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  1. Really encouraging to see how many tricky wingers are coming through, O ' Keefe has been good and Flanagan's had 2 or 3 mazy runs since came on. McKenzie just hit the bar with a header
  2. Almost 5, great mazy dribble and shot from Nathan Flanagan
  3. Orsi off, Flanagan on. I would start Orsi vs Albion on Saturday, he was excellent
  4. A tremendously entertaining half of football, all four forwards have scored with Orsi and McAllister being standouts, Magennis and Whyte have been industrious in midfield and McKenzie and Gordon solid at the back. Lots of movement off the ball, short crisp passing and other than the mad minute on the half hour mark, when instead of it being 4-0 it was 3-2, thoroughly enjoyable.
  5. 4-2 great tenacity by Orsi to win the ball and cross for O'Keefe to stroke it home
  6. 3-0 nice turn and shot from 12 yards by Orsi
  7. 2-0 think it was Darren Whyte who scored ETA, it was Kyle McAllister who headed in the 2nd
  8. Liking the look of Kalvin Orsi up front, big physical presence and a strong runner.
  9. 1-0, good cross by McAllister headed in by McLear
  10. Only the 2nd league game I've been to this season, the other being Morton and in both games we scored with our only attempt on target. The 7 of us who went down agreed that the 2 hours we were in the ground was the worst part of a brilliant day out. I watched Saints during the mid-late 90s but the current performances are as bad as it has ever been.
  11. Alex Rae is Captain Sensible/Noseferatu/insert long ball loving alias here
  12. Wouldn't you prefer The Inspiral Carpets?
  13. That's twice now Richard. Centre You're not American, we don't live in America.
  14. Legia down to 10 men, 19 minutes left. C'mon the Irish team.
  15. Approx. how much do the club receive per shirt sale then?
  16. Rangers got pumped by Stenhousemuir in R2
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