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  1. David Mc

    January Exits

    That him completed pre-season training now?
  2. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    You're absolutely right I should be contemplating a victory at Septic's midden.
  3. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    If everything were that easy. The manager has said still business and out before the end of the window. Regardless of squad we would expect beat Alloa home and lose to Septic away. Hibs is the 27th so a good bit of time yet for the first game that you'd really speculate about the outcome.
  4. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    Not anymore apparently.
  5. David Mc

    January Exits

    Hasn't featured but was O'Keefe contracted until December too?
  6. David Mc

    January Exits

    I believe it has shown a disappointing rate of growth throughout December.
  7. David Mc

    January Exits

    The standard in the National League South also 6th tier (obviously!) is pretty awful. Can't see this move improving him as a player. In fact if the forward I saw last season who was fatter than Yards at Albion Rovers falls on him he'll be literally flattened.
  8. David Mc

    Saint Mirren v St Johnstone

    Recurrence of a hamstring injury.
  9. David Mc

    We are Not detached

    All said and done. Accies and Dundee supporters face the much the same prospect. A 1 in 3 chance?
  10. David Mc

    Reality check

    A tradition of less than 2 years then. Some going that [emoji4]
  11. David Mc

    Anton Ferdinand & Adam Hammil

    Depending on if we can get anyone better to come in as ever.
  12. David Mc

    Motherwell v St Mirren 22/12/18

    Tell you what the more I watch the goal the better I like it. Won the ball deep in our half, 5 passes, Smith gets past his man and forces a great save and Jackson is where he should be and quick to react. Transition being the current buzz word.
  13. David Mc

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Not having that. A decent prospect who is a forward [emoji4]