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  1. At the same time Obika does score a number of goals. We badly lack goals all over the park. A striker capable of 10 league goals alongside Obika, plus a couple of midfielders that could score 5 we'd be top six.
  2. Is he not from Gourock originally? So hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and (admittedly very cold) humidity will feel like home from home too. Can see the logic of this move.
  3. I can see advantages to St Mirren Park already for people subjected to Rod Stewart whose last decent song was about 1973 😊
  4. Meaningless really without knowing cost of relaying the pitch and average net revenue per ticket.
  5. Five teams in our league have averaged less than a goal a game so far this season. Only two of the teams in all the other Scottish leagues are in this category. Shows how difficult it is to find a regular goalscorer at this level for teams like us.
  6. If it means we can bring in a player who is not a central midfielder then it's a positive.
  7. Not in the squad today and a bench full young players. You would have to think he's leaving.
  8. Hope the keeper didn't play the whole match with his eyes shut 😊 Dylan Reid played the full match too. So positive all round.
  9. Hope you missed Boris's ditch 😊
  10. LB, CH, Left side MF and Striker who's good in the air. All on the basis of watching one game on BT Sport 😊. Squad looks quite thin in those areas. January window will be important as ever.
  11. Then we could all have shouted "Get in ya dancer!" 😊
  12. Murphy sitting with our captain during the game. So not the daftest shout.
  13. In the end Sevco created a couple of good chances. One missed, one saved. Got a goal from a free-kick after the referee missed a jersey pull by Defoe on our player. Whereas we missed a sitter. That close to winning. Oh, and whatever you say Stretch/Shull not forgetting Shetland of course.
  14. I used to live 100 yards from St Albans City's ground and was at the FA Cup game against Carlisle on the video where he scored 2 . Both belters and the video really doesn't do justice to how hard a hit the goal from distance looked in person. To be fair Danny Grainger was left back for the opposition 😊. IIRC Peterborough bought him just after that. Fee was rumoured to be upwards of £200K. Although the standard is poor St Albans are top half National League South he was way above that standard. Everything said about him in this thread I recognise. Fast, an eye for goal, great at bringing others into play, works hard and immensely strong. Possibly his lack of height weighed against him at Peterborough I don't know, but less of problem in Scotland. He is certainly an upgrade on Hasselbaink from what I saw.
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