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  1. Much improved bya wee drop of garlic. Mix all of the ingredients ( except for the oil) in a food processor. Set the processor up to speed and slowly add the oil 'til the mixture reaches the correct consistency. Served with crudites, baguette and a cheeky wee crisp white.
  2. Surprised that wee Tony's naw put her in charge of Defra then
  3. Top 5 bodies to lick mayo off? Chicken Lobster Crab Barbied King Prawn Grilled Salmon
  4. Watched the video again today. Auld Johnny certainly saw through all of the transient pish o' the world as he life drew to a close. In a strange mood now- Leonard Cohen "First we take Manhattan"
  5. Kind o' in a Country 'n' Western mood Johnny Cash - Hurt
  6. Cheeky bassa- though I am now one of the oldest boogers in the school. 29 years in the job and counting
  7. That bit doesn't- but migod I'd look daft in the cheesecloth, patchouli and Afghan coat. Though I do wonder about wee Jane? Ach naw- Lady Mc(eth)'s the wan
  8. Sweet lord- takes me back- 1973? Cheesecloth Kurtahs, Afghan coats, patchouli, a lovely wee lass from springburn- where is she now? Dammit man- stop this I remember when I was young and the world was full of possibilities And we were in the second division
  9. Kelkoo is quite expensive for those - I'm surprised. If you have a car and can get to Glasgow then Creative computing in Pollockshaws- close to shawlands is doing 17" TFT for £149 Clicky Ebuyer- whom I've had good service from have decent prices on 15" TFT Clicky II
  10. Rascal The old place is looking better since Dougie ( bless 'im) took over. Still a proper grun, better facilities gettin' sorted inside. Quality pitch without waterlogging Should look better on saturday when the Maryhill Margaritas come a visiting.
  11. Or even SATA Feckin' new technology indeed. Built myself a new machine in the summer- SATA hard drive etc. All to shoot the sh1t out of pixels
  12. Assuming that your drive is IDE rather than sata. Daft questions - do you have power going to the new drive? Both Drives on the same IDE cable? The main dive with windows etc on it should be set to master, newer to slave.
  13. Morton in a cup Final Ridiculously short miniskirts Your wee Presbyterian pal not getting out to play with you because it's Sunday Serious and well written drama on the BBC Politicians who resigned when they were found out
  14. Lightweight Ach it's all down to age- I know the feeling- Baby McB, on the other hand got in from his 20th birfday piss up at 6.00a.m. and was up at 10 to go to the rugby today. Youth- feckin' wasted onthe young
  15. ( for the team- naw me) Promotion A wee cup run. A gretna bottle crash and for me........ A new liver aye- I know that's only four- moderation in all things.
  16. Tom McB


    Ah jist wait boyo. Wan day- and it'll naw be too far away, Mrs NSS will open the envelope from the Pension/insurance/whitever company and realise that you, like so may of us are like Billy the Kid- worth mair deid than alive Ye micht tak up cookin' yersel' then
  17. Tom McB


    Excellent- cheers- baby McB consumes quantities o' that- will add some to the cake mixed wie the brandy. Home made pud wie brandy and rum is most fine. Ever since lady McB(eth) has seen how much I am worth deid I refuse to allow her to cook for me
  18. Tom McB


    Aww- jist think, this could be a Romeo and Juliet thing Mind you- If he's from the Port knock him back- it's as bad as Johnstone doon there
  19. Tom McB


    Soop-erb The McB's Christmas cake fruit gets a long soak in a brandy & sherry mix- plumps up the fruit.
  20. Surely the first edition is more valuable than the second edition
  21. Tom McB

    Room 101

    Ach, the ones in Glasgow are harmless souls and are almost part of the street furniture. Hare Krishnas are great pointin' and laughin' material.
  22. Best of all- when you're surfing "adult" sites use Mozilla firefox as your browser. No more nasties. Get Mozilla here.
  23. Whit? Saw the chaps in Edinburgh in '75? And at the Qm in 76? Present ? Ach mibbies I've only got the old stuff Btw- Litening to Bach- the well tempered clavier
  24. Dr Greer? Whit- take John Peel's leavings. Naw- at the same age- Wie a better brain, a finer face and a body courtesy of Michelangelo The lovely Eleanor Bron Sorry I took so long to get back- Was down in Lahndan and Kent
  25. Bill- Auld Ludwig . Mandela Who's the wummin?
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