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  1. I'm aware of this but where is the consistency of decision being made? How can any authority determine that 12% capacity is the maximum when the next authority over deems 35% or 40% OK? The folk in charge of making these decisions are not in any way infallible and should be getting questioned and fought tooth and nail at every opportunity.
  2. We should genuinely be making more of this 1,000 fans in the ground issue. It's borderline scandalous. There seems to be no real issue on 30%, 40%, 50% filled grounds at this point where we seem to be either moping about how sad it is fans aren't getting back in numbers we'd like, or saying f**k all. The fans have an absolute right to know who is making these decisions, why they are being made and why the club aren't fighting tooth and nail against any decisions made on 'social distancing' guidelines given that these don't appear to apply nearly as stringently to many, many other clubs very local to us. Fir Park will be 47% full on Saturday for their game vs Hibs...St. Mirren Park was (allegedly) only allowed to be 12% full yesterday and only 12% full a week next Saturday. Dundee, a city that had the outright highest infection rate in Europe until only a couple of weeks ago have applied for and expect to be granted increased capacity for our match on Saturday. And rightly so, who can blame them? And again, likely no away fans. So why is Fitzpatrick showing up on Radio Scotland yesterday sounding like a beaten man when it comes to more supporters being let in? Why are the club not publicly questioning these decisions? This was packaged up by our SLO the other day as being a social distancing issue but that's clearly not true at all. I get some grounds have more seats, exits, facilities etc, but definitely not a disparity of 12% capacity in one ground allowed vs 47% in another. Who ever ultimately made the decision, be it SMFC or Renfrewshire Council owe the supporters a full and frank explanation. Why should we still be balloting to see who f**king gets to go to games and who doesn't when other clubs are fighting tooth and nail to get ALL fans who want a ticket through the doors?
  3. Correct. I never got selected for this run but did for Dunfermline game. I'd have handed my ticket back though.
  4. Fairest way would be to let as many unique fans in for Cup games as possible then reset for league games starting. I'd be happy with that but I'd be fucling seething if I got picked for a league cup game I had to pay to attend and then not be eligible for a league match as a result of that.
  5. Our fans are really bad for it. Obika got similar treatment at the start after it took him about 9 or 10 games to find his feet.
  6. Add to that I think Erhahon had a pretty good game. His range of passing and workrate were both good. I can see some disagree, maybe being at the game I was seeing something others weren't or vice versa but I thought he had a strong performance.
  7. Unfortunately there has been two separate kicks in the baws here and neither related to the other. The club changing ST supplier was within the clubs control and the club were within their rights to do so. Usually in circumstances such as this, a professional transition is the order of the day and Interstadia would have transferred all ST details to the new supplier. It will have been collated on a Microsoft Office app for mail merges etc and for whatever reason, this file has been misplaced or purposefully deleted by Interstadia. This isn't the fault of the club but they definitely should have had a master copy of the database for ease of transition rather than having to ask everyone to register again. For the strips, it's even less a fault of the club. Skyview have been a shirt sponsor for what would have been the fifth season and in that time, there's been not a peep that would suggest ulterior motives. I'm assuming they were running on a one year rolling deal that is agreed in advance with a handshake if the kits were already printed and ready to go but no contract was in place that allowed them to make literally last minute demands. Again, what do thosecwho run SMFC do aside from walk away from a situation that could cause the club potential damage? 1st July was always the advertised unveiling date with kits to go on sale 'shortly after so a several week delay to these is not a massive burden in the scheme of things if it uncovered dodgy intentions from a sponsor.
  8. Going up to a random stranger and telling them to put a face mask on is a complete brass neck.
  9. f**k me, how many years did you study your doctorate at Uni to come to that conclusion, professor? 😂
  10. Think he is someone who is going to become a bit of a fan favourite. Looked assured, brave in the tackle and fast as f**k.
  11. No we didn't. As dominant a 1-0 as you'll ever see.
  12. Still standing outside and no movement. 6:15 indeed. 🙄
  13. You don't think 90 minutes is completely extreme? I don't blame the club for this whatsoever, their hands are tied by a hopeless, hapless government intent on treating football supporters like naughty schoolkids. Also, I don't recall being my opinions and thoughts on the matter being beholden to you or any c**t else, so I'll stick with my ticket. Thanks for your concern though.
  14. 90 f**king mins early to show up. There's only 500 folk going FFS
  15. He did say he'd be looking at the loan market post Ayr match but also that he's sifting through both potential loans and permanent deals.
  16. Erhahon has a few shortcomings in his game but he's constantly improving still is learning. End of the day, we have on our books, a guy who has represented Scotland at every level bar full international, will have well over 100 first team appearances before he hits 21 and still has two years to run on his current deal. When you look at other clubs like St. Johnstone and Motherwell doubling down and refusing to let themselves be short sold on their assets, then neither should we. Barnsley paid £1.25m last season for a lad from Liverpool who is two years older, and with no first team experience save for couple of loans out to League 1. We'd be doing ourselves a genuine disservice by accepting low to mid six figures for him.
  17. Wylde was just the tip of that iceberg... we we're doomed from the start with complete impostors such as Callum Ball, James Marwood and Ross Caldwell and a stupid old snake as a manager.
  18. Or the lad last week on twitter who made away shirt mockups (before Skyview bailed) but these as an away and 3rd top would have taken some beating.
  19. Yup, similar to Newcastle Circa 1996.
  20. Home top is a cracker and looks even better in the pictures with the black sponsor (as opposed to the white sponsor in the poll option). Away top is painfully boring. That's why I voted for option 1 to at least give it a bit of character.
  21. So the vast majority of folk who are ending up seriously ill or dying are in fact unvaccinated given they are still within that 3 weeks? That is quite the bombshell but I'm pretty certain it is also counter productive to your argument. 😂
  22. It's far too early to be disappointed in uptake in any group below 40 as the vaccine is still being rolled out and at a decent pace amongst that demographic. When all is said and done, over 85% of the adult population is going to be fully vaccinated and more protected through prior infection. We've in a fantastic spot right now and it will only improve.
  23. To drive vaccination uptake upwards. That's more or less what it's been about since the start. If everything is fine and dandy, less people are inclined to get vaccines, so the rhetoric of staying safe and remaining wary needs to be rolled out.
  24. Viruses have mutated or evolved since the beginning of time. It's a good example of the power of media perpetrating misgivings and lies about mutations that people are so stirred up into a constant state of fear about variants. Viruses mutate randomly but the dominant strain is always going to end up as the one that will become more infectious and less deadly. A virus exists for only one reason and that's to multiply and spread...it does not learn, it does not knowingly evade. The dominant strain of any respiratory virus is the one which will move from host to host quickest and infect the most numbers in doing so. So of all these random mutations that happen, anything that mutates to be any more deadly will generally mutate itself out of existence relatively quickly as it doesn't have time to infect people and take hold.
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