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  1. No, no, no. He's a revolutionary, he fights the system...haven't you seen his videos on here? Oh, wait, no. The reality is he likes to think he does but actually just has a wee grumble about it like the rest of us, reluctantly puts his mask on like the rest of us and complies like the rest of us. Like the rest of us, his ability to make money to live, far outweighs the strength of his online convictions. Che Guevarra, right enough.
  2. People are also dying as a result of the ongoing mental health issues, magnified having their businesses and livelihoods snatched away at a moment's notice. The fallout of the mental health crisis in this country for the next 20-30 years will make Covid look like a f**king walk in the park. I'd have no issues with further restrictions if they were a means to an end....anything other than 'oh we'll shut down for a few weeks and see where we are then'. This is what it realistically amounts to just now. There is no end, just kicking the can down the road a bit. What's the plan? How are they going to get out of this cycle in the absence of a vaccine? The 'world class track and trace system'? That was some laugh!!! The government on both sides of the border have completely f**ked this up. They've had 7 months to come up with a strategy to live through and around this, have turned up nothing and now just resort to more lockdowns.
  3. On the plus side, we'll be the first team in Scotland to achieve herd immunity.
  4. 1. You've seen him playing to judge that? 2. He's a regular in the Northern Ireland U19 team and has been called up to the European U19 championship squad.
  5. Shame because as shite as we were that day as a team, he was actually making the ball stick in forward areas in that first half...the only one that was doing so. Ethan looked for him every time and Dennis was intent on picking the ball relatively deep and bringing other folk into play. He wasted very little so was disappointing that he ended up hurt.
  6. He's got a pulled/torn achilles tendon. Picked it up in first half against Hibs.
  7. It's no coincidence that we always, always play better without him in the side. He should be gone 1st of January as it's painful to watch him in terms of position, contribution, passing range, passing choice. Even if he was poor at all of those but good at breaking up play, I'd get it but his tackling isn't up to par either. It's also a really sad story that is unfolding in front of us with Kyle McAllister. The lad broke into a truly awful side and looked like a bit of a shining star. Pacy, direct, very skilful and annoyed full backs and he get a deserved move south out of it. When he came back on loan, whilst he wasn't exactly consistent under Kearney but he chipped in with massive performances at vital times and for that, he was a player that was essential to keep. Since returning full time though, the decline in the lad has been painful to watch, especially as he's still very young indeed. I don't know if injuries have taken their toll or if it's the associated mental factors that come with those injuries that are at play but there is clearly just something not there. I watched him yesterday against the QotS full back, like we've done for almost 18 months now and when he picks the ball up, it's never in a good area, he always seems to be too deep, too high, too far away from the ball and so he constantly gives himself far too much to do. When he does have possession, he has it in his head that he can go past players but he never successfully does, I counted about half a dozen times yesterday that he ran straight into the full-back. Rarely, if ever do you see him doing that usual winger trait of give and go. Pass inside and make the full back work off the ball, drag him out of position, even if you don't get the ball, you might open up a bit of space for someone else. That just doesn't happen. Whether he's been told not to do that or what I don't know. But something has just seemed 'off' with him for a long time and it's terrible to see as when we brought him back on a 3 year deal, I, like most fans were chuffed. Yeah we understood the injury issues and he'd have to be managed carefully but if he was available for 25 games a season, that would be brilliant compared to not having him. Compare him to a guy in that same midfield position as him on the opposite team - Aidan Fitzpatrick. I said a few months ago when Thorvaldsson was coming that I was shocked if we were looking at a right mid that we didn't go for Fitzpatrick, also a Norwich player. The lad yesterday was fast, direct, LOVED running at our defence, constantly cutting inside and he got one goal from it and really should have had another in the 2nd half. Nothing I saw of him yesterday changed my opinion that he'd have improved our squad and I was shocked when QotS got him. I'm at stage where I'm not even pissed off at Kyle anymore like I was last season, I'm just concerned that someone so clearly talented has lost it for whatever reason - you don't just become a bad footballer overnight. I genuinely hope we see the best of Kyle in a Saints shirt but right now, that seems a million miles away.
  8. That wee moment there has summed up Kyle McAllister's 2nd spell here perfectly.
  9. I'm still on it....not refreshing cos it'll boot me out.
  10. Fair play, I didn't read the build up thread. Alright, alright.....new patter.....he doesn't mind playing on a plastic pitch because his knees-are-good, knees-are-good. I'll get my own coat.
  11. Nortei Nortey is a player we should have definitely signed, just so there could be a song to the tune of Ebeneezer Goode
  12. Wish we could spot him at Buchanan Street bus station. He's a competition winner that boy.
  13. This is truly diabolical. What actually happens when players, usually decent players no longer can do basics like controlling a ball? Guys like Kyle McAllister or Ilkay Durmus didn't just lose all technical ability overnight. What the f**k is going on?
  14. I remember back in the summer saying I hoped we got Aidan Fitzpatrick on loan from Norwich. We got sent Thorvaldsson instead. Clearly the lad is better than anything we have and he's showing us up.
  15. I mean, i feel sorry for anyone who paid a tenner to watch this. I didn't bother, why should I when QotS are showing it for free on their website? https://live.qosfc.com/live/2020-2021/queen-of-the-south_st-mirren_1068
  16. He's somehow making Joe McKee look like a competent footballer.
  17. Daft trying to judge any centre forward when they are living off of scraps. When we have someone in the midfield that can create challenges that will bring our forwards into games more, then we can definitely judge.
  18. Agreed but then most of the above aren't in much different a bracket from Jackson, Hammill and Ferdinand from a few years ago. All massively experienced players that we were surprised at landing given they'd surely attract higher wages.
  19. Plenty of good players are currently free transfers. Quick glance throws up such experience as Ikechi Anya, Cameron Jerome, Jackson Irvine, Andy King, Isma Goncalves, Nathan Dyer
  20. The decision to let Mullen go was ridiculous. He was most certainly a decent option to have in attack and given the circumstances the world is in, sometimes you're better to stick for now.
  21. I'm sure he'll fit in in January once he's rehabbed for 8 weeks and then gets match fit. 😫
  22. Superb signing. He'd have certainly done the same at Celtic if they didn't have the ludicrous notion to try and play him as a centre forward.
  23. Depends really on how the money is redistributed, he'll be on a decent wage being the club captain and a decent sized transfer fee incoming means that we will surely be busy on Monday you'd think. 2 or 3 good players in, in the form of defensive cover, a playmaker and a wide creative type and this won't be an issue.
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