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  1. David Mc

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    If he can genuflect at the same time too just to make sure.
  2. David Mc

    John McGinn

    In the Birmingham media too so perhaps there is credence to the story.
  3. The spirit of Dick Donnelly lives on
  4. David Mc

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Thought I'd chosen six. Who knows what the hell I did ? 4 national trophies, 1 international trophy and Fergies Furies by a mile.
  5. David Mc

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Watched this. I didn't think it was even possible but Dallas has just about outdone Brian McGinlay and George Smith.
  6. David Mc

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    Can I point out after the window the St Mirren team for Saturday will probably be more international than Sevco anyway if I could be bothered checking.
  7. David Mc

    Have we finished Signing Players?

    Is there are ignore thread button? That would help greatly. Anyway we do need a new thread now called February arrivals if you'd like to start one
  8. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    B&W Twitter saying there is a wee bit of good news. Work that one out if you can.
  9. David Mc

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    Indeed. Hibs booted him all over the park just because he wasn't good enough.
  10. David Mc

    Saints v Hibs, 27th January 2019

    When it gets to the bit. Our keeper could certainly have done better with the 1st and 3rd. The second Jackson for some reason was marking the much taller Shaw whose header creared the goal.
  11. David Mc

    January Arrivals

    I think we have safely ruled you out as Bowie's Laughing Gnome
  12. David Mc

    January Signings

    You and LPM hiring a room soon?
  13. David Mc

    Speculation Thread

    We've got that in common with everyone except Septic, Motherwell, Hamilton Aberdeen and Hearts. And increasingly Scotland are sourcing players from down south. 8 out of 20 this time. We had a 17 year old score our second on Saturday. Not really tough times.