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  1. Even game - Raith knew exactly how we were going to play and defended well. Raith got ahead and Billy obviously thought Hardie was still our player and threw the ball direct to him. Only chance is the play offs now, slim chance at that. I hate football.
  2. Bankhouse is 5pm but is nearly full.
  3. What a performance from us tonight. Stellios and Morgan ran the show on the left. McGinn was everywhere. Hibs were really bad, couldn't believe how poor they were. Passed the ball about the back then booted to nobody. Reminded me of us under Alex Rae. They didn't really threaten at all apart from the great save Billy pulled off in the second half. I have a great belief that we might actually go on and pull this great escape off. Just worried that a pumping at Parkhead next week will stop the momentum we have been building up.
  4. If it's UK network being used abroad that might be the problem as it'll be a U.K. IP address. Google maps is just going by your GPS. If you get logged on via WIFI then should work.
  5. What country are you in?
  6. If you have an IPad or IPhone download Hola app and pick a country to browse from.
  7. Storie song. twitter.com/stmirrenactive/status/822776627830681600
  8. Don't go via M80. Road closed.
  9. Had a ball tonight. We're relegated. Had a great time in Viennas with wee Steven Mallan. He's a dancer. [emoji23]
  10. He was out in Paisley last night. [emoji848]
  11. Don't listen to that... reliable source of late turn wind up merchant.
  12. Don't understand why we changed from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2. Lost the midfield by doing that. Ideally I'd like to see a midfield of Morgan, McGinn, Storie, Macgennis, Smith. Whatever is on the table for Mallan take it. Play some proper f'king full backs. Hopefully McKenzie's injury isn't too bad.
  13. If you have an IPad or IPhone download Hola.
  14. Buy it on St Mirren TV.