we are still prepared to call the south stand the Family Stand - should be the Simple Neanderthal Home of Scottish Sectarianism Give Us Your Money Stand?
  10. You can visit Edinburgh, Stirling, Blair Castle, Culzean or Inveraray, but for a bit of everything and sheer drama, Dunrobin Castle at Golspie in Sutherland is well worth the effort. The original central keep dates back to 1400, and has been added to throughout the centuries, and what you see now is a cross between a French chateau and a German fairy castle. Dramatic tree-lined avenue entrance, stunning building both inside and out, with fantastic elevated vista out to the North Sea, amazing gardens, museum, falconry displays, etc. About an hour north of Inverness on the A9 but has it all. Well worth the trek.
  11. The Main Stand and West stand hold 4607 Max. so what happens if we sell 4707 season tickets? Your "almost 50%" over last seasons 3500 sales would be 1700 - 1750 more equals 5200 - 5250, which is way more than we would have to sell. I think your idealistic rough calculations are a bit of the mark. Explain what we do if we have 100 more season ticket holders than seats in the 2 stands!
  12. Come on Bazil, your'e having a laugh! 1/. Who's going to do that to them - the naughty Police? 2/. You know full well that fans running out from both end stands is going to create a situation where the stewarding/policing becomes many times worse when the mob decide to say hello to their mates in the middle of the park! 3/. Fans buying home end tickets should be able to be monitored and controlled.
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