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  1. There used to be quite a few of them, sat behind me and my mates when we first moved. It was quite entertaining taking the piss out them when the football was shite. They then got a ban, but have seen them regularly again kicking about.
  2. Assuming so, it was open for the Dundee friendly.
  3. Good job I stuck a few quid on Corbyn PM and no party majority then! Might even need to crack open the Malt at some point.
  4. I love watching Election night. I'm working tomorrow morning, but working from home in the afternoon which will help me get away with staying up, How long I stay up for will depend on the exit poll and how the results are looking as they start to come in. This was the first time I was unsure about who I wanted to vote for. Ideally, I would have voted Greens if they were standing in my area. It became a toss between SNP and Labour. Ultimately went for SNP. I think would have voted Labour had it not been for them taking my vote as a vote against independence. The best thing Scottish Labour could have done was have an open policy on independence. Ideal scenario is a hung parliament with Labour forming a minority government, with SNP holding on to most of their seats to help prop them up. Ultimately, whoever gets in won't make much difference to me. But hoping for some twists and turns tonight.
  5. I think the difference is that we are signing players from teams who are absolutely gutted these players are leaving, and believe they deserve the chance to step up. We've not just went and picked up half of Cowdenbeath's first team squad. We have struggled with having players in depth for many seasons. If we have a first 11 with quality experienced professional, mixed with a our talented young players like Baird, Magennis and Morgan. Whilst having a good squad of players as back up who have performed well at a lower level with a point to prove when called upon, can only be positive. We're not going to have 22 players who are good enough to consistently play in the first team. Some of these signings will pay off some won't. They won't be on large sums of money and so it is low risk high reward.
  6. Led to believe Magennis has just signed an extension. Had offers from Everton, QPR and Southampton but opted for first team football. Some lad.
  7. Dougie McNeil has confirmed it on Twitter. Generally spot on.
  8. He was there, vaguely remember speaking to him.
  9. I'm a member of the SNP but I've lost faith in my own MSP and MP due to lack of support they provided to my Mum who was one of two ladies driving the recent Mesh campaign in Scotland. The only one that has spoken out about how the mesh review was carried out was Alex Neil. All the support has came from Labour and Tory MSPs, which pissed me off as I have backed the SNP for many years, and when my family needed them to take action they not only let us down but hundreds of others in Scotland. It's left a real sour taste in my mouth and I will be resigning my membership as I don't have faith. So for the council elections, I'll be backing the greens or an independent I think. However for the General Election, I think I will still vote SNP as I think they are the only credible option at WM for the seats for Scotland. Hoping for independence one day, and for lots of new political parties to emerge on the back of that.
  10. Even game - Raith knew exactly how we were going to play and defended well. Raith got ahead and Billy obviously thought Hardie was still our player and threw the ball direct to him. Only chance is the play offs now, slim chance at that. I hate football.
  11. Bankhouse is 5pm but is nearly full.
  12. What a performance from us tonight. Stellios and Morgan ran the show on the left. McGinn was everywhere. Hibs were really bad, couldn't believe how poor they were. Passed the ball about the back then booted to nobody. Reminded me of us under Alex Rae. They didn't really threaten at all apart from the great save Billy pulled off in the second half. I have a great belief that we might actually go on and pull this great escape off. Just worried that a pumping at Parkhead next week will stop the momentum we have been building up.
  13. If it's UK network being used abroad that might be the problem as it'll be a U.K. IP address. Google maps is just going by your GPS. If you get logged on via WIFI then should work.
  14. What country are you in?
  15. If you have an IPad or IPhone download Hola app and pick a country to browse from.