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  1. Good day at the office for young Kieran as he grabs two goals in a 3-1 win over Malta for Scotland U19s. Previously was listed as a hat-trick but other goal was given to Josh Adam.
  2. I'm sure I read somewhere that the life expectancy of the dome was something like 6 or 7 years. Given we've now had it nearly a decade, is it a case that it's no longer viable to fix and exposed to the point that there's not a lot to stop the cunts doing it again?
  3. But you've provided no evidence to back your claims up whatsoever outside of 'I have a reliable source'. If you are coming here with irrefutable proof of wrongdoings then many Saints supporters will be up in arms. We've seen in the last couple of years, it doesn't take a lot for St. Mirren fans to question WTF is going on. The difference is though that on the public face of it, since last summer, the club has been run a whole lot better. Professional output, a stronger ticketing system, no real mumblings of wrongdoings or failings that often used to find their way out. Your 'evidence' that a bam or bams slashed a big inflatable structure as proof irrefutable that there are systematic failings at the club is honestly quite comical. As for Michelle Evans arriving in a blaze of publicity....did she? As far as I recall she arrived every bit as quietly as she left. I don't recall a press release or certainly nothing heralding her arrival at the club. Possibly as mention in the newsletter. I don't even think I knew she worked for the club until recently. I'm not saying that what you have written carries no merit. There does appear to be a hell of a lot of confirmation bias going on though. You don't like the Kibble. We get it. But to use departures on the quiet as a stick to beat the club with when the arrivals were also on the quiet (whilst claiming they weren't) comes off as you having a pretty sizeable agenda. So long story short. Provide proof. Provide sources. If you are so concerned, go to the press. Someone out there will love having a scoop of this size landed on their desk with all the dirt and shenanigans that goes with it, particularly Saints friendly reporters such as Graeme McPherson, Douglas McNeill or even Scott Burns who also takes a keen interest in us. Rather than coming on here and slating supporters and SMISA backers for having our heads in the sand...if you are enlightened then you do something proactive with it and put your convictions out there to the press. You could save the club! Or carry on coming on here and telling folk doomsday is coming and either disappear when it doesn't, or wring your hands and go 'told you, told you' when it does. As it stands, the burden of proof lies solely at your door so you cannot get agitated when folk ask for you to back up your accusations and assertions.
  4. Don't be stupid. That would involve many public admissions of being wrong from the infallible. To be fair, I did speak to Lex in the pub on Sunday and he held his hands up and said he was delighted to be proven wrong so fair enough.
  5. Good move for all involved. He'll get regular football at a higher level than he played last season and presumably it will be a developmental loan, so will still be training with us on days when the Alloa squad aren't together.
  6. Nice time to be playing them - sandwiched between a game against Istanbul on the Thursday and a trip to Riga the following Thursday. Teams in Scotland tend to take their eye off the ball a little between European games so hopefully we get a chance to get a rare result at Tynecastle.
  7. Based on what exactly? The fact they finished 2nd bottom last season, or they've lost their 3 best players and replaced then with dads army? Maybe the one league win so far. I'm not saying that we'll win on Saturday or even take anything as Perth has always been a difficult hunting ground for us but it's simply not true to say that St. Johnstone don't look like a bad outfit. They look the very definition of a bad outfit at this level.
  8. McDonald was a great player but he's not been the same since his transplant and his career at the higher levels of the game are probably over - we're also well versed in centre of the park so I'd pass on that. McNulty, a definite no for me. He's a downgrade on what we have. 1 league goal every 9 games for Dundee Utd means I wouldn't waste a wage. There's no-one from that list I'd be looking to strengthen with (I mean obviously apart from Rogic but lets be honest, that's fanciful unless he wants a pre-Aussie World Cup love-in). McGeouch and Grimshaw are only two possibilities I'd want us to look at if we weren't well covered in both areas of the squad. Neither currently going to significantly strengthen our side and would be bit part players. The best affordable free agent who left a Scottish side that was still out there on the market, we signed two weeks ago in the shape of Gogic. Thankfully, mercifully it looks like a club, we're now beyond the 'maybe we will be utilising the free agents market after the window has closed' stage.
