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  1. That was a cnut..... Nothing of note for 75mins then the fakes seemed the only team likely to score, total sickener to concede so late though, deserved a draw I thought.....
  2. TBF they did look pretty decent playing Sevco the other day but take Morelos out that team and there bang average so they weren't exactly up against anything special.. We've got nothing to fear and I fully expect us to take something from this game (hopefully a win) and it's the first time this season I've felt a bit of confidence going into a game.... C'mon Saint's let's get tore right into these cnuts......
  3. TBH with the way we we're playing most people were expecting our season to be over by January anyway..
  4. C'mon Saint's lets hold on to this...... My arse is making buttons here....
  5. Eh! You mean the season we had our highest league finish in the last 30 years, I can think of at least 25 seasons that were a lot more brutal
  6. I don't think there was many if any who thought we weren't the worse team in the league.... Only surprise was it's took us until today to be sitting at the bottom of the table.......... Oh well I suppose the only way is up..........Or relegation...
  7. I think the ref's gonna have to send another Dundee player off, the 1 man advantage just isn't enough, Sevco are utter dreadful..
  8. I'm no liking this over confidence.... 9-0 too The Accies... Seriously though a performance like last week and we'll pump thum......C'mon Saints..
  9. You could probably add a fair whack in bonuses for winning the league, I can imagine JR would be on a decent promise after turning down a couple of bigger jobs...
  10. Loved seeing Oran giving it the "Kearney Roar" at the end, Chuffed to bits for him,
  11. So by BBCs logic we've conceded 101 goals so far this season.... or is he supposed to save shots that are flying miles wide... Shit stats.
  12. David Cornell........... Was pretty shit.
  13. That's 1977 Rickster... Is that Rod Stewart in that photo?
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