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  1. Well Boris thought Brexit was a great idea. Bit of damage to the economy, leave one of world's 3 biggest trading blocs, geo-politics going crazy left, right and centre. No problem. I certainly trust everything he says and it's not completely about his massive ego at all. 😊
  2. Never mind cohesive sentences. Feel certain the Guinness Book of Records beckons for that one. Truly Duracell material. 😊
  3. Could players agree to sign a contract addendum? Not many on PCAs would think. Need to be pragmatic. Still better than the season ending. You'd like to think these discussions are going on. Though of course suits us if not and we only had I think 3 home games revenue to come.
  4. Possible season could still finish the season but it is delayed o the summer I suppose. Can't see the Euros going ahead so no international commitments.
  5. Entirely possible there won't be a fourth "quarter" from a public health perspective. It would then genuinely be pointless. From a pragmatic point of view they can stop the league right now 😊
  6. Wank Broadfoot. General mirth 😂
  7. He's going to have to move quickly as he's only scored 6 in league including tonight.
  8. It is just a finger in the dykes though? Bad on so many levels 😊
  9. https://www.barnsleyfc.co.uk/news/2020/february/u23s-preview-hull-city/
  10. All in all it appears like it would have been a very positive window but for Wank Broadfoot's absolute disloyalty. All things being equal stronger up front. McGrath helps compensate for the Magennis injury and could be an uplift in that position anyway. Started and ended light at centre back obviously. Is there a serviceable out of contract central defender out there?
  11. Suggest you wait until Friday then make a call. Unless you know something that we all don't.
  12. By the end of Friday though it may make perfect sense. We have no idea of reasoning yet. 😊
  13. At the same time Obika does score a number of goals. We badly lack goals all over the park. A striker capable of 10 league goals alongside Obika, plus a couple of midfielders that could score 5 we'd be top six.
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