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  1. facepainter87

    Sunny Foxbar Saint

    Doesn't seem like 2 years. Gone but NEVER forgotten RIP Derek
  2. facepainter87

    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    only show the goals scored against them
  3. facepainter87

    Speculation Thread

    how does a multi-millionaire turn into a millionaire? he invests in a football club
  4. facepainter87

    Speculation Thread

    personal wealths not club's money in the bank that cheating cnut boyle has put motherwell into administration twice
  5. facepainter87

    Speculation Thread

    none of them have more money they are more willing to go deeper into debt than us
  6. facepainter87

    Dear Gus

  7. facepainter87

    Dear Gus

    silly me i should have said sensible
  8. facepainter87

    Dear Gus

    I said realistic
  9. facepainter87

    Dear Gus

    To all the "fans" who want Danny sacked. Let's hear who should replace him (realistic replies only please )
  10. facepainter87

    Dear Gus

  11. facepainter87

    Ballymena Utd v Saints

    there's already a thread running here http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/29660-ireland-tour/
  12. facepainter87

    Michael Laletin

    a different bawbag then!
  13. facepainter87

    Michael Laletin

    are you our previous manager?
  14. facepainter87

    Michael Laletin

    what happened to him?
  15. facepainter87

    Michael Laletin

    another negative post