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  1. Anybuddie know where the Northbank are planning on congregating on Thursday night? Also, are folk planning on sticking to their designated seat, or is it going to be a first come first pick? I know a lot of people have had issues getting tickets for themselves and their family/friends sitting together?
  2. That’s the tickets available for purchasing online.
  3. Has anyone had any issues receiving tickets bought via the clubs ticket website? Ordered mine last week but they still haven’t been delivered. Also had the same issue with the Hibs and Livingston tickets from a few weeks ago. I’ve emailed the ticket office, but just curious if any other buddy has had the same issue of non appearance of tickets recently.
  4. Makes a good change having some decent music. I like how fans can now put forward their choice of songs for half-time. The atmosphere is becoming quite good at games.
  5. Looks pretty decent. The new picture shows it better
  6. Well done guys. Thought you did well and made it a good atmosphere. Really liked seeing our old badges on the banners.
  7. This forum is full of talented intellectuals. Have a go at this. I'm stumped You're locked in a basement kitchen with a skylight window on the upper left wall that you cannot reach. The skylight window is open slightly and you need to get out fast. There is a fitted cooker, a fitted fridge/freezer and a fitted washing machine located on the other side of the basement. How do you get out?
  8. So you're saying I still have a chance?
  9. Is the game an all ticket affair, or can you pay at the gate?
  10. I think Rae will definitely maybe get us to the play-offs
  11. One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.
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