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  1. I did hospitality at End End Park for the 1-1 game last season. Think it was around the 50 quid mark. 2 course meal, pay bar and some half time snacks. Food was very good, and overall day was good value but by no means perfect. For example no one told you where to sit, we were just told to go 'up they stairs and find a seat'. One thing I really liked was at the end of hospitality, they diverted you out through the still open supporters bar. Most hospitality guests probably stayed an extra half an hour at least spending and extra £20 per head. What a bright idea eh? Surely we could implement that? No club is perfect, and as a one off the hospitality is fine. If you don't like it don't go. PS We got a pre match talk from John Potter who talked about Jack arguing in the main stand the previous week. He said he knew all about that section and wasn't surprised Jack lost it!
  2. I wonder if he'll play a 4x4 formation.
  3. Ah, a fellow W2 resident I see.
  4. When I was at the game yesterday, no one thought it was going to go ahead. When the announcement came through there were a few sighs of resignation and a couple of comments about at least we didn't lose. I would suggest that almost everyone around me travelled with the belief that it was going to be a struggle and would just see what happens. If you travelled yesterday, in that weather, having checked the forecast and STILL expected to see a lush green playing surface with no issues then you are a total nut job who must have been let out for the day. Stop f**king moaning.
  5. Indeed. Seems like he has forgotten the 90's!
  6. This is an interesting wee article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-33773868 I've recently started cycling to work via Paisley Road West and I was quite surprised at the aggressiveness of drivers in general. The best part is when traffic stops and cars ahead deliberately stop as close to the pavement as possible to block my way. I just cycle up, get off my bike and walk my bike past them on the pavement for the length of their car. Then I jump back on the road again in front of them. Amuses me no end...
  7. It was Paul Lambert that was the 3rd red card. My recollection is Charnley for spitting, Lambert for a tackle and Lavety for an elbow/aerial challenge.
  8. Fair play. The midweek game must have been the first of many 'afters' with the wee shite.
  9. I'm 100% convinced the Hartley incident didn't happen in Yardleys first game. There was a game later in the season where we lost 3-0 which was midweek. 24th Jan 1996. Trying to link it but I'm on my phone. Irregardless I hope we can all agree that Hartley is a prick.
  10. The first Hartley incident was a midweek game against Accies at Firhill when he got Paul MacIntyre sent off. Way before Stephen Watson's time. He also flicked the V's as far as I can remember. Although there have been about 4 accounts of the same incident so maybe we are all losing the plot.
  11. It's probably not even as complicated as that. As out of contract player he would be mad to risk possible injury on the training field.
  12. By the time Mehmet scored we were already champions as St Johnstone had already dropped points. As a support we need to move on from players like these. I'm surprised there isn't a thread about Franco Miranda. (another bang average player)
  13. I love that team. (I think my avatar was stolen from you FS, sorry!) Even now when I see someone from that team out and about I get all nervous. I saw Ludovic Roy in B&Q last week and got all emotional. And that season proves yet again that there is a direct correlation between the quality of strips and performance on the field.
  14. I wouldn't offer anyone who is out of contract a deal, let them go. I would also allow the others to find another club if they wish. There is an atmosphere at the club that needs to be changed. McGinn making wee digs on Twitter yesterday, numerous stories about Thommo and Teale having a bust up, Goodwin being demoted. It's all hanging over us. Have a clear out, take our medicine and start again.
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