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  1. Having seen the U20s a few times this season I'd expect Darren Whyte and Conor O'Keefe to start for the first team in the near future.
  2. To quote myself from a couple of weeks ago... He has been tremendous for the U20s
  3. Oh well, I've always wanted to see Saints play in Peterhead
  4. The music on St. Mirren radio is absolute fücking pish
  5. St Mirren radio still playing music instead of commentary, anyone else hearing this?
  6. Just watched the last 35 minutes of that on Periscope, we are absolutely dire in every area of the pitch.
  7. ST MIRREN SUBS: Gallacher, Whyte, Magennis, McLear, Hardie, Gallagher, Sutton
  8. ST MIRREN STARTING XI: Langfield, Irvine, Gordon, Baird, Naismith, Walsh, Mallan, Hutton, Morgan, Shankland, Clarkson
  9. oh aye, and that Sellick supporting waster Jamie McCluskey and the guy who was always pawning stolen watches, Jens Paeslack.
  10. and Janne as in Janne Makela, Jeff as in Jeff Curran and Julian as in Julian Broddle
  11. Frank Connor (yes, THAT Frank Connor) played a few times in goals for Saints in the early 60s. And, of course, there was Franco Miranda
  12. Looks like M1 and M2 and not the Press area as previously mooted.
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