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  1. David Mc

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Of our outfield loanees only Coulson and now Jones are in contract at the end of the season I think.
  2. David Mc

    Big Signing Happening Now....

  3. More importantly was he celebrating loudly when AEK scored [emoji4]
  4. David Mc

    Big Signing Happening Now....

    More a boutique signing with that hat [emoji4]
  5. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    Just hope he can handle the considerable jump in playing standard .
  6. David Mc

    John McGinn

    If (big if) something I read on P&B has credence then Villa are due to make an additional payment next close season and there's another £2m add-ons that are relatively achieveable. Usual stuff you'd think appearances, promotion, etc. You would hope that with an initial £2.75m being quoted that Hibs have been able to struture somthing along these lines.
  7. David Mc

    Ross Stewart to Ross County

    The traditional sell on fee of 33% applies I hope [emoji4]
  8. David Mc

    John McGinn

    Or investment in attracting younger fans who are future heated slipper wearers?
  9. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    Do wonder if we've been holding back in past few days knowing McGinn was going. We were certainly in a great position to be ITK.
  10. David Mc

    John McGinn

    He interviewed very well indeed.
  11. David Mc

    John McGinn

    Being interviewed on Aston Villa TV right now. I guess he's definitely signed!
  12. David Mc

    John McGinn

    Quote Hibs had insisted that Celtic had not met their valuation of the player with their trio of offers but the Parkhead side returned with a deal that was in keeping with the Leith club’s estimation this week.
  13. David Mc

    John McGinn

  14. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    Bit of money involved too surely?
  15. Gerrard already moaning today about Sevco not getting refereeing decisions for years. Words fail. Just as well Samson saves every penalty going .