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  1. With things being as they are, you have to believe that we're going to bide our time this summer. As unfortunate as it is, it definitely looks like the circumstances are going to make it a buyer's market this summer so a lot of clubs might leave it until late in the day to make any significant moves. Hopefully we'll pick up a couple of players who under normal circumstances might have been a bit out of our range.
  2. Always liked him but yeah, at 33 he's not someone I'd expect to be on our radar. Lamie will do a good job for them. Need to expect someone like Lawless will be on radar of clubs who can offer more money than we can.
  3. Ricki Lamie and Steven Lawless both leaving Livingston. Both would be excellent pick-ups for ourselves.
  4. I've had a few threats to punch me in the past on here, including the previously mentioned IOBS. Which was particularly funny as I wouldn't trust him to hit water if he fell off his boat.
  5. Interesting to see who the corrupt parties are. Anne Budge on Sportsound earlier, offering up to other clubs, what can only really be described as a bribe. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52860953
  6. I'm Baz? Oaft, try again. I don't think my identity is exactly a secret.
  7. Yeah, decent wee story and good publicity. Their keeper has a pretty lucrative engineering business so offered to leave/play on for free to keep the youth goalies in a job. For a bit of fun, Martindale (who is good mates with the keeper) decided to put it to a poll and donate a quid to a kids hospice for every vote, expecting a few hundred....they have had to revise that when 200k people voted. Martindale ended up putting up 2 grand I think. Goalie got contract but has said he'll donate first few months pay to the hospice as well and I think the resulting publicity has also managed to get the hospice a lot of donations.
  8. Except it's not restriction of trade at all. Hearts are free to carry on playing as they see fit to. That the league they are in may be shut on H&S grounds or grounds of lack teams. is neither here nor there Through this, if Hearts want to carry on playing football, they are free to do so. No restriction of trade there. Organise friendlies, bounce games etc. I mean, they'd be getting the same revenue generated for a closed doors friendly as a closed doors Championship match so the income stream wouldn't be the deciding factor. They'd be free to continue trading as they usually do with or without organised league football. Taking the SPFL to court will neither hinder the restart to the season nor will it get Hearts back in the top league. No companies I'm aware of cease trading fully in event of a court case....if this happened there would be very few companies on the go at any point. The outcome of this is that they'll either be playing in the 2nd tier and have a big court bill, or playing in the 2nd tier with compensation. Nothing they can do after this next proposal is rejected will see them back in the top flight.
  9. When you stop acting like a 12 year old, I'll speak to you like you're a big boy.
  10. Why would they renegotiate the deal and leave themselves in a potentially worse position? The TV deal, all things said, is quite lucrative to clubs. The season is done, son. Let it go.
  11. To offset the injustice, Budge is fully advocating a setup that will see 20 out of 42 senior clubs across 3 leagues in Scotland guaranteed to be relegated in 2 years from now. There is inherently nothing wrong with reconstruction on two conditions. It should be permanent and should be at the end of the upcoming season. If it's unfair to relegate Hearts on an incomplete season then it's also unfair to relegate or promote other clubs retroactively on an incomplete season. There is also no way to finish the season. To protect the television deal, this is now impossible. There is no completely fair outcome in this. None exists given that playing games on the never never is an impossibility.
  12. It's not acceptable. At the end of the 2021/22 season, 20 out of the 42 clubs in Scotland (assuming all are still there) would be relegated to revert leagues back to current setup. So it's OK for almost 50% of clubs to be displaced? Not having it. Reconstruction, I've not got an issue with. Temporary can f**k off though.
  13. You just added the 'destroyer' part on yourself didn't you?
  14. Amazing that through all of the shite patter, garbage trolling and total idiocy, even you come up with the odd good idea. This is the first thing approaching sensible that you've said on here in a very long time. Well done, give yourself a wee pat on the back.
  15. The dearly departed (from the forum, he's not deid!) Stuart Dickson had the odd moment of clarity and decent idea formation, he simply couldn't accept that despite coming across with decent points now and again, people would never take to them as the actual person delivering them was really insufferable in general, especially when making their point and really not worth the hassle of working with or against. Good idea formation (now and then) but a nightmare of a person to try and co-operate with. Baz seems to fall firmly into the same category. Any agreeable or valid points are completely lost in the delivery of his response. The need to not just make his own point for someone to agree or disagree with but to make the person he's debating with seem foolish, confused or clouded. Despite this, I've no real issue with him at all, I glance at the points he's making but then know I don't have to really read anything else he posts on a subject as it will typically contain no real new content aside from him going into a back and forth with whoever he's arguing with to point out where in their previous statements he's going to try and show them up. And then a general couple of 'Why Always Me?' style posts when he gets pulled up for it. Bit of self reflection though, Baz. I don't think anyone is telling you not to post but sometimes you can look at a post, accept you've made your point well enough the first time and move on. Countering a response with another response if required is fair enough but the constant need to come back and try and reassert yourself every single time by picking through the bones of points already argued isn't a good look.
  16. Well, that's more than 1,000, Hetty Wainthropp. 😉
  17. No idea, if i was to guess I'd say 800-999
  18. You'd be trolling BAWA if there was no BAWA?
  19. Approaching 1,000 ST sales in the first week. I look forward to the angry reactions.
  20. I know folk like using Juve efforts of last few years as a template to what our kit should look like but they have really shat the bed on this year's effort.
  21. Problem with Flynn is that he was going to be missing the bulk of 2020 with his ACL anyway so it might be a risk we cannot take to carry an injured player for 5 or 6 months.
  22. One goal would have done it. We did have a 2 goal cushion but if Hearts had won 1-0 it would have wiped it out as they'd have gained one and we'd have lost one. So a 2 goal swing. They'd then have gone above us on goals scored.
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