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SMISA Q&A Night With Jack Ross & James Fowler

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I can see where they are coming from with Smith.

I was absolutely delighted when he signed a full contract with us. Morgan is clearly the rising star, whilst there was a question mark over Reilly's signing, so it was always going to be subject to a fair degree of scrutiny. The fact that he has more than exceeded the expectations of most of us inevitably means he will get a lot of (deserved) plaudits.

Meanwhile, Smith has picked up from where he left off last season. 100% committed, and making a huge contribution whilst not being a headliner. He is a critical member of a front line that is on fire, and, at its best, almost unplayable at this level.

Tremendous player to have on our books.

ETA - aye, I was pretty sure I'd raved about him previously....


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1 hour ago, bender rodriguez said:

Was there any mention of morgan maybe  extending his contract?

It's something that's ongoing and what was hinted at with the suggestion that he is close with Lewis and believes that Lewis knows St. Mirren should be recompensed for the faith and platform they've given to him.

He made it quite clear though that any contract extension would be cosmetic in that it will be signed with the purpose of selling him on rather than with the intention of seeing it out. Even comparing his situation to Stevie Mallan in that both he and the club are well aware that he's going on to bigger things next season and if a contract extension was signed it would be on that basis.

Regardless of what happens, Jack Ross insisted that he'll see this season out in a St. Mirren shirt...again, reading between the lines he also made it quite clear that regardless of outcome, he won't be here next season.

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