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  1. The 2 stand issue is a quite major one for me but it is not and never will be enough for me to consider not buying a ST. The only time I've ever genuinely considered withdrawing my custom from the club was when we were asked en masse to go with the board's intention of voting to retain Rangers in the SPL in spite of liquidation. That was a bridge too far and was glad they took on popular opinion and saw sense.
  2. IF it is true, Davis would be an immense signing. It says a lot that he's 37 years old and Rangers supporters still want to keep him about next season.
  3. He's certainly not looked anything like done this season. Don't think this one will happen to be honest.
  4. FTOF. Never forget. f**k them both.
  5. Mallan and Gogic are central mids whilst Spittal is an out and out right winger though.
  6. No qualms whatsoever about a modest rise in my ticket if it helps people who maybe couldn't afford tickets such as those out of work or families have a bit of ease in buying theirs.
  7. No thank you. I got booted out of the Station Bar in 2003 for cheering Porto's 3rd goal in Seville, after reminding the barman that no I didn't have to support Celtic - it's supposed to be a f**king St. Mirren pub. I'll equally have streamers and whistles for an Eintracht Frankfurt win tomorrow. Never forget who these cunts are... they leave towns like Paisley, Renfrew, Erskine, Johnstone and all over Scotland every week to support a club that they know will bring success. They'll then laugh at you for supporting shitey wee St. Mirren despite growing up a mile or so from the ground....and that's the good ones. 90% couldn't find Ibrox if you dropped them a Bellahouston or Parkhead from the top end of Duke Street but will still try and talk to you about 'their' club as if they have more or equal a vested interest in Rangers or Celtic than you do in SMFC. So no, bigger picture or not, I wholeheartedly f**king reject any notion of either of these cuntish clubs being successful in Europe. Any other club, I'd be all for. Either of those two? Forget it.
  8. Power back to Killie apparently.
  9. Hendry and Rooney are literally the only two out of contract St. Johnstone players I'd want us to sign.
  10. Well given that he seems to have been popping up with important goals in what has been a stop start season injury wise and given that the top scorer in the entire league this season has managed only 13 goals, I'd say we're definitely not in any position to let 8 goals a season go begging. Brophy seems to be getting a lot more stick on here now that folk are off Main's back. Don't understand it whatsoever, he's been a good signing for us.
  11. Without a doubt. He's probably one I'd be making a priority. Within our scope, a good footballer at this level and has improved over the last 18 months or so even with the loans out.
  12. I'm not disagreeing too much but he contributed more in way of goals and assists playing in a wide role for his side than someone like Jordan Jones did for ours.
  13. 36 games (20 starts) and 6 goals for Morecambe from what looks like playing as a wide man most of the season - according to transfermarkt - isn't all that mince TBH. I mean not prolific or anything, but not quite rubbish.
  14. 4th signing confirmed as done by Robinson with more to follow. Names will come out in the next few weeks even though we sort of know who the three in so far are.
  15. Offord is still on loan at East Stirling
  16. Brophy is better than Obika was.
  17. Obika is best left alone now. Love the guy but we can definitely draw better.
  18. He is not. He's never once backed up any of his spoutings on here.
  19. End the season a top flight team - give him time to build a side. Relegated at end of season - gone no questions asked
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