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  1. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    Our Compere

    Makes a good change having some decent music. I like how fans can now put forward their choice of songs for half-time. The atmosphere is becoming quite good at games.
  2. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Looks pretty decent. The new picture shows it better
  3. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    Cup final display - Updates in OP

    Well done guys. Thought you did well and made it a good atmosphere. Really liked seeing our old badges on the banners.
  4. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    ??Riddle me this??

    That's was my thought
  5. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    ??Riddle me this??

    This forum is full of talented intellectuals. Have a go at this. I'm stumped You're locked in a basement kitchen with a skylight window on the upper left wall that you cannot reach. The skylight window is open slightly and you need to get out fast. There is a fitted cooker, a fitted fridge/freezer and a fitted washing machine located on the other side of the basement. How do you get out?
  6. Jolly_Boy_John_87


    So you're saying I still have a chance?
  7. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    St Mirren v Ayr United League Cup Group G 19/7/16

    Is the game an all ticket affair, or can you pay at the gate?
  8. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    Gallagher Signs On For Another Year

    I think Rae will definitely maybe get us to the play-offs
  9. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    So Farewell Then Howard Marks

    One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.
  10. Jolly_Boy_John_87


  11. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    What Have Partick Done

    Sorry poz, never saw. My bad. Mods, please delete
  12. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    What Have Partick Done

    Have to say, this has to be one of the worst mascots ever haha
  13. Jolly_Boy_John_87

    St Mirren V Hamilton Academical - Wed 13Th 7:45 Ko

    Saints 2-0 Accies Ball double and Imrie to get sent off 😁👍