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    Green Day Live

    Cheers- after losing to fissole today my heart wasn't in going back to Byres Rd anyway Still- it's the dominie's week aff- will jist get intae Union St Fopp. American idiot a defo- Dookie- and the eldest of the baby McB's tells me to get nimrod also. Auld dugs- new tricks- indeed
  2. Tom McB

    Green Day Live

    Sometimes ye get redirected in life- Bongo- Gawd bless 'im pushed me towards Green Day. A more modern take on Bobby Z and the Clash. Cheers Bongo. Up to Byres Rd for a few jars afore our Fissole game ramorra- Intae fopp for some o' Green Day's stuff.
  3. About as much as I like the Bhigot Brothers. Trying to point out that my memries of great stuff from the 60's i.e. stones, dylan, otis reading etc is mediated wie memories of sh1te- like Herman and the boys.
  4. It's too easy to get mist eyed about past times- there were great bands and singers in the 60's but c'mon, Cliff Richard, Herman's Hermits, every generation has cack bands and good bands.
  5. 1. The pogues and Kirsty Mc Coll erm- that's it
  6. Not arguing- IMO Bob's last Great albums were in done in the late 70's. If, of late, he does deals wie starbucks - Still that's more than 40 years after his best work. Bob was totemic for us in the 60's.
  7. Strange album- Harvest itself is fine- the sparse but effective needle and the damage done is first class but the Over orchestral "A man needs a maid" Listening to Jacques Loussier jist now- suitable for a friday- the weans are away home and it's time to get the lab in order- a Wee bit o' Jacques helps. Pistols in the car on the way home
  8. An old bogger like me remembers early Bobby Z. Masters of war, Only a pawn in their game, Who killed Davey Moore, Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll- the list goes on and on. Dylan of course inherited the mantle of Woody Guthrie, who also gave stick wie a vengence. Green Day? Must try and hear some of their stuff.
  9. Ach it's all about opinions but Lemmster and the boys were, imo very influential in the formation of punk- I first saw them at strathclyde- I wis out o' uni by then in 1976- great band- was boozin in the bar before the gig when the great man walked in- slightly pished i went up bought him and the guys a pint and gfound them to be bluidy decent fellas. Great gig First ever motorhead gig Clicky
  10. Good luck tae ye all. The toon hall's a fine place- as good as Paisley's - though we don't get the Camra boys fur beer fests
  11. Tom McB

    Top Five

    Whadya mean- "these days"? Anyhoo how could these cars have missed a mention? 1. Austin allegro 2. Volvo SUV 3. Any SUV used to take young Cameron and Callista to Hutchie
  12. One of the cleverest songs extant. Bravo sirrah. For anyone who doesn't know the song The lyrics are here. Jist now- mellowing to "I wasn't born to follow" It's 1969- I'm young again
  13. I am old Thank fcuk for detached hooses- nae f'cking music pollution.
  14. 1. Beef Wellington- the apotheosis of Steak pie 2. Apple pie - but best as Eve's pudding wie cream 3. Pigeon- jist the breast ye understand erm- that's it.
  15. He's taking over ma Science Job as well
  16. Haw- I'm the etymological bore aroun' here. Stop outsourcing ma job to Lahndan.
  17. Correct- and cable or satellite viewers in England can select BBC Scotland FUD I already have- that was my sales' pitch
  18. Copyright Dave Allen- circa 1967
  19. As long as the semmit wis tie- dyed
  20. No Grateful Dead yet Bud? Flares, cheesecloth kurtas and patchouli to be worn methinks
  21. Ignore 'em Bill Ludwig's ninth- totally fookin' transcendant Mahler 8 is the one- though number 4 is lyrical and 3 makes me weep Dvorak- naw, takes Sibelius five or six Ludwig agin- naw- Gorecki No 3 Auld Tchaikovski- fine- but No 6 the last movement - like a knife in yer viscera.
  22. Para though- utter class- the stories are fine for their time- the TV series was excellent- only three episodes seem to remain in the beeb's vaults
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