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  1. Very proud to see the effort made by the Saints fans last Saturday. Huge respect to those on the bus and minibus. I only live 20 miles away from Wrexham and at the end of the game a Wrexham fan came up to me, gave me a Wrexham badge and said our support was superb and wished me a safe journey home!! I've just watched the S4C highlights of the game and Tollitt dived for the penalty so should have been given a yellow-sadly the ref was duped.
  2. Decent effort by the youngsters today, that early second half goal then the disputed penalty knocked the stuffing out of them but they kept positive and it was a great breakaway goal to pull one back. As well as the many Saints fans who made their own way down I saw one Supporters Coach parked up outside.... Whitestar.... who ran that bus?
  3. Having a gazebo and a table full of Cup Final t-shirts, flags, badges and scarves inside the Saints sections of the ground would be better than nothing. There will be Saints fans who don't normally get to games on Saturday so lots of scope for selling merchandise before the game. Overseas clubs are far more savvy with this type of thing.
  4. Any chance of an Alan Provanesque Club Shop Caravan at Motherwell on Saturday? Coming up for the game from the South and quite fancy the scarf and flag but baulking at the £6 postage charge....
  5. Very frustrated by the ticketing situation as well. No choice of stands via online so emailed straight away after buying to ask for the O'Donnell stand and typically got two for the Cooper stand in the post today. Used to get a better service when Audrey was there.
  6. I tried Swansea's Joma H&A on last weekend to gauge sizing and expect to go up a label size if we have them. I did notice personalised Swansea City buttons on the collars though - can't recall any previous Saints tops having them....in fact I can only think of the Matchwinner tops of the early 90's having button collars anyway?
  7. Bought two tickets online with no fuss but very poor that the options are only Front, Middle and Back. The Arabs are given a choice of stand on their ticketing website.
  8. All up for Ultra culture, the home nations have been left behind by mainland Europe in this respect. Just state which part of the ground it will be displayed and the rest can buy tickets for the sidelines. Will be donating
  9. Whole match online at http://www.s4c.cymru/clic/c_level2.shtml?programme_id=535864937 A Welsh speaking buddie just before the kick off...
  10. They're a green and white Gretna!!! When Harris goes, so will they. Their chairman is very astute and because of Oswestry's location gets funding from both English and Welsh FA's as well as £600k per annum from UEFA by qualifying as Champions and getting through the first qualifying round each year. Their ground is an Astroturf attached to a bowling alley so you can see that with so little overheads, they're able to tick over quite nicely with that sort of income. Sadly they busted an old established club called Oswestry Town in order to get into this position and the locals won't touch them with a barge pole so their gates are still in the sub 200's despite all the success and outlay over the years. I saw them lose at Carmarthen last week but they weren't firing on all cylinders. I'm hoping the cup win will inspire Saints but they'll be no walkovers.
  11. To have a fans forum you need fans - they have none apart from a wealthy businessman chairman and a minibus full of hangers on!!!
  12. Good news winning at East Fife and The New Saints got beat for the first time all season at part-timers Carmarthen today. A near-post header from a corner on the stroke of half time doing the job in a 0-1 defeat. Fingers crossed for us stringing a two match winning run together at last!!!
  13. If the New Saints win at Carmarthen on Saturday they will become Welsh Premier league champions - with eight games to play.....
  14. That's my weekend in Paisley sorted then TNS are largely despised in the WPL, not just for being based over the border but for having an ego-centric owner who runs the club on the back of UEFA money. They contribute nothing to the league in terms of fan-base but they do have a good team that has bonded over the years. That win yesterday showed how they can mix it on grass which surprised me a little because they were the plastic pioneers in the Welsh league. Here's to an "Auld" Saints win!!!
  15. As a Welshman who follows the Buddies and one of TNS' fallen rivals I hope the two draw each other but hopefully not at Oswestry. There's more atmosphere on the moon than at that place!
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