  9. He did. It was May 2021 though.
  10. Not the outgoing I think any of us were hoping for.
  11. The Oxford comma you fixed is perfectly acceptable.
  12. Interesting but can't possibly see where he's fitting into that side just now. It does appear he'll be Motherwell bound though.
  13. Does it give you pleasure actively hoping the team you support does badly to prove your point? Anyone who can't see what we've been doing over the first 4 games and understand the way that we are trying to play and set our our stall really shouldn't be involved in a football discussion. We are a far better watch than we were last season. That much is plainly obvious.
  14. Thankfully you know not the f**k what you're talking about.
  15. All well and good, I didn't mention Robinson's record since he's been here when addressing your initial post and neither did you - you said we were hanging on at the end yesterday. Aside from one deflected shot that nearly caught us out, no we weren't. We were in control for the full 90. They hit the post after about 65-70 mins which isn't quite 'the end' so safe to say your opinion on yesterday's game is way wide of the mark. You've been on such a crusade since day one you can't even hold your hands up and admit the team you support played well because you have a massive dislike of the manager. Bit sad, really.
  16. Agreed. Think it's clear to see that in the top flight, there are about 7 or 8 teams who if they all played one another head to head for 10 games, there would be a relatively even split of wins draws and losses across the board. We're firmly in that group and it's not a bad place to be. Better that then the whipping boys. We'll be just fine this season. We do need to develop a bit of composure and a killer instinct though.
  17. No we weren't. The red and penalty were Aberdeen's first goal and they had troubled us very little before then. The actual performances in the first three games taken as a whole are far more encouraging and easy on the eye than they were under Goodwin.
  18. Thing is, I was more than encouraged by the Aberdeen performance whilst it was 11 vs 11 as well. We looked to have game plan to sit in and hit and were potentially going to get some success from it. It was the lack of a contingency plan when we got Gallagher sent off that sort of threw that up in the air.
  19. I suppose when you're entrenched in an opinion you refuse to budge from, the mind sees what it wants to see. They had one shot that took a wicked deflection and the keeper made a superb stop. Apart from that, we were hardly hanging on.
  20. To be fair, I don't think there were many on the park who done more running than Strain yesterday. After 70 minutes his race was run and it was understandable that anyone would wilt in that heat. He covered the entire right hand side of the park god knows how many times and never got caught out. I think everyone in the West stand could see he was blowing out his arse the last 20 but it really drives home that we do still need defensive cover in wide areas as on another say I'm sure he'd have came off. Think he's been a very good signing so far, his touch is excellent, his set pieces are good and he's got this knack of alway finding himself in a dangerous area in the other teams third. My one criticism of him is that he needs to have a better or more varied end product. His crosses always get past the first man but too often they are too high and floaty/looping or close to the goal line. Still worth remembering he's played very little football in 2022 and he's getting more and more up to speed every week.
  21. This has all the feelings of a must win game. I was saying to my old man earlier, the last time I remember a game with quite the same feeling of it having to go right for the manager's sake was when we played recently promoted (along with us) Livingston in Alan Stubbs' 3rd game of the season. We got absolutely humbled 2-0 that day against a team we were far better than only 10 weeks before and it was the writing on the wall for Stubbs - a final confirmation that he'd without doubt, weakened us massively. It kind of has that energy about it. If we lose on Saturday, regardless of the manner of defeat, or if we scrape our way to an undeserved point, it's going to be the tipping point for many I fear.
  22. Too many silly wee guys who are there first and foremost to hang about in a gang and the football being played is secondary. More interested in what the other teams supporters are doing. I saw an annoying number of incidents outside the ground last season after games involving these groups and there's no need for it at all.
  23. Wonder if there is any substance in those Charles Dunne to Aberdeen rumours from earlier in the summer. He was pictured at Pittodrie on Sunday but apparently his old pal just signed for them from Wycombe so in insolation, maybe nothing in it. But then it has come out today that David Bates - the man with the best agent in football - is leaving for Legia Warsaw and is getting his medical today so Aberdeen might well be in the market for another centre half.
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