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  1. There is a very plausible solution to a practical link from Glasgow city centre to the Airport. Riverbuses from the Broomielaw to the site of the Old Flying Club on Inchinnan Road. Lift from Central Station down to Terminal at Broomielaw Quay - Riverbus down the Clyde, turn left into the White Cart after a wee bit of a clean up and dredge - Terminal at site of Old Flying Club - Lift up to Elevated Covered Moving Walkway - 400 Metres and you are in the Airport Terminal Building - SORTED. Would show some innovation and provide an interesting Gateway to Glasgow City Centre and the Airport. GET IT SORTED SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT, GLASGOW AIRPORT, RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL
  2. Is that the Roberstson's Paisley Paparazzi Arena ?
  3. Now that we have turned over 16 players since the start of the season (and counting), was wondering if there was any truth in the rumour that payment for future shirt sponsorship will be by the week, and not by the season anymore? And how does the office keep up with all the new payslips? A.N. Other One A.N. Other Two A.N. Other Three A.N. Other Four Feck it - just pay them all in cash out the dome profits ! Sorted!
  4. You got that wrong! Seriously, if we have someone up front causing real problems for opposition defences, Cammy would thrive off the scraps! Too good a talent to let go!
  5. If he can win a ball in the air and provide a layoff, then I would be keeping Smith to work around him, and support Jackson!
  6. Is that 22 days imminent, or 22 minutes imminent, or a South American takeover imminent?
  7. Heart of Midlothian Peterhead Brechin
  8. Getting your options mixed up there!
  9. The noise and atmosphere the Colombian fans created in that stadium was immense. Best bit of the tournament so far!
  10. Just been on to look at ticket prices for the game against Sunderland, and low and behold all three matches at home to Spartans, Sunderland and Dumbarton are all shown as homes games for St. Mirren at EAST END PARK! They don't deserve to be in business - an atrocious site to access, navigate and comprehend. Please do something about this BOD or Campbell or Admin or Ricky! St Mirren FC : Login:Register.pdfSt Mirren FC : Login:Register.pdfSt Mirren FC : Login:Register.pdf
  11. Guti is coming to Scotland to do his coaching badges - when Mourinho arrived at Madrid in 2010, he off-loaded Guti and Raul among others, and told Guti his time was up, and to go and do his coaching badges. Guti went to Besiktas to carry on playing, and when Mourinho left Madrid in 2013, Guti came back to Madrid to coach in the youth set-up. He has now decided to come to Inverclyde as Jose did, and will fill in his time here as our Manager for the coming season, bringing a mixture of youths, C Team and B Team players over to sample the thrill of playing against the 2 biggest clubs in the world! He's only taking pocket money as payment, and our sponsors Skyview are meeting that cost, as he will massively increase their advertising exposure in the up-coming season. And by the way, there is an application in at Planning in Madrid for a 60,000 reclining seater stadium between Albion Street and Shortroods in Paisley! My neighbour was in Spain on holiday yesterday, and he told me, so it's definitely true.
  12. Fcuk off Shull, Faraway, LPM, St Ricky is King of the Thread Masters - Rot in the Bin you pickled eels - Long live Ricky Amazing what 6 hours in the pub does for your thought processes! ?
  13. Could this be a possible route to some extra ST sales ? Perhaps other far flung buddies like Graeme would sign up to this if there was some sort of recognition of there loyalty and show of gratitude if and when they did attend - a pre match tour incl. home dressing room, or maybe a day pass for the 1877 club, or bar access in hospitality suite, etc, etc.,
  14. 31 Days till Season Tickets available as of 24/04/2018 ? (According to the ticket site, once you can find the latest way into it.) Club are surely missing a trick here, if they don't get the ball rolling sooner, when the buzz is still there.
  15. In our case, given the current buzz about the club, I think it is a lot more complicated than just your figures above. Well, Jags, Fakes, Ross County and Hamilton are not likely to lift there home support much under their present operating model. Killie do have potential to increase their own support with their current success on the park, and more active board/management, but the size of Rugby Park will always allow options to meet the needs for any specific match being played. We do have potential to increase our core support on the back of the last season and a half, and the trick is to do that, with all the potential options costed to determine whether the ugly sisters get the end of the West Stand. Say we have 4 games a season at home to them, including a cup game for good measure - based on North Stand only that would be £162K at £25 per ticket - this would be expected revenue but would be reduced by greater than normal stewarding and policing costs. Add in 800 extra in W5/W6/W7 at same price - would be additional £80K revenue from them. But you have to deduct from that stewarding and policing to segregate the stand over and above the costs incurred in the North Stand - say £20K of that as a guess, leaves £60K potential benefit at the end of the day, in broad terms. There are no other feasible options to the West Stand, as giving them the South Stand would be committing commercial suicide after all the great work to enhance the family day experience, and the recognition from outside the club of all that work. The Main Stand would never be considered now, with the Hospitality at one end, and the best disabled Viewing Platform in Scottish Football at the other end. So we are left with the question - will it be economically beneficial, or detrimental to the feel good factor at the club just now? Lets say we can get 400 additional ST holders in West Stand, as 300 adults and 100 kids, with prices at £250 and £50 for ST's - that would be £80K for the season less stewarding costs, which would be much lower as no segregation. There would be a further reduction in the above revenue here as well, as, hypothetically, some of the hopefully new ST holders would have been occasional or regular pay-at-gate attenders in the past, but the figures wouldn't be far away from making sense. The growing North Bank section would be left alone in place - BONUS The attendance in the Family Stand would probably be slightly better as well, knowing that we had the 3 stands for our own support, rather than having one infiltrated by the ugly sisters. In the past, the attendance in the Family Stand has dropped off quite dramatically when the ugly sisters have been visiting, so reducing their numbers surely must help - BONUS So, if we can tap in to 400 new attenders, it should be possible to keep the 3 stands to ourselves. Need to do all we can to achieve this.
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